11 Best Intruder Selfie Apps for Android & iOS (Security Apps)

The protection of your smartphone and personal data is a standard desire of any user.

Your privacy does not always depend on antivirus programs or visiting protected sites – in fact, any other person can take control of your smartphone and get personal information. In order to avoid this, there are also special applications. You can also check the list of 9 Best Anti-Spy Apps for Android & iOS for a better privacy of your phone.

Of course, each of you knows about passwords, fingerprint scanners, and other means to protect access to information. But what if you suspect that someone is still taking your smartphone without permission or secretly?

In this case, the intruder has to be known in person. It is possible to know the identity of the villain even if your smartphone was stolen by someone – simply enough to protect it well and properly. We found for you 11 Best Intruder Selfie Apps for Android & iOS, which will protect your data.

Ultra Lock – App Lock, Photo and Video Vault

Ultra Lock - App Lock, Photo and Video VaultUltra Lock application will really provide you with extended protection from unauthorized access by unauthorized people. Those people who are always close to you can know your password in advance or just guess it by selecting the right combination of letters and numbers.

Ultra Lock will provide you with unique lock settings that will help to better protect your smartphone and feel that your data is really safe.

So, for example, the application offers you to set a unique password every time you want to unlock the device yourself. Ultra Lock considers a combination of numbers on the watch to be the password – for example, if the current time is 12.53, then your password will be 1253.

So no one will guess exactly what code you are protecting your smartphone with – and you will get a picture of the person who picked the password. Note that in Ultra Lock there is another interesting feature – temporary blocking applications.

If you are at work, you can block access to social networks for a certain time – so no one will read your personal messages.

Ultra Lock - App Lock, Photo and Video Vault1 Ultra Lock - App Lock, Photo and Video Vault2

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Prey Anti Theft: Find My Phone & Mobile Security

Prey Anti Theft Find My Phone & Mobile SecurityPrey Anti Theft is an application that has more than 10 years of experience in finding lost and stolen devices, including laptops, tablets, phones, and so on. It is available for installation on many platforms and devices, so you can easily protect any of your equipment.

All devices will be managed with a single account, which is really convenient because the data about the location of the device will be sent to e-mail. It is also worth noting the number of users who trust Prey Anti Theft – the application is used on more than 7 million devices.

After your smartphone was lost or stolen, you can turn on an alarm on it, which the attacker will not even suspect. It will allow you to 24/7 track the movement of the device and get the latest GPS data.

You will also be able to use Prey Anti Theft to remotely block the device by setting more and more passwords.

Since an intruder can not immediately try to unlock the smartphone, Prey Anti Theft allows you to take pictures with the main camera of the device – in the situation or environment you can more accurately determine where your smartphone.

Prey Anti Theft Find My Phone & Mobile Security1 Prey Anti Theft Find My Phone & Mobile Security2

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Lockwatch – Thief Catcher

Lockwatch - Thief CatcherEven if your phone is not with you at the moment, you will always be able to instantly find out who exactly took it in hand. The Lockwatch application works in such a way that a photo of the person who tried to unlock your smartphone is automatically sent to your e-mail.

Wrong code, password, or graphic key entry – and a new photo is already sent to your mailbox. You will also automatically be sent a file with GPS coordinates, where exactly it happened.

Of course, the main requirement of Lockwatch is that your smartphone is locked. It does not matter how exactly you protect your smartphone because the application works with different types of locks.

You can always find out who exactly took the smartphone, and the work of the service will be quiet and invisible. Also in the application, there are many additional functions to protect your data and information, such as separate protection of photos and recording sound on the microphone of your smartphone.

Lockwatch - Thief Catcher1 Lockwatch - Thief Catcher2


Intruder Selfie

Intruder SelfieDo you have a jealous partner who constantly wants to check your smartphone? Or someone from your environment can secretly take your phone and start exploring it? In this case, you can use the Intruder Selfie application.

It will help you easily understand who was trying to unlock the device secretly from you. Even if you have only suspicions that someone is watching your smartphone, this application will help you find out if this is really happening.

Every time someone enters the wrong password, Intruder Selfie secretly takes a picture of that person. The photo is automatically saved to the gallery, and the owner of the device will be able to view the pictures as soon as the phone is unlocked.

The photos are also displayed in the application itself when it is launched and set up. Intruder Selfie will help you avoid intrusion into your privacy and situations when people without permission study your data.

In order for the service to work correctly, it will need the permission of the device administrator. In this way, Intruder Selfie will detect unsuccessful password attempts and will be able to take pictures of the intruder.

Intruder Selfie1 Intruder Selfie2


Third Eye – Find Who Tries to access your mobile

Third Eye - Find Who Tries to access your mobileThe Third Eye app will really be your extra eye located on your smartphone. It helps to catch spies and intruders when they try to hack into your smartphone and enter the wrong password.

Agree, if you do not want someone to dig into your smartphone, you will not give them the correct PIN – so the person will have to pick up the password. In such a situation, the Third Eye application will immediately react and take a photo, and you will immediately find out this dishonest person in your environment.

In addition to the fact that the service takes a photo if you enter the wrong password or graphic key, you will also immediately receive a notification, which shows the time of the attempt to hack.

There is also another feature in Third Eye – especially for those people who have told their passwords to other people.

On the Last Unlock Time tab, you will be able to see the last time someone accessed your smartphone and you can check if it was you or someone else. In Third Eye, there are many more additional settings that you can learn right after installation.

Third Eye - Find Who Tries to access your mobile1


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Hidden Eye – Intruder Selfie, Eye Catching

Hidden Eye - Intruder Selfie, Eye CatchingWho tried to listen to or view your messages while you were away? You can find it out in the Hidden Eye application. It is made so that users can catch spies easily, as well as see who exactly tried to hack into the smartphone.

You may not even suspect that one of your loved ones is reading your messages or watching photos without your knowledge. Hidden Eye will make it easier to find the traitor in your environment and family.

As you can understand, Hidden Eye takes a picture of the person who is trying to unlock your smartphone. The spies will be caught red-handed because now you will have pictures of this person.

The developers warn at once that Hidden Eye does not work on all devices and before installation it is better to check compatibility – try to enter the wrong password yourself.

This way you can check if the photo is really taken and where exactly it is located. As with many surveillance applications, Hidden Eye uses advanced access to the device in administrator mode.

Hidden Eye - Intruder Selfie, Eye Catching1 Hidden Eye - Intruder Selfie, Eye Catching2


CrookCatcher – Anti Theft

CrookCatcher - Anti TheftSometimes it is not your acquaintance or family member who tries to steal your data. You may face the crime of stealing your smartphone. In order to quickly detect the attacker and get his picture, you can use the application CrookCatcher.

If it will be installed on your device, then when it is stolen you will immediately see who did it. The functionality of the application depends directly on the lock screen – if someone starts trying to unlock the device, you will immediately get a picture of this person.

Of course, CrookCatcher works not only when the device is stolen. It also captures the photo of every person who enters the wrong code and tries to unlock the smartphone.

The data is sent to your email, and the email is not limited to one photo of the criminal. You will also receive GPS coordinates of the device location and an approximate address at which the attacker is located.

In order for the CrookCatcher to remain unnoticed, you just need to disable notifications from the application. Note that the application does not even consume battery power because its work begins only if you enter the wrong password.

CrookCatcher - Anti Theft1 CrookCatcher - Anti Theft2


Who Touched My Phone

Who Touched My Phone logoThe Who Touched My Phone app activates the front camera and takes a picture whenever someone unlocks the smartphone. All photos are stored only in the utility’s gallery.

The app functions in the background and cannot be tracked through the Task Manager. Moreover, the utility is activated along with the smartphone, so rebooting won’t help avoid the front camera shot.

When the app is activated, it discreetly takes a photo from the front camera while unlocking the smartphone. Notably, the snapshots are not displayed in the gallery but are stored directly in the presented program.

You are given the opportunity to set a password for the app so that unauthorized people can not access it. In the settings, you can activate the unlock screen monitoring and protect the app with a password.

Besides, you can go to the section with the photos to delete them, export or share them on social networks.

Who Touched My Phone screen 1 Who Touched My Phone screen 2


Don’t Touch My Phone : Crook Catcher

Don't Touch My Phone Crook CatcherHow often do you ask other people not to touch your smartphone? If you really face the problem that someone without your knowledge is trying to unlock your smartphone, just install the Don’t Touch My phone app.

It will help you to avoid the theft of personal data by unauthorized persons, as well as timely take a picture of the attackers. It is a means of protection for your smartphone because fraudsters simply can’t unlock the device.

In the office, at home, or at a party, any of the people who are near you, can secretly try to unlock your smartphone. Don’t Touch My phone will take their picture, and you will get a photo and proof that the person without your permission tried to read something in your smartphone.

All the selfies will be in a separate folder in the device memory, so the intruder will not be able to delete them. In fact, Don’t Touch My phone performs an anti-theft and anti-unlock feature, which increases the security of your smartphone. Catch all the cheaters who secretly touch your device and try to find out something about you.

Don't Touch My Phone Crook Catcher1 Don't Touch My Phone Crook Catcher2


Intruder Selfie Alert

Intruder Selfie Alert logoIntruder Selfie Alert helps you secure your smartphone and all the data stored on it. When an intruder tries to unlock your device, the app will take a picture with the front-facing camera. The image will then be sent to your Google Drive.

Also, if an incorrect password is entered, the app will trigger an audible notification. All unsuccessful attempts to enter a password will be recorded in a special section.

You set the number of allowed password attempts in the app settings. If an intruder manages to unlock your phone, the app will record the time your phone was used by someone else.

All the tools of this service are available free of charge and without any restrictions.

Intruder Selfie Alert screen 1 Intruder Selfie Alert screen 2


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Intruder Detector – Who Touched My Phone?

Intruder Detector - Who Touched My PhoneCatching your friends or the other half red-handed is now much easier. The Intruder Detector app takes pictures of every person who tries to spy on you with your own smartphone.

Anyone who enters the password incorrectly will be photographed with the front camera. The location and address of the device will also be determined, and all manipulations will be done secretly. Intruder Detector will not reveal what you know about the attacker.

The service secretly sends a letter to your email address with several files attached – photo, map, and the exact time of the incident. Even if it was you who entered the wrong password by mistake, you have nothing to worry about as Intruder Detector automatically sends all data.

This way you can check the real work of the service in the present time. It should be noted that the access code to the device must consist of at least 4 characters or 4 points of the graphic key for accurate operation of the service.

With the help of Intruder Detector you will catch a fraudster red-handed while providing evidence of his actions and entering the device.

Intruder Detector - Who Touched My Phone1 Intruder Detector - Who Touched My Phone2


None of the people are insured from losing the phone, theft, or even betrayal of friends. Your friend or another half can just take your smartphone in secret from you, and you will not even guess about it.

It is not enough just to set a password – the protection should be much better, especially if you have something to hide. Applications that take a picture of the user, will help you learn about all the secret intentions of your environment, as well as help to identify the criminal in case of crime and theft.

Such services will be the best protection for your smartphone memory data. We hope that our collection of applications will help you not to worry about security and privacy.

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