9 Best Meme Soundboard Apps for Android & iOS

On the hunt for a new way to prank your friends or spice up an ordinary conversation? This article got you covered!

We’ve made a list of the 9 best meme soundboard apps for Android & iOS for you to try. These soundboard apps cover all the trendiest meme tunes you can reach in one tap. Whatever the occasion is, these apps will always have a suitable meme for it. Let’s dive in!

Meme Soundboard 2016-2022

Meme Soundboard 2016-2022It’s a simple soundboard app with a vast lib of tunes you can try.

If your goal is to get as many sounds in one app, don’t get past this one. For now, the app covers over 1K tunes and more than 500 vids you can use for free. More to that, new tunes get published almost daily, and you can view all the fresh releases in the community section. And if you don’t want to miss a new trendy sound, make sure to set up notifications.

Because the apps’ lib is so big, it’s pretty easy to get lost in a variety. But don’t worry, the app comes with a search engine that lets you find certain memes with a couple of taps. You get to like the memes you use most for easy access and rearrange this section as needed. All the most popular memes are gathered in the special category as well, so you can easily keep up with trends.

Plus, you can shake your device to play a random meme, which is fun. You can easily share any sound or vid with friends or post it on your socials. You can also set any meme as a ringtone or a notification sound if needed. And don’t forget to try different play modes to find out which one works best for you.

Meme Soundboard 2016-2022 Meme Soundboard 2016-2022 1 


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Meme Soundboard

Meme Soundboard

This app provides you with a bunch of viral memes to play.

It covers multiple classic memes along with some niche rare one, so you could find smth you haven’t heard of before. The lib gets recurring updates as well, and you can suggest a meme you’d like to get added.

The quality of the tunes is pretty high considering the kind of app we’re dealing with. However, some memes may sound unclear and a little messy, just because the original is that way. You can actually set up the resolution and try different play modes if needed.

Some memes also come with GIFs you can share with mates. The app doesn’t let you customize the layout in any way, so it’s practically a bunch of buttons for you to tap on. There’s a step button, too, so you can pause the meme at any time. The app is free to use, but you’ll have to deal with a bunch of ads.

Meme Soundboard Meme Soundboard 1 

Meme and Vine Soundboard

Meme and Vine Soundboard

Next, there’s an app that gathers together the most famous meme tunes in recent years.

It’s a one-stop meme soundboard that lets you easily make fun of your pals and annoy them. The layout consists of multiple sections filled with sound buttons. Each button is marked with a meme pic that gives you a clear idea of what sound you’re getting.

There’s a full-on section with viral vine tunes as well, so you can have fun with those too. You can mark some sounds as faves for easy access. There’s also a search bar that lets you find a certain meme in a couple of taps. Nevertheless, this app doesn’t seem to update the collection quite often, so you can get bored with the sounds pretty quickly.

Holding a button opened up a menu that gives you several options on what to do with the sound. You may rather play it right away or share it with your friends. Plus, you get to set the meme as your ringtone, or alarm. You can also post it on your socials if needed.

Meme and Vine Soundboard 1 Meme and Vine Soundboard 

Meme Soundboard by ZomboDroid

Meme Soundboard by ZomboDroid

That’s a meme board that lets you play multiple fun sounds.

Sooth to say, this one offers the most full lib of memes. It covers some of the classic dank memes and even a couple of niche ones, so there’s smth for everyone. For now, there are over 500 hand-picked memes for any possible situation.

All the memes come with high-quality sounds, so no worries here. And if that’s not enough to get you interested, you can easily add your own tunes for a personalized pack. Each meme can be used as a notification bell, alarm, or ringtone.

You can also share all the sounds with your friends if needed More to that, you can add a sound widget to your home screen, so you could annoy friends faster than ever. The app covers several playback options and a full lib of GIFs and video memes as well.

Meme Soundboard by ZomboDroid Meme Soundboard by ZomboDroid 1 

Meme Soundboard Ultimate

Meme Soundboard 2023 Ultimate

It’s another app with a huge compilation of trending memes.

For now, the app covers over 200 tunes, and new ones get added weekly. It provides you with all the latest memes, so you could keep up with trends easily. All the memes are sorted by categories such as classic, dank, Fortnite, Among Us, and more.

Besides, you can mark your fave memes for quick access, which is handy. Each meme comes with an image cover that gives you a clear idea of what it sounds like. The sound quality is pretty nice, but some memes may still sound a bit glitchy.

All the memes are easily sharable, and you can even post them on your socials if needed. You won’t get to add your own memes, but the collection is pretty full on its own, so it’s not a big deal. The ads may also get pretty annoying, and you won’t be able to turn them off.

Meme Soundboard Ultimate Meme Soundboard Ultimate 1 

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Here’s an ultimate meme board app to cover all your prank needs.

The lib of this app is one of the biggest on our list. It currently features over 1,3K memes and new ones get added regularly. Herewith, all the memes are sorted into over 30 sections for simple navigation. There’s also a search bar that lets you find specific memes right away.

Plus, the app lets you save sounds to your faves, so you could access them with a few taps. You can also create multiple thematic playlists with your own categorization. The app lets you play random sounds and rearrange the ordering to match your preferences. You may even play multiple memes at the same time to get an entirely new effect.

All the sounds get automatically normalized, so you won’t have problems with sounding. You’ll get to alter the sound intensity and loop memes if needed. Besides, you can create home screen widgets and set tunes as your ringtone or alarm bell. You can also share memes via messengers or socials.

Memesound 1 Memesound 

Meme Sound Effect Soundboard

Meme Sound Effect Soundboard

This app gives you access to a bunch of viral meme sounds.

The app covers over 200 memes you can play to prank your mates. All memes have a clear HQ sound, so no worries here. There are no categories or smth, so you’ll need to scroll through pages by tapping on various buttons. There’s no search bar either, so you won’t be able to find specific tunes too.

Herewith, you can mark your fave memes for quick access. More to that, you get to stop each meme at any time and loop it if needed. The app lets you download any meme to share it with friends, and you won’t be able to do it without downloading it.

The app is free, but there are plenty of ads that quickly get annoying. As for the updates, the new memes haven’t been added for a while, so you may get bored with using the same ones over and over.

Meme Sound Effect Soundboard Meme Sound Effect Soundboard 1 

Best Meme Soundboard

Best Meme Soundboard

If you’re a fan of minimalist apps, you’ll definitely enjoy this one.

Unlike all other meme soundboards with a bunch of bright image covers and colorful themes, the design of this one stands out. You still get a bunch of viral memes and vine tunes to use, but the UI is entirely different from any app of that genre. The memes don’t have any covers at all, all you get is a name.

On one hand, such design choices may not be as gun and handy as image covers. However, the names give you a clear idea of how the meme will sound, so won’t get confused. All memes get split into several categories for easy navigation.

You can also mark your fave memes to access them in a few taps. Herewith, you get to record and upload custom tunes and make a full-on personalized collection of unique memes you like. You can also download any meme and share it with pals.

Best Meme Soundboard Best Meme Soundboard 1 

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Meme Soundboard 2023

Meme Soundboard 2023

And lastly, we have an app that covers all your fave meme sounds.

The app’s collections cover all the famous memes from 2016 till now, so there’s smth for everyone. There’s been a section with YT soundbites you can play to prank your mates. Herewith, meme lib is not as wide as you might expect: there are over 100 tunes in total.

The collection gets recurring updates, though, so you won’t get bored here. All the memes come with a clear, HQ sound, which is pleasant. However, you won’t get to create playlists or mark your fave sounds, so you’ll need to search for certain memes every time.

You’ll get to pause the meme at any time with one tap as well. Beyond that, the app covers multiple mini-games you can play to kill time. You can also share the memes with friends and post them on your socials. The app is pretty short on ads, so you won’t get annoyed.

Meme Soundboard 2023 Meme Soundboard 2023 1

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