Identity Cloaker Software Review

Identity Cloaker is a modern Internet program that was created to protect privacy in the Internet space. It may seem difficult to use but it is uncomplicated. It is payable but it definitely worth its money. Moreover, the price is not very high.

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To install this app we need to download software, then we run it, select the necessary proxy server and activate it. After connecting to the proxy server, you will be provided with the security of your Internet connection while browsing various websites.


When using standard browsers, it is configured instantly and automatically It has many purposes and that is why so many people choose it. For example, it is able to protect all private data by encoding those that were once shared to the Internet and by hiding IP addresses and geolocation and from hackers.

Another great thing is that it manages its own network of private servers which becomes larger and is available in all countries. All this makes Identity Cloaker safe and independent service. The app is not very difficult to use.


For example, we connect to any site with turned off Identity Cloaker from our computer, information is exchanged and we see a loaded page. The bottom line is that this page may turn out to be phishing and all the data that your PC transmitted may end up with intruders.

Now let’s look at an example of connecting with Identity Cloaker. We connect to the same site and we have data exchange between the server and the computer again, but now we have a proxy server that, in case of a hacker attack, will not allow your data to be stolen.


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Technical support for this program is good, the developer is always ready to help users with appearing problems. The identity Cloaker program will protect many users from hacker attacks and will make the Internet safer and easier.

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