11 Best Interval Timer Apps for Android & iOS

Why would you want to get a separate timer and stopwatch app? After all, all modern smartphones have these features pre-installed. The reasons can be different – maybe you need a special sports timer with ready intervals or you use your timer so often that you want something really special that has extended functionality. No matter what your reason is, there are plenty of options that you can look at!

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Timer and stopwatch applications don’t just count down seconds. They have other great features such as beautiful widgets, a simple interface, multiple launching, circles, and tasks memorizing, and others.

If you are into sports, you can use special sports timers for HIIT training. These are also on our list. Below, we offer you to look through the 11 most interesting interval timers for Android and iOS devices.


Seconds is a perfect interval timer for sports training. The number of the app’s downloads exceeds 3 million. Over 8,000 users have given the app five stars for its high quality, functionality, and simplicity.

Seconds has a clear interface with color identifiers. The timer’s screen is large so the time is clearly displayed – it is easy to see even from a long distance. The current and following intervals are displayed so that you were always prepared for the next step.

The background has the color that you’ve chosen for the current interval so you know what to do without reading the interval’s name.

The app can also voice the intervals’ names and warn you about what’s next in advance. For this purpose, you can also use built-in signals, such as whistles, pneumatic sirens, gongs for boxing, various types of calmer bells, and gongs.

Seconds supports heart rate sensors and displays pulse and approximate caloric intake. The app works with all screen resolutions. There are two modes – active and background. If you want to use the active mode, you need to disable auto-blocking. In the background, you can rely only on signals and voice notifications.


  • Templates for high-intensity interval training, circular training, and many others;
  • The ability to create several timers with numerous intervals;
  • Support for heartbeat sensors (via Bluetooth);
  • The ability to adjust sound signals’ volume;
  • Synchronizing music with intervals;
  • Compatibility with all devices;
  • Support for external display and AirPlay Mirroring;
  • Background mode;
  • The ability to share results on Facebook and Twitter.

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Interval Timer by Javier Salmona

Interval Timer is a must-have tool for all kinds of interval training workouts – e.g. Tabata, weightlifting, cycling, running, etc.

When you open this tool, you will find a large red button in the middle of the screen. So, click on the button to launch the timer – it runs even in the background mode!

The app also contains two sections top right. The first one allows users to monitor the detailed history. Here you can edit the time, add a name, delete, etc.

If you tap on the 3-dots button, you will gain access to the settings. On this page, you can customize sound parameters, adjust the screen brightness, etc.

Interval Timer is developed in a minimalistic style with a dark background.


Runtastic Timer

Runtastic Timer is a simple and convenient interval timer app with voice notifications.

The app is much cooler than your default timer. It is ideal for all fans of the interval, Tabata, circular, power, and traditional training.

You will be able to create an unlimited number of personal timers, save individual interval settings, and launch any of your saved timers when you need to. You can also choose the duration and order of stopwatch intervals – working phase, rest phase, sets, repetitions, etc. Create your own ideal interval training!


  • Create a timer with an ideal set of intervals:
    – Working phase
    – Rest phase
    – Repetitions
    – Sets;
  • Create an unlimited number of interval timers, save them and use whenever you want to;
  • Choose the number of high- and low-intensity intervals as well as the number of common sets;
  • Voice guidance: you no longer need to look at the display to change training phases;
  • Display the total and remaining time.

You can use this application for traditional and interval training in your gym. The Runtastic Timer is also ideal for efficient CrossFit and army workouts. Get the app now and lace your shoes for the next workout!

Runtastic Timer App

Interval Timer – HIIT Workouts

Interval Timer is one more sports timer designed for organized workouts. The application will be useful for you in case you want to make your workouts more intense. The app is ideal both for home exercising and gym training.


  • Customizable settings of high- and low-intensity training;
  • Adjustable rest intervals;
  • Support for multitasking;
  • A locked screen mode;
  • The app can play music from the playlist you have selected;
  • Ability to share workouts on Facebook or Twitter;
  • Ability to save your training settings as templates.
Interval Timer - HIIT Workouts1

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Tabata Stopwatch Pro

Tabata training is interval training with lots of cardio exercises. The Tabata Stopwatch Pro timer is what will help to organize Tabata training.

Tabata Stopwatch Pro is also suitable for other types of interval training, including running, functional training, high-intensity interval training, and so on.


  • The classic Tabata training pre-sets;
  • Manual time setting for the warm-up;
  • Adjustable work, rest, and recovery periods;
  • Adjustable number of sets;
  • Ability to switch between sets during a workout or take a pause if there is such a need;
  • Locked screen mode;
  • A variety of sound signals;
  • Voice notifications and vibration;
  • Ability to play music while training.
Tabata Stopwatch Pro

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Interval Timer by dreamspark

This is the simplest timer for interval training for Android devices. While most of the other apps on Google Play have lots of different functions, this one has only a countdown.

And this is exactly what makes it stand out from the rest. You do not get to keep a training diary or share your data on social media. What’s perhaps most amazing –  you don’t have to view advertising. Everything is pretty simple, both functionally and visually.

After launching the app, you need to set the duration of your training and rest time and the number of sets. You can turn on the sound signals that will let you know that an interval has ended. Tap on the ‘start’ button and your workout will begin.

The timer clearly shows the time that has passed and the remaining time so doesn’t be afraid to miss the sound signal – you can always rely on the screen. You can pause the workout at any time by pressing the ‘pause’ button.

The Interval Timer app is simple and functional, yet free and completely safe. Every sportsman or amateur athlete engaged in interval training should have such a program on their smartphone!

Interval Timer by dreamspark1

Tabata Timer for HIIT

Tabata Timer for HIIT is a unique application for training, which will help you to free your brain and strengthen your muscles. You no longer need to remember how many exercises or sets you need to do – the app will do it for you. It can count how long you run. If you can measure your heart rate with additional gadgets, it will be reflected in the app. In a nutshell, this is one more simple application with a convenient and beautiful interface.


  • Create a timer with different phases;
  • Select different sounds for each phase;
  • Choose your own music as a background;
  • Plan your workouts and make notes the calendar;
  • Use heart rate sensors (Bluetooth Smart).

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Exercise Timer

Exercise Timer is an adjustable interval timer developed for interval workouts.

When you first open the app, it will provide you with simple guides. Next, you can sign in or log in with Facebook and start using the app.

Click on the + button to add a new workout or a new training plan. Thereafter, you can select a preferable exercise interval and laps.

If you want, you can also add time data for an exercise, group, or break.

As for the additional options, the app provides detailed exercise plans in the Suggested section. Plus, users can always keep track of their workout history.

Exercise Timer1

SmartWOD Timer

This app is very cool because of its two features – it has an extra stylish interface design and it is simple in usage. It always works correctly and all these factors are firing a perfect interval timing app. Moreover, there is a bunch of additional features if you want to make your workout more fun.

For example, you can add cheering sounds during the timing. There are various types of timers for each type of training and there is a button to count how many circles/attempts have you already made.


Periodic Timer

Periodic Timer is a very pretty app, this time for iPhone users. The app has an ordinary name but the content of it is quite impressive.

Interval timer is useful in any activity that requires you to take regular breaks. It can be used in sports, cooking, studying (as a laboratory timer, speech training, presentation timing), and more.

The interface of the app is simple and clear.

Periodic Timer

By the way, if you use the HIIT method while running, you can look at special running apps that also include interval training. If you are interested, check this article out: 25 Best Running Apps for Android & iOS. Some apps contain guided runs, which is even more convenient since you get to listen to a coach and rely on his or her commands.  

Interval Timer - HIIT Training

Interval Timer developed by Polycents is a top-grade timer for running, lifting weights, stretching, boxing, etc.

First of all, we have to admit that this app is extremely lightweight. So, the installation will take just a couple of seconds!

Once you have opened the app, tap on the large Start button to launch the timer. Users can also set up intervals, pause during the rest, adjust sound volume, or pick preferred timer sounds.

Moving on, Interval Timer comes with a detailed history of your performance. Thus, users can monitor all their exercises in weeks or months.

You can use this app in the background or when your device is off. The app also enables users to customize both high and low-intensity intervals.

The timer is one of the most essential tools in life! It can be used not just in sports but also during the preparation of a complicated meal, carrying out a scientific experiment, rehearsing a speech before some important event. etc.

However, the most widespread timer application is HIIT – high-intensity interval training. For this type of training, it is necessary to have a sophisticated countdown that lets you set the intervals and regulate their duration.


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