5 Free Mosquito Repellent Sound Apps for Android & iOS

If you have ever seen a mosquito, you must hate them. Not only do they bite but they also make an irritating high-pitched sound that is unbearable.

The best way is to distance yourself from these terrible insects. However, sometimes it is impossible.

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In this case, you can not do without a good mosquito repellent application. That’s why we decided to write this article.

The apps listed here are free of charge or they have a long trial period. Some of them are available on Google Play, others can be found on the App Store.

Anti-Mosquito – Work in 1 minute

The first app works quite fast. It creates a special sound that is unbearable for mosquitos. Even though it is quite strong, it’s also ultrasonic, so you can’t hear it.

The interface of the app is pretty simple and intuitive. You don’t have to waste time reading long and complicated instructions to understand how the technology works.

The only thing you need to do is to push the button. The rest will be done by the application.

The average time the app needs to scare the mosquitos away is about 2-3 minutes. The ultrasonic sound doesn’t kill insects but it creates uncomfortable conditions. This is why when you turn off the app, the mosquitos can come back.

Even though the app is relatively new, it is quite good and reliable. The size of Anti Mosquito is not big, it’s 15 MB only.

However, there are some serious disadvantages too. For example, the developer is painfully slow to update the app.

So if you have found a bug, you’ll have to wait for the problem to be fixed. It’s hard to predict when the next update is gonna happen.

You can get it for free on Google Play and start your new life without mosquitos!


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Ultrasonic Repeller

This is one of the most effective iOS ultrasonic repeller apps. Not only does it transmits the sound that is unbearable for mosquitos but it can also fight against other types of insects.

There are some key features of the app:

  • A friendly and easy interface that is clear for any user. We guarantee that you will understand the functions after a quick look on a screen. 
  • It is as effective as a real mosquito repeller. The only difference is that you don’t need to go anywhere and pay money. The only thing you need to have is an iPhone or an iPad and App Store.
  • The app will solve your mosquito problem in 1-2 minutes. Place your device in the room you want to be in. If you are outside, for example, in a forest, keep your gadget close to your body.
  • Another pleasant thing is that the application doesn’t require a lot of memory. It is 992.3 KB, meaning that it’s less than 1 MB. That a record so far.
  • The app is very reliable. It is rated 4 out of 5 in the App Store. If you check the feedback, you can hardly find any negative comments. 

The application is free. There are no subscription plans, you can start using the functions at once. 

Even though you don’t pay for the content, you also don’t have to watch ads. There are no in-app purchases as well.


Get Rid of Mosquitoes

Mosquitos are extremely annoying. You can go crazy trying to swap away these disgusting insects.

What is more, they can carry desiases so repelling them should be taken seriously. 

You will love this app when the summer starts. Still, you can download it now in advance. 

This application is not a typical repellent sound technology. It is just a compilation of good pieces of advice that can help you get rid of annoying insects. 

Get Rid of Mosquitoes is packed with cool features you will like:

  • There are many instructions on how to get rid of mosquitoes. For example, there are some schemes that can help you create your repeller. This is an interesting activity you will like. 
  • You will discover a big number of cool recommendations from other users. Try them and add your own.
  • The information provided by the app is aimed at fighting insects at home. We can not guarantee it will be effective outside. 

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The app will work perfectly on a smartphone, as well as on a tablet. All the content is free of charge. There are some ads but they are not too annoying. 

You can get the application on Google Play only. 


Bug Repellent

If you like to live outside the city, you have probably faced the problem of various insects, biting you and making irritating noise.

The most hated insects are mosquitos. You can hardly put up with them.

And you don’t need to! With Bug Repellent, you can be fully sure that the insects won’t bother you and spoil your time outside the home.

However, it is not a traditional bug repellent application. It reminds you of a huge book that is packed with many articles written by other people. You will find a great number of pieces of advice that can help you fight all types of insects including mosquitos.

You can also add your own articles and photos to make the content better. Share the best content to inform your friends.

The application is easy to use. Its interface is very simple so that anyone can enjoy its functions.

The app is free of charge. You don’t need to create an account or tie your credit card to the app’s system. There are some ads you have to put up with. Still, they are not too frequent to appear.

You can download the application from Google Play and forget about annoying mosquitos.


Pest Control

Do you like growing plants or spending time outside? If you do, you know for sure that pests and insects can make your life much worse. For instance, they can totally destroy your plants. Or they can annoy you by making noise. 

What is more, insects can spread viral diseases. 

If you can relate to this, Pest Control is what you need. It is a universal application that has a big toolset. Its key features are:

  • A full stack of eco-friendly and efficient technologies that can help you get rid of all the pests and other insects, minimizing crop losses and your discomfort.
  • There is an Integrated Pest Management System that is available for free. You will find many tips there.
  • There is a special Expert Advice section. You will find reliable information there.

The app is free with ads. You can get it now on Google Play.


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