How to Play Lethal Company on Mobile

Lethal Company is a popular game among players all over the world, as shown by the many streams and the number of their views. There is no official version of the game on mobile marketplaces, but you can use third-party resources, which we described below.

By the way, Lethal Company is a horror game. If you want to try more options of this genre then try these best multiplayer horror games.

Step 1

For iOS device users

Go to your phone settings. Then open the home screen section. Enable Show in App Library.

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Next, the steps are the same for iOS and Android users

Step 2

Open your browser and go to

Step 3

Type the name of the game Lethal Company into the search box. Click on the game icon and the download button. The service will independently check if your device is compatible with the game.

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Step 4

To download the game, you must perform three tasks of your choice. You will see them in the window that appears. Usually, the service allows you to download some apps and use it for a while.

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Step 5

After performing all the necessary actions, the game download will start automatically. If this does not happen, refresh the page of the site. After the download is finished, you will be able to play Lethal Company on your mobile device.

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