11 Free Fake Text Message Apps for Android & iOS

Sometimes people get too bored – especially if they sit at home alone. For example, during a lockdown, each person faced a situation when he just does not know what to do.

Favorite shows and TV series became boring, there is nothing interesting on TV, and games are already finished. In this case, you just have to start having fun with your friends – though, from a distance. You can also have fun with your fiance with 11 Best long distance relationship apps (Android & iOS).

You can make fun of your friends or family by using fake messages and chat rooms. For example, you can show them that you communicate with a star or send a screenshot of them writing you something funny.

For example, you can send a group chat message that you made as a real message. There’s nothing wrong or illegal about it because fake messages are just a joke – unless you have hidden motives, of course.

We have selected for you 11 Free Fake Text Message Apps for iOS & Android, which will help you create correspondence from scratch.

Fake Chat Maker – WhatsMock Prank chat

Fake Chat Maker - WhatsMock Prank chatRaffle your friends with the WhatsMock application, which is designed to create realistic models of chat rooms and text messages.

Everything will look as if you corresponded and talked to a real person, because the application provides all the details – such as the time of sending a message, posting text, smileys, and even attachments.

Try to really play a prank on your friends – they will fully believe you and think that these are real correspondence and messages.

WhatsMock creates not only messages. You can also create your own full profile of the person who is communicating with you – along with a profile photo and a name. You can even add fake statuses here!

As you understand from the name, all fake messages are adapted to the standard WhatsApp interface. In correspondence, you can add images, video, and audio for even more realism.

You have full control over both sides of the correspondence, conducting a virtual dialogue with yourself – the result is a complete chat, which you can show and send to friends. By the way, WhatsMock also allows you to add false calls – however, this feature is really rarely used.

Fake Chat Maker - WhatsMock Prank chat1 Fake Chat Maker - WhatsMock Prank chat2


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TextingStory – Chat Story Maker

TextingStory - Chat Story MakerMany people are familiar with the nuances of creating fake dialogs and fake messages. Therefore, sometimes it is not enough to send a screenshot to a person.

TextingStory will allow you not only to create a fake chat and take photos but also to create a whole video where you scroll through the dialog and everything looks very realistic.

Also, TextingStory allows you to record conversations of your characters in real-time – messages will come right at the time of the shooting, imitating a real dialogue.

To create a dialogue in TextingStory you will need to write the text of the conversation completely and only then start recording the video. The time you have to write messages and respond to them is accounted for in the video process.

The video will automatically speed up, you won’t even need to edit or modify it yourself. You will be able to simulate a complete friendship or love story, as well as use videos recorded in TextingStory in your YouTube videos. This is a great way to dilute the story with an insert from your messages!

TextingStory - Chat Story Maker1 TextingStory - Chat Story Maker2

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Fake All

Fake All - Call, Chat, Message logoFake All is an app that will help make you and your friends laugh. In the program you will come up with various false chats, messages from strangers, you can make your own stories with a fake screen.

Do you want to have a fun time? Then this app is for you. It has a lot of features. With ease, you can make a fake chat where bots write, you can choose people in correspondence and conversations on the phone.

You can also take a snapshot of your device to show everything to your friends after the prank. What’s more, you’ll be able to customize everything the way you want it. You’ll set up notifications to come at one time or another and more.

Besides, you can customize your own voice or a like-minded person’s voice for the notification. The app is great for celebrating a party or birthday. It will be an unforgettable helper to have an extra laugh. Users are happy with the program because the interface is clear and the design of the app is pleasantly bright.

Fake All - Call, Chat, Message screen 1 Fake All - Call, Chat, Message screen 2


Telefun – Fake chat maker Prank

Telefun - Fake chat maker PrankMany of the messages that are designed to create fake messages and dialogs have a specific interface. Some of them imitate different social networks and messengers, others are simply similar to the classic message interface. Telefun offers you to create fake messages in Telegram.

It completely imitates the visual part of the application, and the person who gets screenshots from you will not even notice the difference from the original application. Telefun will help you organize a perfect prank or make fun of someone.

In order to start fake correspondence, you will need to create a profile of your conversation partner. You can also create a group dialogue or a secret channel, which is real in the Telegram application itself.

Such complex and interesting fake dialogs are difficult to recognize, as most users have not even heard about such features. Telefun can also make you a fake call if you urgently need to leave a meeting or play a trick on someone. All you have to do is take a screenshot and share it with your friends.

Telefun - Fake chat maker Prank1 Telefun - Fake chat maker Prank2


Fake Chat Conversations – WhatsMessage

Fake Chat Conversations - WhatsMessageWhatsMessage is another handy application that allows you to simulate a dialogue in WhatsApp with any person. It is used exclusively to create fake dialogs and jokes with friends – they will actually think that you are communicating with someone.

At the same time, you yourself control every detail of your conversation with a fake interlocutor, leading it from both sides. WhatsMessage allows you to share the result as soon as you finish working on the text of messages – just take a screenshot and you can send it to your friends in social networks or messengers.

Of course, you’ll need to make some additions to your conversation partner’s profile beforehand – give him or her a name, set a profile photo, and so on. To imitate a real conversation, you can even add voice messages of a certain length – simply because your friends can’t listen to them.

The same way calls are added to WhatsMessage – they will be displayed on the screenshot and in the dialog interface, but you won’t be able to listen to what you were saying. WhatsMessage supports the full range of emoji, which we are used to using during conversations and discussions.

Fake Chat Conversations - WhatsMessage1 Fake Chat Conversations - WhatsMessage2


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Fake Chat Conversation – prank by TechRoid

Fake Chat Conversation - prank by TechRoidJokes, memes, and whole stories can be created in the Fake Chat Conversation application. It is designed to generate and create fake chats, with which you can play your friend or relative.

If you are bored, have nothing to do, or just want to have fun, the application Fake Chat Conversation is perfect for this. As a result of the work, you will get a fake dialogue, which you can take a picture of and send to anyone.

The coolest thing is that your interlocutor in this dialog can be anyone – you create a personality with which you will correspond. Of course, this person will not be a real person, but what prevents you from putting a photo of a celebrity on your avatar, writing her name in the profile, and start communicating with a popular person?

In this way, Fake Chat Conversation allows you to imitate any conversation with any phrases. You will also be able to edit messages that you have already written.

However, we have noticed one significant disadvantage: in the application, there is constant advertising that you need to close. Unfortunately, you can’t remove it in any way, so you just have to deal with it.

Fake Chat Conversation - prank by TechRoid1 Fake Chat Conversation - prank by TechRoid2


Fake Message Free 2022 by WolDream

Fake Message Free 2020 by WolDreamFake Message Free developers know what it is like to be in an awkward situation. Sometimes you want to run away from a bad date, a stupid meeting with friends, or a girl you don’t like.

This application will help you come up with an excuse, which will allow you to leave the awkward meeting. The emergency message, which you will receive, will contain information about the emergency situation in which you got – for example, your cat became ill or urgently need to come to a friend.

Fake Message Free allows you not only to create such a message but also to create a whole dialog with someone. It simulates as much as possible the real interface of messages so that none of your friends will not guess about your joke.

You can also select the messages you want to receive and send – it can be both SMS and MMS. It’s very simple – you need to write a text message, choose what to do with it – send or receive, and that’s it.

In the upper right corner of the Fake Message Free interface, you can take a screenshot of the dialog that you have succeeded in – you just need to send the resulting picture to a friend.

Fake Message Free 2020 by WolDream1 Fake Message Free 2020 by WolDream2


Watsproof Fake Chat

Watsproof Fake Chat logoWatsproof Fake Chat is an app that gives you the ability to make fake conversations with WhatsApp messages. You will be able to make fun of your friends or loved ones with this program.

Using this app, you will be able to have a conversation with anyone. You will also be able to send stickers and images. You can change your personal profile here without any problems.

There are various functions, for example, by clicking on the word “more” you will change the theme of the chat. To start a dialogue, you have to press the plus sign on the screen. This is how you add the person you want to talk to.

The person you’re talking to will have a box, so the person you’re talking to will be both the recipient and the sender. If you want to capture the conversation, you can take a screenshot. You’ll be making fun of family and friends.

The program has many useful features. There is an unlimited chat where you can always have a fun one, there is also a special fake chat. Always send pictures, you will have no problem using both sides of the messenger. The app is fascinating with a lot of functionality.

Watsproof Fake Chat screen 1 Watsproof Fake Chat screen 2


Text Message Creator by NeuronDigital

Text Message Creator by NeuronDigitalSeveral million people around the world have downloaded and used the Text Message Creator application. It is designed to create fake chat rooms and messages, which you will use for fun and jokes.

You can create a conversation with anyone at any time and with any design. You can share the result with the help of screenshots, which you will make yourself. All your creative potential as a humorist can be realized only in a few messages and you will be able to see it for yourself.

Text Message Creator allows you to change the design and theme of the dialog, turning it into WhatsApp or classic messenger. Your story can be told in a new way so that your friends won’t even guess that it’s completely fictional.

Text Message Creator can be used on the first of April for jokes, as well as to get the truth out of someone. Together with friends and family, you can all create dialogues and stories with celebrities to play a joke on someone.

Such a conversation in Text Message Creator will be much more dynamic and fun than usual correspondence.

Text Message Creator by NeuronDigital1 Text Message Creator by NeuronDigital2


Funsta – Insta Fake Chat Post and Direct Prank

Funsta - Insta Fake Chat Post and Direct PrankInstagram also provides an opportunity to communicate between users – not only with the help of comments. The service also has a Direct Messages function, which is designed for correspondence and communication between users.

The Funsta application will help you to create a dialogue with the Direct Messages interface to play a trick on someone or publish it directly in Stories. Creating a dialog is easy because the developers have already done all the design for you and provided templates. You can enjoy a well-thought-out drawing.

Funsta allows you to create not only fake dialogs but also posts. You can add photos, descriptions, text, and much more to your publications. Everything looks very realistic – literally as if you took a screenshot of a real post in Instagram.

Thanks to fake likes and comments, none of your friends will even have any doubts. Here you can also create entire groups and chats of several people – this function is in real Instagram.

Funsta also has the entire emoji collection, which is used in correspondence and post design. If you decide to send a video, the service will also let you do it.

Funsta - Insta Fake Chat Post and Direct Prank1 Funsta - Insta Fake Chat Post and Direct Prank2


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MeMiMessage Role Play Fanfiction Fake Text Stories

MeMiMessage Role Play Fanfiction Fake Text StoriesMost developers just offer you the functionality of the application, and you should already know the functions yourself. But things are different with the MeMiMessage application: the team has even done a whole video tutorial that will show you how the whole system works and what you need to do to get the result you want.

MeMiMessage will allow you to create fake messages in chats and whole dialogues with other people. Thanks to a wide range of options and functions you will realize all your humorous ideas and will be able to successfully apply them in the drawing.

The interface of the app simulates iMessage for iPhone – so if you really occasionally use it for correspondence, you can fully convince your friends of the reality of correspondence.

Also, MeMiMessage will allow you to delete some messages from your correspondence, simulate battery life, message editing time, and much more. You may even think that this is a real messenger where you talk to yourself.

You’ll have a variety of dialogs, messages, and users you’re talking to – a huge space to make an epic joke.

MeMiMessage Role Play Fanfiction Fake Text Stories1 MeMiMessage Role Play Fanfiction Fake Text Stories2


Boredom is an unpleasant feeling that can come upon every person. You can really have fun with fake messages and correspondence between your friends, celebrities, and so on.

Some of the apps presented may even mimic that you get messages at certain times – for example if you need to escape from a bad date or just get away during an important event.

It’s a simple and carefree way to get away from everyday activities or to have a prank on someone you know. In addition to applications for creating fake messages, there are also special sites, but mobile services are more convenient and practical.

We hope that our article became useful to you because we tried to find the most realistic applications.

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