6 Best Kite Flying Games for Android & iOS

Flying a kite is something most people have tried in their lives. Although it has recently become a very popular hobby it might be a challenge to fly a kite in a real life. That’s cause you need specific weather to do it successfully.

Fortunately, there are lots of kite flying games for Android and iOS that provide you with realistic kite flying experience. These games empower you to rule virtual kites in different locations and cut the opponents that cross your way.

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There’s the list of 6 best apps that category you should try. Have a look!

Kite Flying – Layang Layang

kite flying

As its name supposes, Kite Flying — Layang Layang is a kite flying simulator that will be lots of fun for you.

By the concept of this game, your main gold here is to fight with the kites of other players. As expected, the battles take place in the sky and you get to compare with real people.

Therewith, you need to enter the on-game rooms to join one of the battles — there are lots of fights happening all the time so you will always find the one to play. You can even make your own rooms and invite your mates to join.

As for the visual of the game, it’s colorful and minimalistic at the same time. All the kites are drawn beautifully with all the small details. It needs to be said, the game has a huge compilation of kites of all types.

There are kites of different shapes, colors, lines, and all that- there are more than 500 options. Plus, most of these kites are made in the image of kites of different countries- from Brazil to France. There are also lots of different settings you can pick from.

kite flying 1 kite flying 2


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Pipa Combate 3D – Kite Flying

Pipa Combate 3D

Pipa Combate 3D is a game that provides you with the ultimate kite flying experience.

The main key of this game is a super realistic 3D graphics that empowers you to feel the whole atmosphere of ruling a flying kite. Besides, you get to try various environments — from cities to the beaches and more.

Beyond that, the locations covered by the game do not just model of the cities — they all have authenticity and charm. For instance, the walls of the buildings can have graffiti art and all that.

Furthermore, all the kites recreate the models that exist in a real-life and all of them come with unique features. The game also has an authentic funk carioca soundtrack.

Another thing that needs to be mentioned is the kites in general. There are more than a hundred kite types that are drawn to the smallest details. Therewith, all kites are related to real counties and reflect national ornament and colors.

Pipa Combate 3D 1 Pipa Combate 3D 2


Sankal Kite King

Sankal Kite KingSankal Kite King is another fun kite flying game that will keep you entertained and relaxed during playing. Along with its sister games, this one aims you to rule the kite and take it through a colorful city. The longer your flight will be — the more points you get. The length is getting measured by the size of your lace.

There are twelve levels in this game and it’s they get more and more challenging as you play. The game tries its best to give you the most realistic kite flying experience ever but it is still more on the cartoon side.

On top of that, the age has five full-on locations — the city, the terrace, the beach, the hills, and the plain ground. All the settings are drawn in detail so it’s a pleasure to play it.

Besides, you can also pick one of the four kite types. It needs to be said, most of the kites will be locked when you’ll start playing but you can get it with the in-game currency. The same thing goes for the types of laces. You have multiple options here and all of them recreate the laces of real brands. You can also pic the cord of your lace.

Sankal Kite King 1 Sankal Kite King 2


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Real Kite Flying Simulator

Real Kite Flying Simulator

Real Kite is another game that empowers you to rule the flying of a virtual kite.

The main aim of this game is to provide you with a realistic experience of ruling a kite. Therewith, your purpose here is to participate in kite battles and cut all your opponents. As expected, the battles take place in the sky and you get to fight against real people.

It needs to be said, the visual of this game is very realistic indeed so it’s easy to immerse into the atmosphere. There are also multiple realistic sounds that relax the mind. You can also try various settings to not get bored with seeing the same landscape.

Furthermore, there are numerous types of kites you can try. All the kites are created in the image of real kites and most of them are related to countries. All designs are unique and there are no kites that look alike.

Plus, you get to upgrade your kite by elevating its weight and size. You can also enhance the reels and add more laces for strength. Besides, there’s a 390 degrees mode that empowers you to see the surrounding environments from all the angles.

Real Kite Flying Simulator 1 Real Kite Flying Simulator 2


Kite’s World – Fight of kites

kite's world

Kite’s World is a kite flying game you can play with your mates.

The main character of this game is a guy who enjoys flying a kite. The game has a beautiful visual and smooth animation in a cartoon style. Therewith, the colors re not too bright and the atmosphere feel authentic and soul heating. The setting is a small town with charming landscapes.

Your aim in this game is to fly a kite for as long as possible without crashing into anything. Sometimes, you get to cut the opponent’s kite on your way. The longer your lace will be — the more points you get. As always, you start with smile levels but it gets more complicated with time.

You also get a basic kite in the begging but it’s possible to unlock some other options with in-game currency. There are lots of kite types covered by the game and all of them have prototypes in real life. Besides, each kite has its own characteristics you can improve.

Beyond that, you get to switch the lace and the reels of your kite so it is harder to cut. You can also elevate the size and the weight of your kite for it to be less affected by the wind.

kite's world 1 kite's world 2


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Basant Kite Festival – 3D Kite Flying Fight

basant kite festival

And lastly, Basant Kite Festival is named in the image of the most famous kite flying festival on Earth.

What this game does is it tries to recreate the kites festival and gives you a chance to participate in it. Your aim in this game is to fly a kite, control it, and cut the kites of other players that cross your way.

Therewith, you need to avoid being cut yourself cause the game will be over the second it happens. This is a multiplayer game so your opponents are real people from all over the world.

The game has lots of levels and all of them come with new challenges. Plus, there are lots of kites you can try — all of them are inspired by real models of kites related to various countries.

Along with various designs of the kites, all of them have individual features. You can also enlarge the size and weight of your kite for it to be wind-resistant. Furthermore, you can try different types of laces, reels, and all that. The game has various locations you can fly in that are all quite cute.

basant kite festival 1 basant kite festival 2


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