9 Best Moon Location Apps 2024 (Android & iPhone)

Looking for the best ways to track moon location? You’ve got to the right page!

There are plenty of moon location apps for Android & iPhone that will help you find the moon at any time in any location. These apps are absolute must-haves for photographers, videographers, and any other people into moon-finding. Plus, some of these apps come with some helpful extra tools such as moon phase calendars, sun trackers, and all that.

We’ve gathered together the best apps in that category you may try. Have a look!



Let’s start with an app that lets you track moon phases.

The main goal of this app is to provide you with the most accurate moon info at any time needed. The knowledge you may get here covers the moon’s influence on all spheres of life. For instance, you’ll get to view the real-time moon position, the exact distance to the moon, and even its current age.

Beyond that, the app covers a detailed moon calendar that lets you monitor moon stages and so on. Plus, you’ll get to track the amount of moonlight and monitor the timing of moon rise, which is incredibly useful if you’re a photographer. You’ll also get daily lunar affirmations and tips on how to use them in your daily life.

What is more, the app covers a 24/7 moon live view, so you could see it even on a cloudy night. Plus, the app lets you add stunning moon widgets to your home screen if needed. There’s also a section dedicated to zodiac signs and how the moon may influence their lives.

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Sun Surveyor

Sun Surveyor

Next, we have a surveyor app that lets you uncover the mystery of moon stages.

This app is widely used by photogs and filmmakers for catching the best lighting and getting the perfect pics of the sun, moon, and so on. The app comes with AR sun and moon projections that let you track the sun and moon path. Thus, you’ll get to view the exact moment when the moon is gonna reach a certain loc in the sky.

Along with that, the app covers a position search that lets you search for the exact moon and sun positions. All the data you get from here can automatically be included in a planer, which is also handy. You’ll also get to view the current moon distance, the apogee time, the age of the moon, and more.

The app lets you predict and plan moonrise and moon set that you can also use to get ready for a photoshoot or smth. The same goes for the Milky Way and the star trail, so you’re all the way covered. In case you’re running out of ideas, the app provides you with the photo opportunities section that features a list of inspiring shooting ideas.

Moon Locator 

Moon Locator

As you may guess by the name, this app will help you calculate the location of the moon.

If you’re a photographer (or a videographer) looking for a simple tool to level up your moon shots – this is the one. The app is here to indicate moon positions, so you could match them with filming time and get the best possible results. Plus, the app lets you track the entire moon path, phase, and exact loc yearly and daily.

The home page of the app lets you view the period of moon rise and set, along with changing moon stages with percentages, and so on. All the phases are placed on the graphs, and you get to view the info for the entire year.

More to that, the app comes with an AR tool that displays the lunar loc right on your device’s cam. Thus, you may use the slider for the exact time and track the lunar activity straight away. Herewith, you need to make sure your phone has a built-in compass. You’ll even get to view the shadow loc on the moon at any time.



This is a tool that predicts the loc of the moon at any time, wherever you are.

The app comes with wide functionality, yet it’s pretty intuitive. The main tool here is an AR instrument that will visualize sun and moon positions and phases. Plus, there’s also a map view that delivers the moon’s loc for a given time and location, so you could make plans from afar.

More to that, there’s a street view that is similar to the AR but still has its differences. It gives you all the advantages of the Street View tool, and you get to see the moon loc for remote places. This tool requires a pro pack, though, so keep it in mind.

In case you’re a planning kind of a person, there’s also a calendar mode that delivers the list of moon rises and sets along with the phases. The calendar covers the entire year ahead, so you can make long-lasting plans. And if you don’t want to miss specific moon locations or phases, make sure to set up the notifications to always keep you updated.

Moon Finder

Moon Finder

It’s a moon-finding app that will make it much easier to plan shootings.

This app is here to assist you during photoshoots and filming. Herewith, it comes with kind of a unique concept of helping you during the new moon. As you may know, the new moon happens at the beginning of every lunar month, and it’s actually pretty difficult to catch.

The reason for that difficulty is that loc the moon is so dim and tiny that it’s almost impossible to notice. Well, that’s what this app is for. It will calculate the exact location of the moon, so you’ll find it without any effort. Along with the loc, the app also displays the moon’s height, age, and even the disk illumination.

Plus, you’ll get to view the precise timing of the moon’s rise and set to not miss anything. The app also comes with a built-in moon-finding compass that will help you figure out the exact loc. The UI is pretty simple here, and the app is fully dedicated to one feature, so you won’t get lost.

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Sun & Moon Tracker

Sun & Moon Tracker

This app will help you to find moon loc at any time needed.

Just like the previous one, this app is fully dedicated to one goal, so you get exactly what you’ve been looking for. This is a 3D virtualization app that makes it easy to track moon positions. It comes with a stunning 3D compass ball that will guide you till you’ve found the moon. Herewith, there’s a manual and an auto-calibration mode, which is nice.

It has to be noticed here that if you have a metal case or any kind of magnetic cover on your phone, you’ll need to remove it before using the app. Nothing bad will happen if you do, though, it just might cause interferences in counting. The app also lets you track the location for any date in the past in the future.

Along with that, you’ll get to view the timing of the moon’s rise and set. This tool also syncs with the calendar, so you get to view the info for any date. Besides, the app comes with the moon stage schedule, and you get to set reminders for specific positions.

Moon Location Finder

Moon Location Finder 1

This is a simple tool for discovering moon loc.

The concept of this app is a bit outstanding. All you need to do here is to load the app, open a built-in cam, and point it to the sky for it to detect the moon. Sounds strange, but it works regardless of the lighting. The only thing you need is a built-in magnetic field sensor (aka a compass).

There are no options apart from that, so you get a two-screen app that launches the main feature right away. Herewith, the app will need to use your GPS connection, so it won’t work without the web connection. It works all around the globe, so no concerns about that. In case there will be any issues with finding your location, you may set it up manually.

It needs to be said, the app is quite helpful in finding a new moon. As it was already mentioned, in the time of the new moon the moon is practically unnoticeable, but the app will find it still. The app is fully free, but there will be ads from time to time.

My Moon Phase

My Moon Phase

And lastly, we have a lunar calendar app that lets you track moon loc.

This app is one of the most useful for monitoring moon stages, which is essential for photogs. Plus, the app gives you lots of info about the moon’s loc. You’ll get to view the moon age, the current distance to the moon, the height, the azimuth, and even the current moon’s zodiac.

To cope with that, the app will use your GPS data, but you may also set the loc manually to view the info from other places. You’ll also get to see how cloudy the sky will get in upcoming days and plan your shooting. Plus, you’ll get to view the forthcoming moon stages such as the new moon, the first quarter, and all others.

The app even helps you to catch golden and blue hours and add this info to a calendar. You may also set up custom notifications to not miss specific moon phases or smth. The app is fully free in terms of functionality, so no concerns about that.

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Moon Phase Calendar by probadoSoft

Moon Phase Calendar will help you to be aware of the current phase of the Moon because it provides detailed information about its movement and its influence on you.

Find out what phase the Moon is in at the moment with the help of a widget on the home screen of your device. This will save you time as you won’t have to constantly log into the app.

View the lunar calendar for any month and year. Find out when the full moon, new moon, and first and last quarters are expected.

The app provides a graphical representation of each phase of the moon. You will be able to see how its appearance changes depending on the period of the lunar cycle. Learn extra details about each phase, such as duration, key characteristics, and symbolism associated with a particular phase.

Set reminders of key moments associated with the phases of the moon. Be aware of dates when special phenomena such as a blood supermoon or lunar eclipse are expected. Receive personalized recommendations and forecasts based on the current moon phase.

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