8 Best Love Tester Apps for Android & iOS

Wanna test if you and your boyfriends are meant to be? Read about an easy way to do that!

There are loads of love tester apps for Android & iOS that will estimate the percentage of your compatibility easy as pie. In most cases, these apps test the power of love based on two names, but some come with several options. In case you wanna dive deeper into this topic, try to check horoscope compatibility as well.

We’ve gathered together the 8 best apps in that category you may try. Have a look!

Love Test Names

Love Test Names

As you may guess by the name, this app determines your love capability based on names.

For better or worse, this is the only feature of this app. All you can do here is to write two names and say for the result. The good thing is, the calculating doesn’t take long, so you’ll get your answer in a couple of seconds. The percentage will be paired with a brief description of your future as a couple.

The name windows come with genders — there’s his window on top and her on the bottom. Sounds old-school, but you may easily enter two gender-equal names and the app will provide you with a result. Once it’s done, you may save it to your gallery or share it on social media for everyone to see.

The main question is — are the results in this app random or not? Is there some smart algorithm counting love chances? Actually, yes, there is. This app is based on a numerology form, so the outcomes don’t come out of emptiness. Of course, this claim is impossible to prove, but let’s just hope it’s true.

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Love Calculator

love test prank

Next, we have a love estimator app that lets you estimate the chances of a happy harmonious relationship with your loved one.

The first thing that should be said is this app is made for fun bases only. In other words, all the results here are modulated, it’s just a thing to post on your social media or share with mates. It has no intentions to hurt anyone’s feelings, and you shouldn’t use it as a reason for a breakup (such things are not worthy reasons for ending a relationship at all!).

Along with the prior one, this app does all the calculations based on names. All you need to do here is to log in your and your partner’s name — and wait for the outcome. Herewith, the app doesn’t associate the names with gender, so feel free to type everything you need. The calculations take a couple of secs, so no concerns about that.

Additionally, there’s a spin the wheel mode that lets you quickly find out if the person has feelings you or not (also randomly, of course). Once you’ve got your result, you may share it on your social media or send it via messenger. The app supports plenty of languages, so you won’t have trouble with that.

Love Test Prank 1 Love Test Prank 2


Love Test Compatibility Rating 

Love Test Compatibility

This is an iOS app that lets you find out if you and your sweetheart are a match.

In case you’re not here for prank-like apps with random results — you may be curious about this one. This app uses state of the art matchuing techs that provides you with solid rating results. It’s an exclusive algorithm made specifically for this app, so if you wanted a scientific base — this one has it.

Nonetheless, don’t take the result too seriously and don’t make important relationship-related decisions based on the results only. As for the mechanism, everything is quite standard — you need to log in two names and the app will rate how compatible they are. The names are not connected with gender in any way, so no concern about that.

Once you’ve got the outcomes — you get to share them on social media with just one tap. Along with that, the app covers over 150 love-related stickers you may use in messengers. Plus, there’s a built-in Valentine’s Day timer if needed. There’s even a list of catching phrases to start a conversation with.

Love Test Compatibility 1 Love Test Compatibility 2


Name Love Test

Name Love Test

Here’s an app to test your love rating.

This app also uses names as a base for compatibility testing. The mechanics are beyond simple — you need to log in your name and the one of your love or crush. The calculation takes a couple of secs, so you won’t have to wait long.

As for that, the app doesn’t have any limits for the gender of your partner, so no concerns about that.You may even check a capability with your celebrity crush if needed. The results show love percentage along with a brief description of it (such as your love is strong, and all that). You get to share the findings on social media or share with mates in any other way.

The app uses a smart atechs based on math, so the results you’ll get won’t be random. More to that, it’s an ancient algorithm that was used for love indicationg for ages. The app also comes with a wide love wallpaper collection you may use for free. There’s also a Valentine’s Day timer, and a bunch of Valentine’s Day cards if needed.

Name Love Test 1 Name Love Test 2 


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Love Calculator: My Match Test

My Match Test

It’s match estimating app that lets you estimate if you and your crush are meant to be.

On one hand, the concept of this app is almost identical to all the other apps on our list, but it’s still worth trying. The app’s developers claim that the name can tell loads of things about people. All names have meanings, and they are not randomly chosen, so it’s possible to test two peoples compatibility by using nothing but their names.

The app runs on an exclusive tech that is capable of estimating the compatibility level of two people. Of course, no one will explain how this tech is actually worth it, so it’s impossible to confidently say if it’s real or not. More to say, the developers claim that the app has been developed for fun only

For that reason, make sure to not take the findings seriously and not make any life-changing relationship decisions based on the results of this app. The results page shows you a match percentage and a brief definition of your alliance. You get to share the results on social media with one tap.

My Match Test 1 My Match Test 2


Love Calculator – Love Test

Love Calculator – Love Test

It’s a match calculator app that will estimate if you and your loved one are right for each other.

Just like the previous one, this app covers several calculating methods for you to try. First, there’s a classic name love test that asks you for nothing but two names to determine your love capability. This method is the fastest one, and you need minimal info to use it.

Next, there’s a zodiac sign compatibility test. The good news is you won’t need to know much info about your crush to go through this test — just him/her zodiac sign. The test is happening quite fast and provides you with a love ratio and a short inscription of it. There are also a bunch of love-related pics, quotes, and all that.

In case you know loads of facts about your loved one, you may also go for a test of love. It’s an advanced test that comes with a romantic questionnaire. The questions are mostly philosophic and personal such as “what is love for you”, and so on. This test may be taken by singles, and you’ll get a motivational quote as a result.

Love Calculator – Love Test 1 Love Calculator – Love Test 2 


Love test calculator

Love test calculator

This is another iOS match estimator that provides you with the info on the love between you and your partner.

Apart from all the previous app, this one lets you use three different technologies to determine a love match. First of all, there’s a basic calculator that tests your capability by singing just names. Although the app claims to use smart algorithms, this method might be the least trustworthy of all.

Then, there’s an advanced calculator. Needless to say, this one is a bit more complicated — you’ll need to fill in a brief love-related questionnaire. There will be such questions as hair color, eye color, weight, and all that. Plus, there’s a horoscope-based test where you’ll need to fill in a pretty long list of questions. To be more specific, there are questions like birth date, sign, and more.

Beyond that, you get to go through all the tests at the same time and get all the results on one page. The results come with a brief definition of your alliance, and you can save it in the acc’s history if needed. You may also share the results on social media or via messengers.

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A Love Test: Compatibility Calculator

A Love Test Compatibility Calculator

And lastly, we have a love match calculator.

It’s another name-based love meter that doesn’t ask you for any info, but the name of your loved one. All you need to do here is to enter two names and wait for the results.Herewith, the app doesn’t have any gender boundaries, so you may test the match of LGBTQ+ couples.

You may even check a capability with your celebrity crush if needed. The testing takes literal seconds, and it works offline, so you can use it wherever you are. The result is a love percentage and its analysis. To be fair, the analysis is more of a short definition of what the percentage means.

The app doesn’t save your findings, so make sure to save them if needed. As for the algorithms, the app is made for fun purposes only, so don’t take the results too seriously. Plus, make sure to not use the result as a base for your real-life decisions, especially serious ones.

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