7 Best Would You Rather Game Apps for Android & iOS

Every party or meeting is better when you have a cool game to play. You have probably tried many types of games.

However, we recommend that you try the Would You Rather game. It is quite obvious what you need to do.

Choose between two complicated trivia. This will be a hard thing to do.

Most of the applications are available and free of charge. You can get them now on Google Play, as well as on App Store.

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Would You Rather? Game

Here is a very epic game that will make your party a really crazy thing. 

The most important thing is to invite as many friends as you can so that you can involve 100% of the players.

There are many key features you will like:

  • A standard game that gives you two controversial options to choose between. This will be a hard thing to do. Some of the questions may confuse you and make you red as a tomato.
  • Still, if you face a question that seems offensive to you, feel free to report. The developers will read your message and try to fix the problem so that nobody is confused by insulting content.
  • Results tracking. The app is designed to save your progress so that you can see the questions you have already answered. You can download the list of the questions on your device as well. 
  • You can get access to the answers of the other players. If you are interested in statistics of the answers, check this part of the app. 
  • The game has a friendly user interface, which makes it so easy to use.

The size is about 20 MB, which is a pretty big size for such a simple application. 

You can get the app from Google Play, as well from the App Store for free. There are some ads that don’t appear too often and, therefore, can not distract .you from the game


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Would You Rather for Kids

You might be looking through the list and be very surprised at seeing dirty adult games only. But what if you want to play this game with your kid?

You will need a special version with innocent questions so that your child won’t be traumatized with inappropriate content. 

This is why we decided to add some trivia games for kids. Here is one of them. 

You will get access to the following key features right after the download:

  • This game can be played by any person. Invite all of your family members and see how different generations will answer the tricky questions of this app.
  • Keep track of the responses. You can add your questions if you feel creative enough to do it. 
  • The interface is easy and friendly so that a little kid, as well as a senior person, can enjoy the wide range of questions.

This game is free. There are many features that are available for free. You don’t have to create an account or choose any type of subscription.

There are many ads that keep everything free. 

If you are interested in the statistics of the app, feel free to check the graphics. You can see how people tend to respond.  The more you play, the more advanced and detailed the graphics will be.

The game is rated 4.4 out of 5 in Google Play, which is quite high. The app is quite young so please leave a comment about your experience with the game.

The app is constantly being updated, the users and the developers add new cool questions daily. The app can be downloaded from Google Play only.


Would You Rather – Hardest Choice for Party Games

Here comes another nice game that is based on a famous Would You Rather drinking game. However, you don’t have to be a crazy drinker or a party lover to enjoy it. 

This application is aimed at various groups of users. You can play with your friends, loved ones, children, or parents. 

The application can boast of a wide variety of cool key features:

  • The questions are divided into many categories, such as food, relationships, education, career, life, and many others. In general, the categories are being updated all the time.
  • After you have answered the question, you can see how many people have chosen the same option as you. If you are collecting statistics or you are just curious, you will adore this option. 

The app doesn’t have too provocative questions so you can be safe and relax, just enjoying your time choosing between tricky options. 

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The application is free of charge. You can use all the functions right after the download. Still, there are some ads. They are not too frequent to appear and they never interrupt the process of the game.

If you don’t feel that the functions you have are not enough, you can always go premium. There is an ads removal function. You can get the application on Google Play.


Would You Rather Choose – Party Game

If you want to find a good and easy Would You Rather application, you need to check this one.

This is an amazing party game. Still, if you are not in the mood for a party, it is ok – you can play alone. In won’t be less interesting.

Here are the best features of the application:

  • When you vote for the option that appears to you most, you can see how many people have chosen the same answer. 
  • There is a special offline mode that allows you to play whenever and wherever you want. The number of questions won’t be limited in this case.
  • The app is more or less suitable for kids. There are no insulting questions or traumatizing content. Still, if you find a single offensive question, please report it. The developers are usually quick to respond.
  • Still, if you want to answer something naughty, you can choose the adult mode. But don’t forget to turn it off when your kid will ask you to play!

The game is completely free. You don’t need to buy additional questions when you are running out of what you have. All the stuff is free. Unfortunately, only Android users can enjoy this application.


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Would You Rather & Dilemmas

Looking to surprise your friends with unusual entertainment? Want to pass the time on the way home? Would you rather & Dilemmas is a great choice.

You are presented with more than 3 thousand statements that have 2 choices of answers. Test yourself and your loved ones.

You are guaranteed to learn a lot about them. You can even compare your choices with the choices of other users and make appropriate conclusions.

You will be offered assignments on any topic. Wealth, love, career to name a few. Thanks to this mock quiz, you can get to know a stranger much faster.

Would you rather & Dilemmas is worth using only for entertainment purposes. The developers of the app did not set themselves any other goal than to have fun.


Would You Rather? Adult

A universal game for any party. The Would you rather? Adult app is designed for fun companies who are tired of playing funnies and monopoly.

Here you will find tricky questions with the most incredible answers. Embarrass your friend and find out the most embarrassing secrets.

Here you will find more than 850 of the most challenging situations in which you will have to make difficult choices.

The game is suitable for pajama parties, bachelorette parties and college gatherings. Take the situation into your own hands and dilute the deck with your own questions.

The adult version includes many intriguing questions that you certainly don’t expect. It’s up to you whether the other participants hear the truth or the lies.


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Would you rather? Fun quizzes

Our whole life is a constant choice. The Would you rather? Fun Quizzes app brings you a new version of your favorite games.

Answer the questions proudly alone or offer it as entertainment to your friends. There’s nothing more fun than discussing each participant’s choices or explaining your choices to others.

Each question is designed to improve your mood. They will add to the fun and provide many fun minutes.

First, install the app, create a new account. After that, select a category. There are no right or wrong answers. Just answer without thinking, and then discuss your choices with your friends.

Tick the questions you like best. Give your votes to the most interesting dilemmas. Try to stay true to yourself with the Would you rather? Fun Quizzes app.

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