15 Best 120 FPS Android Games in 2024

Are you the one who appreciates the smooth and HQ visual performance of mobile games? Then keep reading this article!

There are plenty of 120 FPS Android games in 2024, and we’ve picked up the best of the best. These games come in various genres: from RPG to war simulators, so there’s something for everyone. Whatever you’ll pick, you’ll get to enjoy amazing gameplay and console-level graphics.

We’ve gathered together the best games in that category you may try. Have a look!



Let’s start with an action RPG game that is made by all the great classic canons.

The game comes with simple controls, so you won’t have to spend much time figuring out how to play. Plus, there is practically no paywall here and your power is the only thing that may affect the win. There is stuff you can buy for real money, but it’s totally optional.

As always, you’ll need to pick a character, and you can choose between the magician, a warrior, or a bounty hunter. All of them use different armor and have unique abilities and combat styles. Your character will evolve and level up with time, and you’ll also get to collect power-ups and all that.

You’ll get to explore various locations like caves, forests, and castles to fight multiple enemies. The list of creatures for you to face is truly massive: from skeletons and demons to zombies. There are no questions about the graphics and combat, everything is smooth and atmospheric, so no worries.

Eternium 1 Eternium 2 

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Next, there’s an RPG adventure that will take you to a dark fantasy world.

The setting takes place in the forgotten kingdom that is about to get taken by evil forces. Your goal here is to find out about the fate of the lost king. Sounds kinda boring, but the task takes a bad turn really quickly, and you find yourself surrounded by hordes of monsters.

You’ll get to travel through atmospheric locations, fight your way through the dark forces, and more. To cope with that, you’ll need to master your combat skills, figure out the patterns of your enemies, and try to collect as many power-ups as you can.

There will also be epic boss fights, so make sure to put the effort into evolving your hero. However, it needs to be said that the game contains five acts, but you only get the first one for free. The first act has nearly 2 hours of gameplay, and you get to replay it over and over.

Grimvalor 1 Grimvalor 2 



That is an action platformer for all the Viking vibes fans.

You get to play for a red-bearded Viking named Oddmar, who is kinda over his life in the village. More to that, he seems to be unworthy of going to Valhalla, which bothers him quite a lot. So your goal here is to help Oddmar to redeem and get all his missed potential back.

You’ll get to explore over 20 beautiful locations that take place in the Viking world. All the locations are hand-crafted, and you can kinda feel all the effort that was put into it. You’ll need to solve puzzles and go through multiple platforming challenges to help Oddmar prove himself.

Your powers will increase with time, and you’ll get to collect magical weapons and shields. Besides, you’ll get to meet new pals (and enemies) that will stay with you along the way. The game can run offline, but you’ll need a web connection to load all the data first.

Oddmar 1 Oddmar 2 

Darkness Rises

Darkness Rises

As you may guess by the name, we have another action RPG with a fantasy world setting.

The concept of the game is pretty standard for the genre, but it doesn’t make the game less entertaining. The game comes with console-level graphics and innovative gameplay, so it’s a pure pleasure to play. According to the plot, the darkness takes over the land, driven by hordes of demons and other malicious forces.

And you can already guess your goal – it is to go straight to hell and stop the evil before it’s too late. Herewith, all the essential features are here: the epic boss fights, legendary heroes, a bunch of weapons, and more. The game offers you detailed character customization, so you can make a hero that perfectly fits your play style.

Of course, there are plenty of different monsters for you to defeat, and each of them is more powerful than the other. The same goes for locations: the dungeons consist of multiple levels for you to get through.

Darkness Rises 1Darkness Rises 2 

Solgard 1

Legend of Solgard

Legend of Solgard

It’s a pretty unique RPG game that lets you become a legendary hero.

As we all know, these games can not exist without some epic task for you to accomplish, and this time you’ll need to stop the end of the world. To do that, you’ll need to get into strategic thinking to outsmart your enemies and defeat the evil forces.

The game takes place in the Norse mythology world, so you’ll get to fight orders of fantasy creatures you may recognize from pop culture. Herewith, you’ll be able to call legendary Gods for help in boss fights, and all that.

You’ll also get to join the guilds with other players to double the chances to defeat the enemies. And don’t forget to visit the hero arena from time to time to master your skills and win power boosters. The game covers 5 worlds for you to visit, and each of them contains new breeds of monsters.

solgard1 solgard2

Shadow of Death

Shadow of Death

This is a dark fantasy RPG that will drag you into an epic adventure within seconds.

If you’re a fan of dark fantasy and tend to think that most games in this genre are not dark enough – this one is for you. It lets you customize your dark knight, give him a deadly shadow blade and dive into battles straight away.

The games give you plenty of character development options, so you can fully express your play style. You get to try different weapon and armor sets, experiment with skills trees, and more. Plus, you’ll be able to combine skills and gears to develop a fully new combat style.

Besides, the combat in this game is a modern blend of magic and weapons, so you get the best possible experience. The console-level graphics helps to fully get into the atmosphere of the world almost ruined by dark magic.

Shadow of Death 1 Shadow of Death 2 

Ronin: The Last Samurai


If you’re a fan of Japanese culture, you’ll totally love this game.

The game brings you into the era of doom, and you get to play as a lone warrior that is about to face hordes of monsters. The game is bidding with unique Japanese art style graphics, so it feels like everything was drawn with ink.

Plus, everything looks very authentic: from the equipment and weapons to ninja suits. You’ll get to face multiple opponents in 1 vs 1 battle. Your enemies may be ninjas, Japanese gladiators, and even zombies.

To stay alive, you’ll need to master your combat skills and try to get the best possible armor. As your character evolves, you’ll get to unlock new skills and weapons to stand against enemies. Some weapons may be bought for real money, but it’s totally optional.

Ronin 1 Ronin 2 

Glory Ages

Glory AgesThat’s another game with a medieval Japanese setting that lets you become a samurai.

As always, your first step in this game will be to pick yourself a character. There are a plenty of options to choose from, and all characters come with unique characteristics, skills, and all that. Plus, you’ll get to pick a weapon, armor, and so on.

It needs to be said, the game did a great job recreating Japanese weapons: there are multiple swords, katanas, daggers, and other equipment. Another thing that makes this game so try-worthy is the AI-powered enemies. In other words, the enemies get to circle you, block you, and even react to the death of their soldiers.

Not only does it make the game way more entertaining, but also challenges you to make up unique combat tactics, and learn new skills. Plus, you’ll also get to unlock more powerful weapons. The graphics and the sound are great and adds up to the atmosphere.

Glory Ages 1 Glory Ages 2 

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Alto’s Odyssey

Alto's Odyssey

Here’s a stylish action game with pretty unique graphics.

You’ll get to go on an endless sand boarding journey to discover multiple fantastical locations. The whole game takes place in a majestic desert with sandy dunes, canyons, and hidden temples. As you travel, you’ll need to use vines, air balloons, and other stuff that will help to pass levels.

Plus, the desert is filled with mischief lemurs that you’ll need to avoid and escape. As you play, your character will evolve and learn new tricks. The game runs on a smooth one-touch trick system that you’ll get to combine.

It also includes a dynamic lighting and weather system, so get ready to face sandstorms, shooting starts, and all that. You’ll also get to unlock 6 more characters with unique characteristics and skills. And if you’re in the mood to relax, just go for a zen mode that has no score, coins, and power-ups.

Alto's Odyssey 1 Alto's Odyssey 2 

Standoff 2


That’s a dynamic FPS game that lets you fight along with over 200 million other players.

The game comes with console-quality graphics and has 120 fps support, so you get the smoothest gameplay. Plus, the game covers stunning detailed maps with multiple locations: from provincial towns to secret labs and the mountains.

You also get to calibrate the controls for it to perfectly fit your play style. As the game goes, you’ll get to develop your character and learn new skills. The game also covers a wide range of gears to pick from: there are over 20 pieces and all of them are available from the beginning.

There is a competitive mode that lets you join matches to test your skills. You may also get into guides and practice teamwork with worldwide players. Besides, you can start your clan to play with pals.

Standoff 1 Standoff 2 

Shadowgun Legends

Shadowgun Legends

It’s an online shooter where you can fight aliens and enjoy space life.

According to the plot of this game, the universe is under alien attack and brave space heroes are the last line of defense. Your goal here is to fight against an alien invasion and explore the galaxy to boost up your powers.

The game includes hundreds of missions that take place on three different planes. You’ll get to evolve your character, learn new tricks, get better weapons, and all that. You may also participate in PvP battles against other users.

It’s a multiplayer game, so you get to cooperate with your pals and go on the missions together. Plus, you get to create and join guilds to become part of powerful alliances. There’s also a full-on space site where you can visit bars and get to know other players.

Shadowgun Legends 2 



This is a tactical shooter that lets you participate in 5v5 battles.

Your main goal in this game is to develop your character, gain more powerful weapons and become the best player of all. You’ll get to fight in PvP and PvE modes to master the tactics and combat skills, which is the main success key in this game.

There are various shooting modes as well: capture the flag, team deathmatch, battle royale, and more. As for the fights, the game covers shorts battles of 3 mins, so you can play wherever you are. It offers a wide range of armour and supplies you can use in combats, including cars, armor, and more.

Overall, there are over 70 types of weapons, and more are yet to come. Plus, there are plenty of battlegrounds to unlock here, so you won’t get bored. The game provides you with console-level graphics and intuitive controls, so you’ll get the best possible exp.

Tacticool 1Tacticool 3

Modern Combat

Modern Combat

Here’s a thrilling combat game that lets you jump right into deadly online battles.

The game lets you choose from over 10 classes of characters. Each of them comes with unique abilities and combat styles, so pick wisely here. You get to become an assassin, a sniper, a tracker, and much more. Don’t forget to train and master your skill to become a valuable player.

In the beginning, you won’t get to pick from that many weapons and armor, but more will be unlocked with time. The game covers various modes and regular events such as team deathmatch, payload, and more. And if you’re not in a social mood, there’s always a single-player option for you.

Beyond that, you’ll get to form and join commands, come up with combat tactics, and more. The game includes text and voice chat, which is handy. There are plenty of locations for missions: from Venice to Tokyo. No questions about the graphics here as well: both graphics and music are on the level.

Modern Combat 1 Modern Combat 2 

Infinity Ops

Infinity Ops

If you’re a fan of sci-fi and cyberpunk – don’t get past this game.

It’s a multiplayer FPS that takes place in a distant and not-so-stable future. According to the plot, humanity has reached tech development level and the world has turned into a chaotic battlefield. You’ll get to play for various classes such as a recruit, an assault, and more.

As always, all classes come with unique features that you need to consider. Plus, the game covers a wide range of gears: from rifles and guns to grenades. You’ll get to create a call to squad up with pals and random users (it’s always more fun to fight together, isn’t it?).

The world in this game has low gravity, which lets you jump higher, and it also affects your speed. You may also use extra supplies like jetpacks and other flight devices. As the game goes, you’ll get to improve your hero and the equipment to crash enemies easy as pie.

Infinity Ops 1 Infinity Ops 2 

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Pixel Strike

Pixel Strike

And lastly, we have an FPS game with dynamic gameplay.

The game comes with console-level graphics and mechanics, so if you’re looking for high-quality performance – give this one a try. The game comes with a multiplayer mode that lets you fight worldwide players in epic fights.

You also get to squad up with pals and communicate via the built-in chat. Plus, the game covers multiple mini-games inspired by pop culture where you can level up your hero and gain unique weapons. For instance, you can find yourself in the middle of a zombie apocalypse or become a part of Squid Game.

There’s also a huge detailed map for you to explore. As always, you will get rewards that can be exchanged for new armor, weapons, skins, and all that. You’ll even get to create custom skins if needed.

Pixel Strike 1 Pixel Strike 2 

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