7 Free Mosquito Repellent Sound Apps for Android & iOS

There are not too many things that quickly get as annoying as mosquitos do. And it’s not just because of the biting, the high-pitched sounds the mosquitos make are truly unbearable.

That’s why we’ve gathered the best free mosquito repellent sound apps for Android & iOS you could try. These are anti-mosquito apps that use ultrasounds that draw off mosquitos and some other insects. In fact, the frequencies used by these apps are mostly undetectable to human ears, so you won’t get annoyed in any way. Let’s dive in!

Mosquito Sound

It’s a simple app that helps you get rid of mosquitos without any effort. The app offers specific sounds that work as mosquito repellent ones. The UI is beyond simple: the app literally consists of a single screen where you can turn the sounds on and off, along with regulating the frequency of it.

The frequency of the sound featured by the app varies from 17 to 22kHz, which is more than enough. Of course, you will need to check if your device supports certain frequencies. The sounds above 20kHz are considered ultrasounds, so you won’t be able to hear them that well.

So, what’s the best way to use the app to make sure the mosquitos stay as far away from you as possible? Well, feel free to set a maximum frequency first. The lower ones may work as well, but just to make sure. At this point, the sound will be too high for human ears, but not for mosquitos. Then, crank the sound volume to the maximum as well, and turn off the “do not disturb mode” (for some reason, it may affect the efficiency).


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Ultrasonic Repeller

That’s one of the most effective mosquito-repellent apps for iOS. The app broadcasts ultrasonic sounds that are unbearable for mosquitos, but don’t do anything for humans. If fact, these sounds may scare away other types of insects, and there are special modes for it as well. There’s a mode for cockroaches and even rats if needed.

The UI is clear and intuitive, you’ll figure out how the app works with one look at it. You won’t get to regulate the frequency as you would with the previous app. All you can do is turn the sound on and off. Make sure to level up your phone’s volume to a maximum to get effective results. Once all that gets done, wait up to 2 mins and the problem will be solved.

In case you’re outside, make sure to keep the phone closer to your body. The app works in the background as well, so feel free to lock your screen. However, if you’ll get an incoming call, the app will stop automatically, and you’ll need to turn it on again manually.


Get Rid of Mosquitoes

The name of this app fully reflects its purpose. It’s here to help you get rid of all the annoying mosquitos and other insects without spending money on extra equipment. However, it’s not a typical repellent app with ultrasounds. No, this one is a compilation of tricks and hints on how to make mosquitos and other insects stay away.

There are tricks for all kinds of situations. You’ll find out how to get rid of all the mosquitos inside your home and how to repel them outside. All the recs get added by other users, and you’ll be able to share your own one if needed. Some rec seven tell you how to create a fully operating repeller manually. The app also covers recs on how to fight other insects and parasites, aka rats and all.

So is this app a must-have? No, but if you’re having a major mosquito problem and are willing to try everything, it’s a great source of info. In fact, the app covers a bunch of educational articles on all aspects of life from food to parenting and the usage of certain plants. IIT’s also entirely free, so why not try it?


Anti Mosquito Repeller

If you dream of never being bothered by mosquitos, this app may come in handy. It’s a classic repellent app by the concept, and it features ultrasounds that are unbearable to these annoying bloodsuckers. The app is easy to use, you’ll get it figured out within secs. It lets you choose between several frequencies from 13 to 18kHz, which is handy.

Here, you’ll need to make sure your phone’s volume is set up to the maximum to get the app to work efficiently. And is best to pick the highest frequency right away to get the most out of the app. But what about efficiency? The app drives of fall the mosquitos within 10 yards, so you can freely use it outside as well.

The use of the repeller can be a great way to keep pests away from your home. Although you don’t need to keep the device running all the time, it’s important to turn it on when outside just to make sure. Not only that, but the sound frequencies emitted by the app can also scar off other types of insects. It won’t work with all the insects, though, so keep that in mind.


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Frequency Sound Generator

This app is slightly different. It’s not specifically made to repel mosquitos, but if you’ll set it up correctly, it will do the job. As you may guess by the name, this app generates sounds of different frequencies. You can use it for practically anything from relaxation to music, as the sound generator is fully customizable.

You may even use the app to get rid of water in your speaker if needed. But what about mosquitos? Although there is no scientific proof that high-frequency sounds repel mosquitoes, most repellers use sound to get rid of insects. The frequency used for that varies from 18 to 48 kHz according to some studies, so give it a try.

The app lets you play with the frequency and save the ones you use most. It runs in the background, and there’s no need to keep the app open all the time. You may even set a timer for a few mins (which would be enough for mosquitos). Make sure to keep the audio volume high, but not too high to avoid damaging your ears.


Mosquito Escape Sound

It’s another repeller app that relies on ultrasound. It produces sound with 9 to 22kHz frequency that is able to draw away mosquitos and other insects. Although the app doesn’t let you customize the frequency manually, it does have different modes for different targets.

There are 3 targets to choose from: a mosquito, a lizard, and a cockroach. At this point, all you need to do is to pick a target you need and turn on the sound. Make sure to crack the volume of your phone to the max and keep the sound running for a few mins. The amount of time needed to repel the target may vary according to the audio volume and the size of the area.

If you’re inside a house, a few mins should be enough, and if you’re outside you may need to play the sounds several times. Plus, some phones are simply unable to produce all frequencies of the sound required for the app, so make sure to check that out first. The sound will keep running given if your screen is locked, which is handy.


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Super Anti Mosquito

To wrap up, there’s an anti-mosquito app with a smile interface and all the essential features. The main feature of the app is a sound generator that plus of frequencies disliked by mosquitos and some other insects. All you need to use the app is to press one button, you’re ready to go.

The good thing is the app comes with background execution, so you won’t need to keep it open all the time. And even if you’ll lock the phone, the app will keep running until you turn it off. There’s no timer, though, so you’ll need to stop the sound manually. The app doesn’t let you adjust the frequency, but there are more to cover your needs.

There are indoor and outdoor modes that use different frequencies that are most effective. In fact, the indoor mode is silent for human ears, and the outdoor one isn’t. Needless to say, running the outdoor mood for too long may get annoying at some point, so don’t keep it running for longer than a couple of mins. The app is entirely free, but it’s bundled with ads.

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