5 Best Lightning Strike Alerts Apps 2024 (Android & iOS)

Lightning is a delightful natural phenomenon that is mesmerizing in its beauty and frightening in its unexpectedness. Catching a thunderstorm is difficult enough, but it is possible thanks to special services.

Most of them offer basic weather information, but these best lightning strike alerts apps 2024 for Android & iOS will help you not to miss the moment. So, you will be able to avoid lightning or, on the contrary, catch it in the camera lens.

Be fully prepared for any weather condition with these best severe weather alert apps.

My Lightning Tracker & Alerts

The My Lightning Tracker & Alerts app allows you to track lightning strikes. Convenient and easy to use, with a good interface. Meets the stated characteristics.

The app will be appreciated by travelers and fans of spectacular weather phenomena. You will be able to get information about thunderstorms occurring around the world.

Moreover, you can get information about thunderstorms in one region or another in almost real-time. If you want to enjoy the view of lightning live, the app will allow you to do so.

Just wait for the appropriate audible notification of the beginning of a thunderstorm and connect to the view. Users have the ability to receive alerts when lightning strikes are detected in their area. You’ll be able to share this information with your buddies or a group of travelers.

So, they can appreciate the beauty and power of thunderstorms and, if necessary, make changes to their itinerary. The weather radar feature will allow you to get information about weather changes.


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Lightning Alarm Weatherplaza

The Lightning Alarm Weatherplaza app allows you to get information about the fact and times of lightning. Convenient and easy to use, with a pleasant design.

It will be especially relevant for users who live in areas where lightning is a frequent phenomenon, as well as travelers and people whose work is connected with travel.

The app uses meteorological data to provide the specified information. To be able to predict the time of occurrence of this dangerous natural phenomenon, high-resolution data is also used.

All this provides a sufficiently high level of reliability of the information, which allows it to be taken into account when making decisions. For convenience, the information is displayed on the map.

Notification that lightning is expected at your location will be given 15 minutes before it occurs. This time is quite enough to take cover if you are not in a safe place. Or change your plans and stay indoors until the end of the storm.

Users have a forecast available about the movement as well as the intensity of lightning in the next 2 hours. Quite a comfortable and sufficient forecast period.


Lightning Tracker

Lightning Tracker is an app for lightning strikes. Great interface and informativeness distinguish it from similar platforms. The data is provided on an interactive map.

The information is updated automatically, the data is provided in real-time. The map shows lightning information for the past six hours. Lightning strikes are indicated as circles.

The color of the circle determines the time elapsed since the lightning strike. If the circle is white, the lightning strike is in the present time. The dark brown color means that the lightning was 10 minutes ago.

Finally, the blue color of the circle tells users that the lightning in the corresponding area was between 10 minutes and 6 hours ago. You will be able to view lightning statistics for a particular area, as well as their presence near your location and the regions you have identified.

Users also get data on the speed, intensity, and, most importantly, the direction of the thunderstorm. This data is enough to understand the timing and possibility of lightning strikes at your location and to ensure your safety and the protection of your loved ones in advance.


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Clime: NOAA Weather Radar Live

Clime is an app for weather information. Convenient, with a bright design and a great interface. Users have an opportunity to see the weather forecast in the location for the next 14 days.

You will also get detailed information about the weather conditions for the next day. If you are interested in the weather in another region, a convenient search system will get the information quickly.

For your convenience, there is an opportunity to customize the weather report. You determine which information is the most important for you and you will see it first. If there is a necessity to get information on the weather in other regions or countries it’s easy to do.

On the interactive world map, in real-time, you will be able to see indicators of air temperature, as well as information about precipitation. The lightning tracker will provide data on thunderstorms in a particular region.

The weather information that users receive allows them to plan their trips and closet. This is a great tool, in fact, you get access to your personal weather station.


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Blitzortung Lightning Monitor

Blitzortung Lightning Monitor allows you to get information about thunderstorms. It will be primarily of interest to users who live in areas with high thunderstorm activity. Easy to use, with a user-friendly interface.

Information about the thunderstorm comes to users in real-time. The data is indicated on the map for convenience of its perception.

The app allows you to display your location, and also has a lightning warning function, with the distance and direction of the lighting front.

A distinctive feature of the app is its ability to work quickly even in severe thunderstorm conditions. This allows users who are caught in a thunderstorm on the road to choose the safest driving direction or decide if an unscheduled stop is necessary.

Users are provided with data on the number of lightning strikes and the time of the strike, and the time interval is indicated by a specific color.

The app has its own community and website. There you can get more information about zippers. You don’t have to worry about the security of your data. The app does not collect or share it with third parties while you are using it.

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