9 Free Memory Card Games for Kids (Android & iOS)

As some wise man said — make education feel like a game and it won’t be so tedious anymore. That’s what this article is written for!

Lots of kids may have some memory issues while growing up and now there’s are some modern methods to cope with that. There’re lots of free memory card games for kids (Android & iOS) that will help training your children’s memory skills while keeping them entertained. Plus, these games work great for kids with attention problems like ADHD.

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Here’s the list of the 9 best apps in that category you may try. All the apps are sorted by age restrictions for easy navigation. Take a look!

Age 0 +

Memory Kids

Memory Kids

Let’s start with the Memory Kids app. This is an educational game that will help your kids to exercise their memory.

According to the content rating of this app, it’s suitable for people of all ages so you can allow your kids to play it even when they’re under 1-year-old. For this reason, the UI of the app is quite minimalist, and it’s not overloaded with various buttons that may distract your child from playing. Herewith, the game has stunning cartoon gameplay that will capture the attention of any kind.

As for the rules — everything’s beyond simple. There are several amounts of mysterious cards on the screen and your kid will need to flip them to find out what’s on the other side. The second goal is to find the same cards and tap on them. Once it’s done, your child will be rewarded with the sound of clapping hands and colorful balloons flying on the screen.

The images on the cars are quite simple as well — you can choose between animals and numbers. You also get to set the number of cards — from 6 to 40. The younger your kid is — the fewer cards you should choose. Besides, the came covers two difficulty levels — the normal and the hard one.

Memory Kids 1 Memory Kids 2


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Memory Game for kids

Memory Game for kids

The second app is also a card game that aims to help will memory training.

Apart from the previous game, this one is a bit more complex. First of all, it covers four design themes you can switch according to your baby’s preferences. There’s a fantasy theme, the flower one, the heart one, and even the one with penguins (why not, right?).

Plus, there’re five difficulty levels so you can pick the one that fits your child’s current development rate. In terms of the rules, the game sticks to the classes. There are cards your kid will need to flip and find the matching ones. Therewith, the illustrations of the cards are bright and colorful so that no child would find them boring.

As the game doesn’t have any age restrictions, all the illustrations are also simple and easy to understand. Plus, all your child can see is the cards grind with no other distracting buttons and all that. Herewith, you get to regulate the number of cards on the screen — from 3×3 to 6×9. The game runs on various devices and automatically optimizes for the size of your screen.

Memory Game for kids Memory Game for kids 2 ч


Age 3+

Memory Match – Memorize

Memory Match

Memory Match is another brain game for improving your kiddo’s memory skills.

As you may see, this age restriction for this app is 3+ so it’s a bit more complex than the two previous ones. Therewith, the rules of this game are early the same. There’s a grid with various mysterious cards and your child needs to flip these cards and find the pair for all of them.

The images on the cards are all bright and attention-catching so your kid will have fun playing the game. The majority of the illustrations are animals but there are also some cartoon characters, vehicles, and the logos of world-famous companies (the last one suits more for kids that are slightly older).

Additionally, this game can not only cope with memory training — it can actually help kids with ADHD and other similar problems. You can also adjust the number of cards on the grid — from the simplest 2×3 ones to 7×8 ones. You also have the ability to turn the timer on and off and put the rounds on a pause if needed.

Memory Match 1 Memory Match 2


Brain Game for Kids Preschool

Brain Game for kidsBrain Game for Kids Preschool is an entertaining educational game that will help improve your child’s remembrance skills.

In the first place, this game covers more than just memory cards. Thus, there’s also a game that will earn your kids how to identify objects. This game covers 9 categories of objects — from fruits and animals to various vehicles and all that. As for the memory cards, the illustrations are beautifully drawn and you have plenty of customization options.

The rules for the games are the same that the other games on our list have. Your kid will need to flip the cards and search for the pairing ones to match them. The illustrations cover several categories as well — from animals to toys. Herewith, you get to pick one of three difficulty levels easy, medium, and hard.

You may also adjust the number of cards on the screen. The minimum grid is 2×3 and the maximum is 4×5. The game covers lots of levels, so it will take a while before your kid will pass all of them. Plus, the game is optimized for tablets and big-screen phones so no worries about that.

Brain Game for kids 1 Brain Game for kids 2


Kids Game – Memory Match Food

Memory Match Food 1As you may guess by the name, the concept of the next game is built around food.

Generally speaking, the rules of this game are classic — your kid will need to flip the cards and match the same ones. The outstanding face of this game is all the cards are illustrated with food items. Herewith, the game will pronounce the name of the food after every successful match (there are 27 languages available).

Thus, in case you’d like to train your child’s memory and educate them about food — this is the one for you. For now, the app covers over 70 food items and more are yet to come. The interface of the game is eye-pleasing as well — the grid and the cards are wooden and the food is beautifully drawn.

The game comes with three basic difficulty levels — from easy to hard — and you can pick the one that suits your kid most. You may also pick the size of the grid according to your kid’s current skills.IT needs to be said, the game has no score counter or a timer so every kid could play at his own pace.

Memory Match Food 2 Memory Match Food 3


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Age 4+

Memory Games with Animals

Memory Games with AnimalsMemory Games with Animals is a popular skill-developing game for iOS users.

The game’s main goal is to help your child improve his/her remembrance skills without some boring exercises. All your kid will need to do in this game is to pick two cards. If they won’t match from the first try — he/she will need to do it again until finding a match. The illustrations on these cards are incredibly cute. P

Plus, all the card grids are usually thematic so it may rather be a dog’s grid, the one with dinosaurs, cats, or whatever else. For now, there are more than 230 different cards so your child will definitely not struggle with the lack of variety. Therewith, you get to control the size of the grid.

The minimum is 3×4 and the maximum is 5×6. Plus, you can also pick the difficulty level that suits your kid best. The game also comes with fun sound effects to get a bit more entertainment to the process. Plus, there are no ads or any potentially distracting buttons which is nice.

Memory Games with Animals 1 Memory Games with Animals 2


Educational Memory Games for Kids

Educational Memory Games

The next app is a compilation of brain games that may improve your kid’s memory and development.

The app covers 12 remembrance training games including the cards. All the games are developed in collaboration with pro educators and doctors so you can be sure all the claims are verified. The same goes for the design aspect of the game — all the illustrations are bright and attention-catching so your kids won’t lose interest in the game.

Herewith, the gameplay is quite simple and intuitive so the kids will quickly find out how to cope with the game. Plus, you get to adjust the difficulty levels for all the games. The levels vary from an easy one for beginners to difficult ones for the kids that can cope with such games by themselves.

As for the card game, it’s quite classic — there’s a good of cards and your child needs to match them in pairs. Thereby, you get to pick the size of the grid if needed. There’re no time limits or score points so your kid can play without the rush and pressure.

Educational Memory Games 1 Educational Memory Games 2


Memory & Attention Training for Kids

Memory & Attention Training

And lastly, Memory & Attention Training for Kids is an educational tool that will help your kids to develop their memory.

In the first place, this app is an ultimate bundle of brain games dedicated to different purposes. There’re 4 games for attention training, a couple of games for improving visual memory, and a few games for concentration. The app’s compilation of games includes classic memory cards, find objects and numbers games, creation games, and more.

So if you’ve searched for the one-stop educational app — this is your cup of tea. All the games were developed and designed under child psychologist control so you can be sure all of them are quite effective. Plus, the game has a colorful design and simple intuitive controls so your kids won’t face any troubles understanding how the game works.

The app also gives you several customization options. First of all, you get to choose between 4 difficulty levels — from easy to very hard one. Besides, you may adjust the grid size in the memory cards game and even pick the theme for the card’s illustrations. The game has no ads or paid features which is always nice.

Memory & Attention Training 1 Memory & Attention Training 2


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