Master of Tactics Game Review

Master of Tactics is a turn-based, fun, and dynamic space strategy game developed for Windows computers. The game includes tactics from popular games like Civilization, without micromanagement that slow down your gameplay.

Master of Tactics has a wide range of features, such as a well-designed tactical combat system, dynamic galaxy creation, classic 4X strategy, deep technology tree, and more. The game also offers Custom Craft Design. Moreover, Master of Tactics offers fast and smooth gameplay.

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Master of Tactics allows you to create your own scenarios using the included map editor, which makes the gameplay more interesting. You control one of these races and your task is to conquer the galaxy. The race continues on your home planet, but you are a colonizer and must decide your fate.

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Nice graphics, accompanied by an interesting storyline, will allow you to focus fully on the gameplay. Convenient and flexible control system does not require special knowledge or skills. You can understand the game process in a few minutes, and a pleasant soundtrack will allow you to plunge into the atmosphere of the game.

The user’s task is to explore the galaxy, colonize new planets, discover new technologies and fight others. You can win this game by building a galactic empire made up of many planets (called colonies) with a fleet of crafts to defend against enemy attacks and attack them.

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