7 Free apps for streaming using Android or iOS gadget

Communication has always been vitally important. Today we have a great number of options for keeping in touch with friends, family members and other people.

One of the things that 21st century gave to us is streaming. It is a perfect tool for reaching wide audience. This is why streaming is so popular now. It is being used by bloggers, businessmen, pop-stars and big companies.

If you have always wanted to try streaming to address as many people as you can, you can not do without special streaming apps. In this list you can find all of them.

Streaming is also used for many kinds of events. For example, sports competition rarely come without streaming, as the viewers want to see the athletes online.

All the apps mentioned are free. Most of them are available for iOS, as well as Android.

Xfinity Stream

This is one of the most complex and full free apps. Here you can enjoy about 200 different channels.

Stream wherever and whatever you want: news, live sports or any program. You can also download what you like for offline watching.

There is a nice function called ‘on demand’. It means that you can get additional access to some kinds of content, from various TV shows to popular movies.

DVR recordings are also an inalienable part of Xfinity Stream.

There are no in-app purchases, so you don’t have to worry if you have enough functions. After downloading the app you can try all of its options for free.

Xfinity Stream is available in Google Play and App Store.


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Twitch is mainly used for live game streaming. If you are keen on playing and you feel like sharing your experience with others, this app is a must for you.

Not only can you share the process of gaming, but you can also join others and collaborate with them. Who knows, maybe you could create brilliant content together?

In Twitch you can watch others playing different games, from the most famous shooters to locally known horrors.

Twitch is one of the most trusted and reliable apps. It is rated 4.6 out of five in Google Play and 4.7 in App Store.

The app itself is free, but the are some in-app purchases. Still, all the basic features are free of charge.

Twitch is available for iOS and Android users.


Streamlabs: Stream Live

There is a great number of good streaming platforms and Streamlabs is one of them. Here you can easily broadcast anything you want: games, shows or news. There are no strict limitations imposed on content.

Streamlabs gives you an amazing opportunity of gaining new friends and subscribers. Stream as much as you can to become popular.

You can link your existing YouTube or Twitch account and make streams in all of them. This will help to broaden the audience.

The app has some in-app purchases, but all the basic functions are free of charge.

Streamlabs can be downloaded to smartphone, laptop or computer. It is available in Google Play and App Store.



This is one of the best services for streaming. The most striking difference from the other app mentioned above is its easy and reliable donation system.

There is a service called DonationAlerts. If you join it via registering on its site, you will get a special link. Then you put this link in the description of your stream and get money from your viewers.

All the donations will be shown on your screen, so you can see and control all the sources of money. And don’t forget to say the names of those who donated!

However, you have to keep in mind one detail – the app works only if you have Android 5.0. The best devices for using myStream are Xiaomi Mi4 and Samsung Galaxy S5.

The app is rated 4.2 out of 5 in Google Play, which is a high rank.

The app is available in Google Play for free.


Microsoft Stream

This app is also a good tool for streaming. The main feature of Microsoft Stream is that it is aimed at video content.

Another nice thing is security, which is on a high level. This is why this app is so good for business companies. Still, bloggers and gamers will also find this high-level security useful. Anyway, we all want our data to be safe.

Not only you can stream, but you also can participate in the events online via watching the live stream. This is perfect for learning or keeping up with the latest news.

Should you need to watch the video offline, feel free to download it. You can download as many videos as you want for offline watching.

Microsoft Stream is available for Android and iOS.


Omlet Arcade

This is a platform that will be a perfect solution for gamers. If you feel that your playing skills are worth sharing with others, Omlet Arcade is a must for you.

Once you register, you have an access to a limitless number of streams from the most respected gamers of the world. And, for sure, there is a chance to become one of them.

You can stream to multiple platforms, such as You Tube, Twitch and others. It is also possible to stream to social networks, such as Facebook.

Omlet Arcade is free. There is an in-app currency, though, but it has little to do with real money. The donations you get will increase the amount of your currency, which you can use to donate other streamers.

Omlet Arcade is a very reliable and easy-to-use app. According to the comments in App Store and Google Play, this app has no bugs and technical problems, which helps you to enjoy the service.

The community in the app is very supportive and friendly. You can always ask them for advice or criticism if you want to make your streams better.

The app is available in Google Play and App Store.



youtubeThis might seem obvious to you, but YouTube is also a perfect platform for streaming and watching streams. This app will be better for the video content.

It is free of charge, but in this case you will have to put up with the adds usually appearing in the beginning of the video. If you find this irritating, you can simply go premium. This will cost money (now it is 15.99 dollars per month, but it will remove the adds forever.

This is one of the most appealing apps, according to the number of downloads and the feedback from users. It is rated 4.7 in App Store and 4.1 in Google Play.

YouTube is the most popular streaming service in the world. Every day thousands of people watch it.

This app can be downloaded from Google Play and App Store.



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