MapFactor Navigator Truck Pro app review

MapFactor Navigator Truck Pro logoMapFactor Navigator Truck Pro is a new application for Android-based devices. It will be an excellent assistant for drivers of large vehicles.

The application takes into account the size of your car and selects the best and fastest route. It is also based on the traffic data on your way.

This application is based on an excellent application for autonomous GPS navigation MapFactor Navigator, which we wrote about in this review.

Autonomous operation

This application can work autonomously without an Internet connection. Moreover, all necessary cards are loaded on your mobile device at the first launch.

All maps are updated regularly. So, you will always be aware of the current changes and new restrictions for your route. All information is presented in real-time and in high quality.

For the application to work correctly, you need to enter information about your car:

  • altitude
  • width
  • weight
  • length
  • top speed
  • axle load
  • transported material
  • U-turn possibility
  • optimization mode and individual road restrictions

Based on all these data, the application will choose the most suitable route for you. It will avoid various tunnels, bridges, and other unsuitable factors for your car.

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This application offers up to 3 alternative routes: the shortest, fastest and cheapest. You can choose the most suitable option for you. Moreover, the map will show all the truck restriction signs on the way, such as width and height restrictions, no entry for trucks, etc. All trips can be planned in advance and saved for future use.

Head-Up Display

For those drivers who often drive at night, there is a useful function Head-Up Display. All instructions, which offers this application, are projected on the windshield of your car. This innovation helps not to distract from the road.

The interface of the application can also be customized according to your preferences. In the settings, you will find the available color schemes.

By the way, the instructions in this application are available in different languages. Favorite routes and places can be added to your favorites. There is also a search for addresses by the coordinates you know. If you know a section of the road in advance, you can immediately mark it as the least preferred.

F05_MapFactor_Navigator_Truck_Pro_EN F06_MapFactor_Navigator_Truck_Pro_EN F07_MapFactor_Navigator_Truck_Pro_EN

In general, MapFactor Navigator Truck Pro is a great application, which has a lot of useful features and will be an excellent assistant for drivers of large vehicles.

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