11 Free Price Chopper Apps (Android & iOS)

Price Chopper is a grocery store chain known for its commitment to fresh food and low prices. But did you know they also offer a suite of apps to make your shopping experience even smoother?

That’s right, there are free downloadable apps for both Android and iOS devices that can help you save money, plan your meals, and streamline your grocery run.

From browsing weekly specials and managing your shopping list to finding the nearest store and refilling prescriptions, there’s an app for just about everything you need. Intrigued? Let’s dive into the best free price chopper apps that can supercharge your grocery shopping adventures.

While price chopper apps offer great deals, consider expanding your savings with our guide to the best price drop alert apps.

Price Chopper

Upgrade your grocery shopping experience with the free Price Chopper app for Android and iOS devices! This handy app puts a wealth of time-saving and budget-boosting features at your fingertips.

Say goodbye to cluttered grocery lists and scattered flyers. The Price Chopper app lets you browse current weekly specials and promotions directly on your phone.

Easily add these sale items to your digital shopping list, ensuring you never miss a bargain. Need to find a recipe for tonight’s dinner? The app offers recipe inspiration, perfectly suited to the ingredients you plan to buy.

In a hurry? No problem! The app helps you locate your nearest Price Chopper or Market 32 store with ease. With all this functionality packed into one convenient app, the Price Chopper mobile experience is sure to streamline your shopping trips and stretch your grocery budget further.


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Price Chopper Pharmacy

Staying on top of medications can be a hassle, but the free Price Chopper Pharmacy App makes it a breeze. This user-friendly app is available for both Android and iOS devices, putting prescription management directly in your pocket.

What truly sets this app apart is its ease of use. Refilling prescriptions is a snap. Simply view your list, which includes helpful details like dosage and refills remaining, or scan the bottle directly. No more hunting for old pill bottles or spending time on hold!

The app also tackles the age-old problem of forgotten medications. It sends timely reminders for refills and even lets you set up personalized medication reminders, ensuring you stay on track with your treatment plan.

But that’s not all! The Price Chopper Pharmacy App empowers you to transfer prescriptions from other pharmacies, streamlining your medication management. Plus, you can view your prescribing doctors and search for nearby Price Chopper pharmacies, making the entire process convenient and efficient.

If you’re looking for a way to simplify your medication routine, the Price Chopper Pharmacy App is a must-have. Download it today and experience the convenience of managing your prescriptions anytime, anywhere.


My Price Chopper

Shopping just got a whole lot easier with the free My Price Chopper app! This handy app from your local Price Chopper store is packed with features that will save you time and money on every grocery trip.

Imagine never missing out on a sale on your favorite yogurt or that perfect cut of steak again. The My Price Chopper app keeps you up-to-date on all the weekly specials and daily deals at your preferred store. Plus, you can browse the entire selection of products at your fingertips, categorized for easy searching.

Building your shopping list is a breeze with the My Price Chopper app. As you browse the virtual aisles, simply add sale items and any other groceries you need to your personalized list.

No more scrambling with a forgotten paper list at the store – everything you need is organized and accessible on your phone. So ditch the stress and embrace the ease of grocery shopping with My Price Chopper!


Price Chopper – Rolla, MO

Upgrade your grocery routine to a breeze with Price Chopper’s free mobile app! Whether you’re in Rolla, MO, or anywhere they operate, this app is your one-stop shop for a convenient and rewarding shopping experience.

The star of the show is the same-day grocery ordering with in-store prices, including sales! Imagine browsing the weekly ad while relaxing at home, adding items with a tap, and having your order selected by professional Price Chopper personal shoppers.

These trained individuals focus on picking the freshest produce, high-quality meats, and bakery delights, ensuring you get the best. Plus, the app cleverly remembers your past purchases, recommending favorites and frequently ordered items for effortless future shopping trips.

Need to stay organized? The shopping list feature is a game-changer. Browse the ad and instantly add sale items to your list.

Can’t remember that delicious cheese you love? No problem! Use the built-in barcode scanner to add items you have on hand, or search the extensive database to find exactly what you need. You can even mark your go-to items for easy access on future shopping lists.

So ditch the outdated grocery routine and download Price Chopper’s app today. It’s the perfect way to save time, money, and ensure a stress-free shopping experience.


Price Chopper Des Moines

Ditch the grocery list scrawled on a napkin and upgrade your shopping experience with the free Price Chopper Des Moines app! This handy companion is a game-changer for budget-minded shoppers.

Browse digital sales flyers before you head to the store, ensuring you snag the latest deals. Plus, the app delivers coupons directly to your phone, saving you the hassle of clipping and organizing paper ones. Need recipe inspiration? The app offers a variety of options to keep your meals exciting.

But the true magic lies in Price Chopper’s innovative SmartZone technology. Imagine strolling down the cereal aisle and receiving a notification for a discount on your favorite brand.

That’s the power of SmartZone! It uses in-store beacons and QR codes to send targeted deals straight to your phone, maximizing your savings throughout the shopping trip.

So ditch the shopping list stress and download the Price Chopper Des Moines app today. It’s your one-stop shop for a smoother, more affordable grocery experience.


McKeever’s Price Chopper

Ditch the checkout lines and elevate your grocery shopping experience with the FREE McKeever’s Price Chopper Mobile Checkout app! Available for both Android and iOS devices, this handy app puts the power of convenience right in your pocket.

Imagine strolling through the aisles at McKeever’s Price Chopper, scanning your groceries directly with your phone as you shop. No more waiting in line to unload your cart – the app lets you breeze through checkout with a few quick taps.

Paying is equally effortless – use your securely stored credit or debit card within the app to complete your purchase in seconds.

And the best part? Even your fresh produce can be scanned with ease, eliminating the need for separate bagging or code lookups. With McKeever’s Price Chopper Mobile Checkout, you can reclaim your valuable time and make grocery shopping a breeze – all thanks to this innovative and user-friendly app.


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The Walgreens app is a one-stop shop for managing your health and wellness. Refill prescriptions with a quick scan, stay on top of refills for the whole family, and even get medication reminders to ensure you stay on track.

Worried about a late-night question? The app offers free 24/7 consultations with a pharmacy expert via live chat, providing peace of mind whenever you need it.

But the app goes beyond prescriptions. It’s your healthcare companion. Walgreens Find Care® helps you connect with doctors and providers when you need them most, whether virtually or in person at participating locations.

Shopping is a breeze too. Order essentials and get them ready for pickup in as little as 30 minutes. Earn rewards with the myWalgreens membership, and clip personalized deals to maximize your savings. Plus, there’s a handy weekly ad and in-store product scanner to find additional discounts at checkout.

Need same-day photo prints? No problem! Print directly from your phone and pick them up within hours. The app also lets you personalize photo cards and gifts, or create unique wall art for your home.

Taking charge of your health is easy with the Walgreens app. Set and meet personal health goals to earn even more Walgreens Cash rewards. The app seamlessly syncs with Apple Health to automatically track your progress, motivating you to stay on track.

The app is free to download and offers a variety of features to simplify your healthcare needs, saving you time and money. It’s a convenient and comprehensive tool to keep you feeling your best.


Fetch: America’s Rewards App

Fetch stands out as a user-friendly rewards app that rewards you for simply shopping! Unlike other programs, Fetch isn’t limited to specific stores or categories.

Snap any receipt, from groceries to gas stations, and watch your points accumulate. Earning at least 25 points per receipt guarantees you’ll be rewarded for every purchase, big or small.

Forget clipping coupons; Fetch delivers personalized offers from popular brands, automatically applied upon snapping your receipt. This eliminates the hassle of managing coupons while maximizing your points.

Redeeming points is a breeze! Choose from a vast selection of free gift cards to your favorite stores or convert them into cash via Visa Cash Cards. Fetch even lets you earn points from online purchases at dozens of retailers by simply linking your accounts.

Fetch goes beyond just rewards; it helps you cultivate smart shopping habits. The app highlights deals and suggests new products, allowing you to discover favorites and optimize your shopping list.

Add a social element to your savings with Fetch Social! Compete with friends in monthly challenges, stay updated on their shopping sprees, and earn bonus points for referring them.

With a free and secure platform that requires no credit card information, Fetch offers a seamless rewards experience. Download the app today, snap your first receipt, and claim your welcome bonus points! Embrace a rewarding shopping experience with Fetch!


Ibotta: Save & Earn Cash Back

If you’re looking for a way to effortlessly save money on everyday purchases, look no further than the free Ibotta app for Android and iOS. This user-friendly app boasts numerous features that make it a standout among cash back apps.

Unlike programs that offer points or rewards, Ibotta rewards you with real cash back on your shopping. This cash can be deposited directly into your bank account, transferred to PayPal, or even redeemed as gift cards, offering you ultimate flexibility in how you use your savings.

Forget clipping coupons or memorizing promo codes. With Ibotta, simply browse the app before shopping and add offers for the items you intend to buy.

Once you’ve completed your shopping trip at your favorite stores, restaurants, or online retailers, simply upload a picture of your receipt or link your loyalty card for instant cash back. Watch your savings accumulate effortlessly!

Ibotta boasts a massive network of over 500,000 partner locations, including popular brands like Walmart, Uber, Kroger, and many more. This ensures you can earn cash back on a wide variety of purchases, from groceries and travel to tech gadgets and dining out.

Ibotta goes beyond simple cash back by offering bonus rewards. Refer friends and earn extra cash, or take advantage of special bonuses on specific products or for reaching shopping milestones. Ditch the outdated paper coupons and promo codes, and join the millions who are saving effortlessly with Ibotta.

The Ibotta app is completely free to download and use. Start saving money on your everyday purchases and watch your savings grow. Download Ibotta today and experience the ease and convenience of saving money while you shop!


Instacart: Earn money to shop

Looking for a flexible way to make money and help your community? Look no further than the Instacart Shopper app! This innovative app lets you transform your everyday grocery shopping into earning opportunities.

Imagine making someone’s day by delivering fresh groceries and essentials right to their doorstep, all while working on your own schedule. Instacart Shopper empowers you to be your own boss, choosing between full-service shopping and delivery or in-store shopping with a supportive team.

The app offers incredible flexibility, allowing you to fit grocery shopping gigs around your existing commitments. Whether you need a side hustle or a full-time job, Instacart Shopper caters to your needs.

Plus, you get paid fast! Weekly payouts ensure you see the rewards of your work quickly. Full-service shoppers can even access their earnings daily with Instant Cashout.

With Instacart Shopper, you’re not just making money; you’re providing a valuable service to those in need. Download the app today and start turning grocery runs into feel-good earnings!


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Afterpay – Buy Now, Pay Later

The Afterpay app revolutionizes the way you shop by offering a seamless “buy now, pay later” experience. Discover thousands of your favorite brands across fashion, beauty, homeware, and more, all within the app.

Split your purchases into four convenient interest-free payments, giving you more flexibility and control over your budget.

Beyond its core functionality, Afterpay shines with its exclusive app-only benefits. Browse curated shopping guides for inspiration, or find hidden gems from app-exclusive brands.

Never miss a deal again with personalized sale alerts and price-drop notifications. You can even shop for gift cards with the same convenient payment options.

Managing your finances is a breeze with Afterpay. Easily track past and present orders, update payment schedules, or pause payments for returned items. The app even integrates seamlessly with Cash App for a unified financial experience.

Afterpay doesn’t stop at online shopping. Use the app to find nearby stores that accept Afterpay payments, allowing you to shop confidently with your pre-approved spending limit. Responsible spenders are rewarded with the potential to unlock higher spending limits over time.

Should you ever need assistance, Afterpay offers 24/7 in-app customer support via chat, along with a comprehensive FAQ section. Download the Afterpay app today and unlock a world of convenient shopping with endless possibilities.

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