Kanbani App Review

Kanban is a Japanese term, which describes the process of effective working on a plan, performing tasks, both yours and in a team. Therefore, the meet – Kanbani app is an advanced and totally free task manager. The concept of Kanbani is that you create a card with a task, add a description and date, and design it beautifully.

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The interface of the app is user-friendly. For your convenience, the application is provided with a full-screen text editor. You can assign colors to tasks and quickly filter them by title, description, and color. The application has not only a nice design but also great features. You can combine all your tasks into journals or boards.


The app allows customizing the tasks, as you like: archive cards, sort them by the due date, synchronize by an external event, display excerpts from descriptions, etc. You can transform your Kanban-board into a traditional calendar organizer with a unique timeline.

Teamwork functions are also varied. You can share a task or whole board by link through any browser on any platform. You can also print them to PDF, make import, and export them to popular programs working with data like Excel, Trello, etc.

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For even better work of the app within the company, you can use your own server and plugins. It also can use data encryption. The work with gestures and menus with one-touch commands will show the high speed of operation.


A stable operation while working with a huge number of cards is provided because the app is developed with high quality. If your phone suddenly stops working (the battery runs out), data will be auto-saved. You can synchronize data via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, email, and other ways.

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With the Kanbani app, you no longer have to keep tasks in your head or on a piece of paper. We are sure that the application will optimize your work. Recommend!


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