Flappy Freaks App Review

Do you like sports action sports games? Then the game Flappy Freaks is exactly for you! Fans of the famous game have now made this game an extreme sport in which the player must control the flight between rows of green pipes by touching the screen without touching them.

This is probably one of the most authentic 8-bit games you’ve ever seen – but that’s why Flappy Freaks stands out from all the retro games – the idea of people trying to fly is weird but cool.

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A vivid popular and well-known game, the game is now in a new design! New drawing, 2D graphics based on pixel graphics and bright colors!

The game is free and available to Android and iOS users on different devices. If you like the good old simple flappy action, this time without much difficulty, but also not simple, try it now in a different way when some crazy people want to be a bird.

All you need is to fly through the sky and avoid obstacles in the pipes. Each pipe makes you lose in different ways: fire, glass, glue, electricity, and bumper pipe.

Flappy Freaks2

And of course, there are various additional things for you: when you hit the bumper, you have a chance to take off again, and you also need to collect wings to unlock new stuff. The sound effects in the game will only add more fun,

This game has a logical end, but do you know there are games that have an unlimited number of levels? To discover them all, click here.

This is an endless game, so you can constantly improve your skill and win. This app is suitable for both children and adults, and there are no purchases in this app.



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