11 Best Inclinometer Apps for Android & iOS

Everyone wants to change our life. How to start it? We need to change the interior of the house. Change the color of the walls, ceiling.

You can also hang new wallpaper. Before it, we must measure the length and width of the room. Don’t forget to measure angles of a slope to cut wallpapers right. Don’t you have a special device for this? We have a solution.

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We live in a world of high technology. Everyone has a smartphone. There is a lot of useful apps to measure everything. Why do we need to buy a real device for measuring the angle of a slope? By the way, it is called an inclinometer. You can download free apps to measure any angle!

We prepared the list of the top inclinometer apps. Look through the list and choose the perfect app.

Clinometer + bubble level

It a professional app with an inclinometer. You can easily measure any angle of the slope. You can use your camera and smartphone for it. Use the app to measure surfaces of any difficulty levels. It does not matter whether it is simple or sophisticated. All measurements are as accurate as possible. You will know any depression of an object.

The app helps you even to set angles while sharpening knives. Before using the app, you need to do a 2-step calibration. This will make the app the most accurate inclinometer.

Use your camera to measure things in real-time. It is an indispensable tool for the forester. The app simplifies the navigation in the forest and allows you to make useful measurements to protect the forest.

The app has a beautiful design. You will feel professional. The app is very popular. It has been downloaded more than 5 million times. Don’t learn basic trigonometry to use physical inclinometer. Just download this app and forget about all the problems.

Clinometer + bubble levelClinometer + bubble level

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Simple Inclinometer

Do you want to have the simplest inclinometer app? We present to you the most simplified inclinometer. You can measure any steepness of a slope. The app is really easy to use. The design of the app is as simple and pleasant as possible. White background and blue lines will help you to make the most accurate angle inclination measurements.

There is no unnecessary clutter on the screen, Only important information, and data. Using the app is very intuitive. You won’t be puzzled, understanding how it works. You will be surprised at the accuracy of this app inclinometer. It doesn’t take a lot of memory on your phone. It weighs only 2 MB. The advantage of the application is its simplicity and convenience.

You can also use the app as a bubble level, clinometer, and so on. Download your personal inclinometer on your phone. You won’t regret the spent 2 MB. You will receive the measurement result as quickly as possible. Accelerate any measurement or manufacture of a part.

 Simple Inclinometer Simple Inclinometer

TiltMeter – Advanced Level and Inclinometer

Sometimes we need to make an accurate measurement of an object, but there is no time to go to the store for the necessary tool. We found a way out of this situation. Use this app to measure an angle of a slope. The app can make alignment using the camera. Any angles will be measured with this app. Download the app and you won’t be upset.

There is no only an inclinometer in the app. It also has many other tools. You can use the app as a bubble level and motion-sensitive lock. Use this tool as you want.

Your friends will be surprised when they see so many tools in one app. The app will notify you if the measurement is done correctly and accurately. You can use the app in a full-screen regime.

The free version of the app contains the ads but don’t worry about it. It won’t bother you a lot. The app has a wonderful interface. Using it you will feel professionalism. The app works immediately. The app will allow you to measure anything easily and quickly.

TiltMeter - Advanced Level and InclinometerTiltMeter - Advanced Level and Inclinometer

Rotating Sphere Inclinometer

The main purpose of the app is to measure angles of slope. The design of it is fantastic. A round white instrument with a measuring scale will make any measurement enjoyable. A soothing wooden background will add comfort when measuring.

You can choose between an analog and a digital display of the app. If you are used to an analog display, use it. If you are accustomed to digital, then choose it.

The application is quickly configured and then you can make any measurement as accurate as possible. You can change the orientation of the app. Choose the background and the color of the app. There is a lot of options.

It is a very useful app when building. The app has tremendous uses. You can make a measurement of any angles of the slope of the vertical surface. You don’t need to configure the app every time you use it. Configure it once and the application will remember all the settings.

 Rotating Sphere Inclinometer

Multi Clinometer

Do you want to have a 2D inclinometer in your pocket but don’t want to buy it? Then try this free app that not only has an inclinometer but also other useful tools. Measure the most sophisticated angles of the slope without wasting a lot of effort. The app does all work for you.

Calibration must be done before using the app. Then choose any object to measure the angle. The measurement will be very accurate and fast. You can choose degrees or tenths of degrees while measuring. The design of the app is nice and intuitive. Don’t worry about distracting things. The background is calm and nice.

Many professional workers recommend this application for measurements. If you need the inclinometer in a hurry< this app is especially for you. The app has been tested on physical tools. Everything is accurate.

Multi Clinometer

Off-Road Inclinometer

Have you ever wanted to combine business with pleasure? Add elements of the game to your work and it will be executed much faster. The app is the perfect inclinometer. You will always know the pitch and roll values of your car. It is easy to use. Just choose the vehicle and theme. Then you can use the inclinometer.

A lot of new car models are added to every update. This amazing app can measure any angle of slope anytime and anywhere. You can clean the layout of unnecessary and bothering icons and information. Any measurement made by this app is reliable and accurate.

You will know a lot of information about your car with this app. Many people are using the app. Download it to try. Remember that it is always very important to make the most accurate measurements. This app does an excellent job with measurements.

 Off-Road Inclinometer Off-Road Inclinometer

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This app allows you to use any side of your smartphone to measure the angle of the slope. The app is very accurate to measure everything you want. You can use different measurement systems such as degrees or percentages. Choose the most convenient option. You can measure not only objects on a horizontal surface.

The app allows you to measure an object in any projection. The object doesn’t need to on a parallel surface to the ground. Use your camera to make measurements. You can create a to-do list. You won’t forget about your work. take a photo of the measured item and save it in your gallery.

You can see the history of your last measurements. It helps you to always know about the work done. The interface is very nice. Gray tones will help you to pull yourself together and do work quickly and efficiently.



Inclinometer allows users to measure the angle of incline from horizontal.

Inclinometer is extremely lightweight, therefore you will instantly download it. Plus, this application does not require a registration procedure.

But before you launch the app, you should align your device’s edge with the surface.

If everything is done properly, the app will instantly show you the results. So, you will gain access to such data as incline, grade, last measure, Bldg height, etc.

At the bottom of the screen, you will also find a Menu section where you can customize various settings.

As for the app’s interface, it is quite straightforward. Everything runs fast and steadily, as you will not find any redundant options there.

Inclinometer comes with free access, but you can also purchase the Pro version at a quite accessible price.


Angle gradient inclinometer

Are you looking for an inclinometer? Here it is. The app is so accurate. It has two ways of calibration. The advantage of the app is that it doesn’t have ads. Nothing will bother you. Measure any angles of the slope. The app has a high resolution of the graphics. You will love the quality of it.

The app has modern navigation and a wonderful interface. You can change the style of the theme. There is also a bubble level in the app. Choose the unit mode. There is a degree rounded, degrees, percent, engineering, and roof slope. Use your camera to measure anything in real-time.

The app has been downloaded more than 100 thousand times! It is only 3 MB all and doesn’t take a lot of memory on your phone. The app will notify you if the measurement is done.

Angle gradient inclinometerAngle gradient inclinometer

Smart Level

The first thing about this app is that it is really convenient in usage. The user-friendly interfaces make the navigation inside the app easy. All the functions are presented on the main page in a large font so it will take you a couple of seconds to understand how this app works.

When you launch you will be able to see three meters at once which are – surface meter, spirit meter, and round meter for level detection. In order to start the measurements, you need to place it on the plain surface or use the bar meter for horizontal and vertical plains.

You will get an accurate reading once you calibrate the app to zero. When the given tools get the perfect spot, the bubble inside them will turn red with the help of which you will get to know where to stop. Moreover, this app is customizable – you can choose the size of the font and the types of measurements (inches or cm).


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Jeep Inclinometer

Jeep Inclinometer enables users to measure your Jeep’s angle of slope and roll. It does not take up much storage space, so you will install it in a couple of seconds.

However, before you start using this tool, we have to warn you that it requires Adobe AIR, otherwise it will not work.

Once everything has been correctly installed, the application will demonstrate to you the overall data via graphical indicators.

On the left side of the screen, there is also a Settings button. Here you can adjust device calibration, choose orientation, etc.

There is nothing difficult in this app, as Jeep Inclinometer boasts a convenient interface. The app is developed in a minimalistic style with a dark background. You will not find any excessive features there.

As for the drawbacks, we have to mention that this app comes with lots of ads.

Jeep Inclinometer2

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