How to Watch VR on iPhone without Headset

Virtual Reality mode has been popular for many years. It allows you to experience another world as if you were there. For complete immersion, you can use special VR headsets. Yet, most of those on the market are quite expensive.

By the way, there are a lot of VR apps for watching movies that you can use without headsets. Choose the best one among these VR cinema apps.

You can avoid buying such equipment and use less expensive ways, which we have described below. Go through them and choose the best one.

VR Apps

There are plenty of them on mobile marketplaces. For example, you can try these VR apps. They use the features of your phone to track your movements. Thus, you will see what is happening around you in the virtual world.

The screenshot from the Sites in VR app:

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Augmented Reality

This method involves using your phone’s camera. You can move it around and add virtual objects to the image of the real world. Using this option, you create virtual reality yourself.

360-degree Videos

These videos also involve moving your phone around. On the screen, you will see a virtual world created specifically for this mode. Wherever you point your phone’s camera, there will be different objects everywhere. It looks like a window to another universe. Such videos are widespread on YouTube (the screenshot of one of these videos is below).

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Google Cardboard

This method presupposes the use of a simple headset. You can even make it yourself from a plastic bottle, glue, water, and cardboard. Detailed instructions are in this video:

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These methods will help you replace an expensive headset and enjoy virtual reality.

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