6 Free Multiple Bluetooth Speaker Apps for Android & iOS

Whether it is a party or a holiday, loud music must be played, because this is how the right atmosphere is created. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to have high power speakers or a solid audio system at home – in this case, you will have to invent a way out.

An excellent solution would be to use several speakers at the same time – so the sound will be distributed evenly around the room, and everyone present will have a feeling of really loud music. You can use 15 Best DJ Apps To Rock Your Party for Android & iOS for this task.

As you can understand, such a wireless connection is made with the help of Bluetooth technologies. With its help, you can connect several wireless speakers, devices, and even a lot of smartphones.

Each of the devices will be synchronized with the others so that a song or other audio track will be played simultaneously and without delay. If you try to press the play button on several smartphones at the same time, you won’t succeed – there will still be a period of time that will spoil the whole melody.

We have found for you 6 Free Multiple Bluetooth Speaker Apps for Android & iOS, which will be just indispensable at the party.

Rave – Videos with Friends

Rave - Videos with FriendsRave is an application that allows you to never watch your favorite shows alone again. It syncs your smartphone and your friends’ devices, so you can run any video or audio on them simultaneously. All you need to do is upload a movie to your Dropbox, Google Drive, or any other cloud storage so that everyone can access it.

In Rave, you can even join a viewing that started a long time ago – just log in to the app and join your friends’ company. To play music with Rave, you will need to use other apps and audio sources – this service only syncs your smartphones.

You can enjoy Netflix, YouTube, Vimeo, and other services popular for watching videos and listening to music – the main thing is that the organizer of such a viewing has a subscription to the service and access to content.

Rave - Videos with Friends1 Rave - Videos with Friends2

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AmpMe – Speaker Booster

AmpMe is one of the popular applications that is used at parties and friendly evenings. It allows you to turn several smartphones into a single loudspeaker system to put music as loud as possible.

AmpMe can stream video and audio from YouTube, Spotify, and other popular services, so you’re not limited to the content you’ll listen to. You can create your own music collection for quick playback through the app.

By the way, if your friends are not around at the moment, but you would like to listen to something with them, AmpMe will help you even in this situation. You can connect to them remotely and start listening to them – you can think that you have a remote party.

The service is also used by some DJs and companies that regularly organize parties. In a special chat, you can offer them your tracks and listen to them together with the same service.

AmpMe - Speaker Volume Booster1 AmpMe - Speaker Volume Booster2

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SoundSeeder -Play music simultaneously and in sync

SoundSeeder -Play music simultaneously and in syncAre you looking for a service that would be perfect for a party with your friends? Then SoundSeeder is what you need. This application allows you to connect several smartphones to one system using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Devices will be able to simultaneously play music, and the sound in the room will be incredibly loud even without the use of speakers. Party mode with SoundSeeder is very easy to activate – turn on your favorite radio station and start having fun.

The group music player is designed for loud listening to music. You can listen to radio stations or music from other applications and smartphone memory – more than 25 thousand different stations are available in SoundSeeder.

The application also allows you to connect not only to other smartphones but also to your computer – so you get even more powerful speakers during the party. By the way, you can throw silent parties – the main thing is that all participants were in headphones, and the music will be played in them simultaneously.

SoundSeeder -Play music simultaneously and in sync1 SoundSeeder -Play music simultaneously and in sync2


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Bose Connect

Bose ConnectBose is a manufacturer of wireless headphones, which are popular among users. If you have such a technique, the dual audio bluetooth app Bose Connect is perfect for you.

Here you can exchange music with friends and listen to the same tracks at the same time, without using the speakers.

For parties and loud events more suitable to use speakers from Bose – SoundLink, which will give you excellent sound quality and a pleasant experience.

Bose Connect has several modes of music playback, such as stereo, which will immerse you in your favorite track with your head. With 2 different loudspeakers, it’s as if the sound will pass through you and you will enjoy the moment.

Bose Connect allows you to use the full power of audio technology. Even if you have headphones, not from their company, the application can be supported by other devices – we recommend you to check it before downloading – perhaps, the application will be suitable for you.

Bose Connect1 Bose Connect2

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Chorus by AVR APPS

Chorus by AVR APPSEach of us at least once tried to play the same song at the same time with friends. We are sure that it never worked out perfectly – even small delays make the music sound worse.

Chorus is based on the idea that the louder the music, the more you will enjoy it. So if you agree with that, you should install the app sooner, and you can boost the sound at your party right away.

Chorus has an intuitive interface, so you will immediately know where to press to connect to other smartphones. You’ll be able to quickly put together a playlist for the evening and start playing it, without straining your ears, trying to hear a soft melody.

Your device and your friends’ smartphones will be in sync, so the song will start simultaneously on all speakers – imagine how loud the party will be! Most importantly, Chorus is absolutely free, and you can use it for unlimited time and even in big companies.

Chorus by AVR APPS1 Chorus by AVR APPS2


BOOM & MEGABOOM by Ultimate Ears

The BOOM & MEGABOOM by Ultimate Ears app is designed for playing music on many devices simultaneously. With it, you can connect up to 150 speakers from this manufacturer.

The sound will be under your control, you can control all the parameters using the user settings.

Also a clear advantage of this app is the possibility of remote access to a wireless speaker. So, you will not need to go up to it to turn it on.

It is worth noting that this app is only compatible with Boom, Megaboom and Hyperboom speakers. If you own such devices, you will definitely need this utility.

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The applications we’ve introduced for you in this article will allow you to sync music or video to multiple devices at the same time. They can be Bluetooth wireless speakers, smartphones, tablets, and in some cases even laptops.

Unfortunately, smartphones at the moment do not contain the function of broadcasting audio streaming to several devices at the same time – for this reason, special applications are required.

With their help, you will be able to turn on your music loudly, start a movie, or even have a joint viewing of a new series of shows with your friends. We have already done most of the work for you – we found the right apps. All you have to do is assemble the company!

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