11 Best Police Scanner Apps for iOS & Android

Want to keep an eye on all the events happening in your area? This article got you covered!

Take a look at our list of the best police scanner apps for iOS & Android you could try. These apps let you monitor emergency news, and weather alerts and track crime waves nearby. You’ll get to browse multiple feeds from across the country and stay up to date with all the major events. Let’s dive in!

Police Scanner

Police Scanner

This might be the best police scanner on the whole market. It is only available for Android users, but we’ve picked up some neat iOS alternatives as well.

This app will turn your phone into a real police scanner. In the main menu, you’ll get to pick the topic and listen to the broadcast only about the news in this category. There are over 8 topics to choose from, and you’ll get to mark the feeds you reach for the most.

The app has feeds from all around the globe, but most of them are going to be placed in such countries as the US, Canada, and Australia. Well, that’s not the limit still, and new ones are added every day. The app is fully free and has a high ranking on Google Play.

Police Scanner 1
Police Scanner 2

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5-0 Radio Police Scanner

5-0 Radio Police Scanner

This app is good for its convenience. One of the greatest things is that you can play it in the bg while using other apps and minding your business. You can also add new feeds and make lists of them easily.

It won’t matter if you lose the internet connection because the app automatically tries to reconnect the feed. You’ll also get to listen to feeds on other devices, including the PC.

More to that, the app lets you share certain feeds via email. Whoever you send it to won’t need to download the app to play the feed, which is handy. The app also comes with an integrated map that finds your location and links to the nearest feed.

5-0 Radio Police Scanner 1
5-0 Radio Police Scanner 2



This app lets you catch multiple live files, including the ones from the authority, fire unit, EMS, and more. You’ll get to filter the ones you’re interested in and mark them as faves for quick access.

The app also features its own playlists of the most listened-to feeds, the newest ones, and so on. You can give the app access to your GPS data, so it could load the feeds from the closest officer stations right away.

Plus, you’ll get to pick the country you need the feeds from, and the app covers a wide list of options. However, the app only works online, so you won’t be able to catch the feeds without a web connection.

Broadcastify 1
Broadcastify 2

Police scanner+

Police Scanner +

The first thing you’ll probably notice about this app is its unusual design. Well, it’s nothing outstanding, really, but it’s not common for these kinds of apps to put any effort into the design at all. This one comes with a cool cosmic setup, and it’s pretty easy to use as well.

It covers a wide range of police feeds that you can play in the bg while using other apps. In fact, there are feeds from all over the globe, and you can browse them all with no effort. The app doesn’t limit you to just the police feeds, it also covers feeds from the fire division, EMS, and all that.

More to that, you’ll get to scan a nearby area to find out what is occurring nearby. You’ll be able to share any feed with one tap, the person you send it to won’t need to have an app to play the feed.

Police Scanner + 1
Police Scanner +2

Scanner Radio Police

Scanner Radio Police

That’s another app that lets you play multiple police feeds on your device. The concept is petty standard for the genre: there are plenty of feeds you can listen to keep an eye on what’s going on nearby.

Besides, the app can track your locations and load the feeds from the closest police units. You’ll be able to mark the streams you listen to most for quick access, so no worries here. There’s also a search bar that lets you find specific feeds with ease.

All the feeds play in the background, so you won’t have to keep the app open all the time. Beyond that, the app comes with a built-in chat where you can monitor the surrounding events without loading to the radio.

Scanner Radio Police 1
Scanner Radio Police 2

Scanner Radio

Scanner Radio

Here’s a popular police scanner to monitor the surrounding events. The app covers hundreds of feeds, and you can easily play any of them.

Herewith, the app is not all about the police feeds, it also features weather radios, air traffic reports, marine feeds, and much more. You can really find whatever you’re interested in, and mark your fave feeds for quick access.

Plus, you’ll get to filter the news by category, the digit of listeners, and more. You may even set up notifications to stay notified of all things occurring in your area.

Scanner Radio 1
Scanner Radio 2

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Scanner 911

Scanner 911

This app lets you load the streams of a police radio, EMS, fire units, and all that. It covers thousands of live translations from around the US, so you’re all the way covered.

You may rather search for specific feeds manually, or use your GPS data to browse the closest ones right away. Plus, the app lets you categorize the feeds by distance as well, which is handy. The sound can be adjusted, and there’s a built-in list of codes to keep you up with the action.

All the feeds play in real-time, so you’ll be able to keep up with all the troubles. You may also load the feeds in the bg while using other apps.

Scanner 911 1
Scanner 911 2

Police Scanner

Police Scanner, Fire Radio

It’s an app that lets you load live audio of the news, public safety, crime waves, and more. There are a bunch of things for you to listen to here: from weather warnings to fire alarms and amateur radio.

The app lets you search for feeds via keywords or use a map to browse all the nearest audios right away. You’ll get to add feeds to your faves for easy access if needed.

And don’t forget to turn on notifications, so the app could keep you updated on all the significant events in your neighborhood. You’ll get to set up the types of notifications for riots, protests, and all that.

Police Scanner, Fire Radio 1
Police Scanner, Fire Radio 2

Police Scanner App

Police Scanner App

That’s an app that turns your phone into a full-on police radio. It lets you play authority radio, fire alarms, news, crime reports, and all that. It’s one of the biggest sources of such news, and it runs in the bg, which is handy.

You’ll get to browse through various worldwide feeds and mark your fave ones for easy access. There’s also a search bar to find specific feeds if needed.

Besides, you’ll get to view pre-made playlists with the most listened-to feeds, local news, and all that. You can also use a map to load the closest feeds with one tap.

Police Scanner App 1
Police Scanner App 2

Police+Fire Scanner Radio

Police+Fire Scanner Radio

This app lets you stay informed of all the public safety news in our area. It’s not only about the police, it lets you play breaking news, wildfire info, weather alerts, and all that.

The app work with the biggest source of streams, so there are a bunch of feeds for you to load. You may rather search for the feeds manually or use your GPS info to browse ones from the nearby units.

All the feeds are sorted by genres and categories, so it’s easy to find smth specific. Plus, you’ll get to add the scanners you reach for the most at your faves for quick access.

Police+Fire Scanner Radio 1
Police+Fire Scanner Radio 2

Police Radio

Police Radio

And lastly, there’s a police scanner that covers over 5K radios for you to browse. As for the categories, there are authority radios, fire feeds, rescue ones, and more. The app lets you search for countries, states, cities, and even specific stations if needed.

Plus, the app lets you load the feeds based on your GPS data, which is handy. All the feeds get played in the bg, so you can mind your business while they play.

The app comes with a bunch of playlists, and you’ll get to sort them by the most listened ones. You’ll get to save some feeds at your faves, and set the notifications to keep an eye on all the events in your area.

Police Radio 1
Police Radio 2

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