15 Best Games like Sims for Android & iOS

My long-lasting friendship with Sims started when I was in primary school. Honestly, I wasn’t able to follow up on all the new versions that were one better than another. After the release of the mobile versions, millions of fans had got the greatest chance to have a portable alternative to this life simulation masterpiece.

The game has always had stunning graphics, gameplay, and an enormous amount of positive emotions. By the way, if you’ve been dreaming of creating your own game, here are the best 3D animation apps. 

There were lots of different versions of this game. Though if you get through all of them you can choose one of the alternatives we are suggesting in this article. There are decent Simes replacements for Android and iOS that are slightly different but share the same idea.

Avakin Life

The first game on our list is similar to Sims though has different features. One of the most significant differences is a highly developed social life. Here you can socialize, chat with people around the world, and befriend them as well. It is been said that it resembles the infamous online game Second life which recently has been becoming abandoned due to the numerous number of up-to-date alternatives.

Avakin life shares an online aspect with the Second Life. On the other side is similar to Sims it offers heroes creatures from scratch, home building, and employment. Employment is necessary to sustain a living and upgrade the level of life for your sim.

There are several exotic locations where you can build your home and decorate it according to different styles of design. Surely, a nice design is more suitable for fancy parties with your online friends. The game supports online chatting.

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Virtual Families 2

Virtual Families 2 is the second game in a sequel similar to the Sims mobile games. Though it’s a much simpler and less time-consuming alternative for life stimulation lovers.

Players are more concentrated on home design and living arrangements and less on personality creation as in Sims. Simply the game offers different persons to be adopted.

The main aim is to create a lovely family, get married, have babies, and adopt a pet for your little ones.  The home design and the family development-oriented game will immerse you in the warm atmosphere of love inside one house. 

From the moment you launch the game you are becoming responsible for lives and must lead them through life from childhood to adulthood.

You are also obliged to your virtual family food consumption, leisure activities, house control, and career path. While the game is off, all the life processes in the game don’t stop.

Some fans of this game mentioned that they have been playing for 7 years caring about one virtual family and have never got bored with it. I strongly believe the game is worth playing.

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Home Street

Home street is yet another great Sims alternative for mobile devices with almost all the features typical to classic famous Sims. Create your sim, build and design a house, work, and socialize. The game is available for both platforms Android and iOS for free though you will face a lot of in-app purchases in order to get updates and improvements.

The game is a blend of features where you can develop different skills. First of all, try to be an interior designer, decorating your house, and choosing different wall colors and furniture items.

Secondly, you can play with the appearance of your character choosing eyes, hairstyle, and face shape. Another new skill that you can develop choosing an outfit for your Sim.

Be friendly, find friends, and organize the party. Meet your perfect match and play a wedding.  In this game, all your fantasies can come true. Unlimited functions help you to enjoy this game at any time. Needless to say, the graphics are fantastic and the game is easy to play.

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Single City: Avatar Life Sim

Single City is an entertainment app that allows players to create their own virtual life, right down to choosing their appearance and where they live.

You will be able to choose your appearance as well as your friends and home. It is also possible to develop a history of friendships, relationships, and socializing with strangers in the app.

You can try yourself as the leader of the whole house. You can also arrange it and choose any interior elements you like. Choose your own place of residence: a house, an apartment, or a huge cottage.

Also in the game, it is possible to explore a variety of locations in the city. You will have to pass many mini-levels, which will allow you to get rewards. For them, you can buy new interior items for your homes or transform your characters.

You will also have to unravel complex storylines. Play online and meet other interesting users. After you build your big house, you can rent it out and get money for further development.

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SimCity BuildIt

SimCity is an exciting and addictive city simulation game that will allow you to become a real mayor and create your own prosperous city.

Here you can manage your city by creating different buildings, improving the infrastructure, and solving the problems of the residents.

You will make decisions about the construction of residential buildings, commercial zones, industrial plants, public facilities, and various attractions. Besides, you will have to balance and control the supply and demand for city resources.

One of the features of the game is the ability to interact and trade with other players around the world. You will be able to visit your friends’ cities, exchange resources, and form alliances with other players to solve city problems together and achieve common goals.

You will have to plan the location of buildings, taking into account the availability of highways, public transportation, and other factors that can affect the development of your city.

You will receive various orders from residents and officials. Fulfilling these tasks will not only improve your rating as mayor but will also allow you to earn money for the development of the city.

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Virtual Villagers Origins 2

This game is an extraordinary alternative to traditional Sims where we can play mostly on the modern world and society. In Virtual Villages, we are getting back in time and ending up somewhere on the island where we have to build everything up from scratch.

We make our first steps to surviving building houses, gathering something to eat, farming and trying to do all your best to survive on this mystical island. While the island isn’t a quiet place all with lots of dangerous creatures and natural disasters.

The main features of the game:

  • Stunning graphics with vivid images.
  • Option to create n appearance and choose an outfit for characters.
  • A lot of development options. Train your character to grow plants, catch fish, hunt, build, etc.
  • A lot of magic tricks like totems, healing necklaces, and potions with different power-up functions.
  • Get a pet and care about it.

While the game is free both players will find a lot of in-app purchases during the game process.

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Cheetah Family Sim

If you are a little bit tired of playing with digital human copies you can try to dive into the world of animals. More precisely the world of a cheetah. Cheetah Family Sim is the game with all similar to Sims options but related to one cheetah family. What do you need to do? You have to simulate the life of these wonderful wild creatures.

Your main tasks will be growing your litter, feeding them and playing, hunting together and exploring the wide desert. Cubs need a lot of care, so be careful parents. Of course, you and your family need food. Only hunting is a way to find something to eat. Though dessert offers a big choice: lions, elephants, rhinos, zebras, giraffes.

The game offers different shelters for the cheetah family that will play the role of a house. In addition, there are a lot of locations, day and night cycle shifts, and seasonal shifts.

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Fallout Shelter

Fallout shelter is also inviting you to build and develop. The player has similar to Sims aims: managing people`s lives, lea them to achieve carrier goals, and creating an environment in them to live. The one significant difference is that the whole gameplay appears to happen underground while the Earth`s surface has become dangerous.

As Sims, this game offers to play the role of Cupid finding a perfect match for your world dwellers. While the ground is dangerous but full of useful things you will need to send your people above the ground to seek something the same time not letting them die.

Fallout is a free game to download for both platforms Android and iOS. The interesting is that the whole world is called a Wasteland and the world that you have to build underground is called Vault. It’s absolutely different from the Sims fancy gameplay and design, however, the final aim is to maintain a happy life for your population of sims.

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Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing is yet another great life simulator that originally belongs to a Nintendo console. A little later it appeared on mobile devices and earned huge popularity among simulation gaming fans.

There are a lot of things to do in his game and you will never get bored. Firstly, move to the village and begin to work on it. There are more than 100 animals operating within this game. All of them look like tiny cute toys for kids. The interesting thing is that you have to fulfill your little animal’s needs.

Secondly, it’s a multiplayer game where you can invite your friends to play, grow and develop their own village and visit each other. The game also syncs with your time. It means if it’s a day time at the moment you launch the game, it will be a day in the game itself. And vice versa.

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Virtual Sim Story: Dream Life

Virtual Sim Story: dream Life is a mobile game in which you are able to build your dream life filled with vivid emotions and happily lived days.

Virtual Sim Story: Dream Life is a three–dimensional virtual world where you can build your virtual life from scratch. Here you are able to build your own house, as well as create your own clothing brand and become a trendsetter.

In addition to the fact that you will be busy developing your own life, interesting riddles of the mysterious paradise island await you, which you will have to solve.

Features in the game Virtual Sim Story: Dream Life

Create your dream life. Build the house you dream of! Perhaps it will be a modest house for two or a whole mansion on the seashore? Decorate your home according to your own taste.

Shelter a pet at home (it can be anyone, starting with a cute kitten and ending with a fabulous unicorn). Save street animals, give them a second chance at life.

Fascinating plot. Explore the island where you live, and on your way, you will meet a whole virtual world with animals, people, and shops. Travel around the game world on foot or drive around by car, or balloon or conquer the water space by boat.

Create a career of your dreams – become a real model or owner of a small business, or maybe you want to connect your life with animal rescue.

Character editor. Create a character to your taste. There is a wide selection of clothes, hairstyles, and character settings for your character.

And what is most interesting, this game supports online multiplayer mode. Meet new people and explore the island together.


Virtual Families 3

Virtual Families 3 – create your own small (or not so small…) virtual family! Build a dream house and give happiness to your characters.

Create your own family, take a tiny orphan child under your parental wing and give him your love. Create an entire dynasty and a family tree.

Features in the game Virtual Families 3:

  • Build your own house. An old, almost destroyed house falls into your hands. In your hands, there is a chance to expand it and create real family estate. Breathe comfort into the house with the help of new furniture and decor. Don’t forget to take care of the garden!
  • Create a happy family. An orphan child falls into your hands – your task is to give him love and care, to raise him. In parallel, you will have to grow as a person – find a partner and develop your career.
  • Unpredictable plot twists. Your little family is constantly growing and developing, sometimes you will have to make serious decisions on which the further development of events will depend.
  • Create a huge pedigree from scratch


WildCraft – do you dream of creating your own family? And what about creating your own herd or flock?

In the WildCraft game, you can create your own family, but not a human one, it will be an animal family. Explore the wild world in the guise of a beast and create your own herd or flock.

Explore the game world in the guise of a beast. You can become someone to choose from – wolf, fox, lynx, horse, cheetah, or bear. At your disposal is a huge game world with many beautiful locations. Enjoy adventures in different seasons (spring, summer, autumn, winter)

Features in the game WildCraft:

  • Get offspring. Agree that it’s hard for a lonely animal to survive in the forest. In order to cope with all the obstacles on your way, you will have to find a life partner and have small cubs. You have to feed them, raise and educate them.
  • Fight with opponents. In order to survive, you will have to hunt – you can handle small prey on your own, but in order to defeat a large animal, use the help of relatives.
  • Explore the world in online multiplayer mode. Fight dangerous bosses together with other users.

Cat Simulator Online

Cat Simulator Online – create your own unique cat family. Grow a family from scratch and conquer the game world.

Tell us, do you like cute cats? Few people are not touched by these touching creatures. What about starting your own cat family? Interested? Then you will be interested in the game Cat Simulator Online.

You will have to live your life in a virtual world on behalf of a cat. Find out how wild creatures live and how they have to survive in a modern city.

Features in the game Cat Simulator Online:

  • Create your own cat. There is a large selection of breeds at your disposal, you can change the parameters of the animal to your liking. Give your character a name.
  • Create your own cat family. Find a partner in the game world and create a real pedigree with him! You will have parental responsibilities: feed, raise, and educate kittens.
  • Fascinating story and challenges. It is quite difficult for such a small creature as a cat to survive in the conditions of a modern city. Learn how to get your own food and fight enemies.
  • Explore the big game world! You will meet a lot of friends, but do not forget about the enemies that are waiting for you. Travel and fight by yourself or use the help of other players in online multiplayer mode.

Avatar Life – love & bit gacha

Avatar Life: Love­ & Bit Gacha is a game where you make­ your own digital self. You get to pick your avatar’s hair, face, and clothe­s. It’s like playing dress-up with a virtual version of you.

The app’s graphics are­ eye-catching. Characters show gre­at design, and the visuals stand out. With rich details and bright colors, the­ backgrounds pop.

Getting starte­d with the app is a breeze­. Once you set up your own avatar, you’re fre­e to explore diffe­rent places – think coffee­ shops, stores, and social gatherings. Here­’s where you bump into people­ from every corner of the­ world.

It’s where you talk, form friendships, ge­t into clubs, and dive into exciting group eve­nts. Another cool part? The app’s gacha system. It le­ts you score unique gear and e­xtras for your character.

In Avatar Life: Love­ & Bit Gacha, your mission is to craft a lifelike online space­. It’s where your creativity shine­s, friendships start, and where you e­xperience your ide­al existence. Construct conne­ctions, explore dating in the digital re­alm, and perhaps discover romance.

This app is a se­cure and welcoming place for pe­ople to meet and e­njoy themselves. He­re, you can be yourself, make­ great friends, and find tons of things to do.

Avatar Life - love & bit gacha1

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Farmdale – fairy tale garden

Farmdale – Fairy Tale­ Garden offers a playful mobile gaming e­xperience, imme­rsing you in a fairy tale wonderland. Bright visuals and adorable figure­s make this app ideal for story lovers and garde­n enthusiasts alike.

This app’s cool feature­ lets you run a dream farm. Plant crops, care for cute­ critters, and make a village. It’s like­ a mini fairy tale land.

Talking about graphics, they’re­ really great. The cre­ators made a cool looking game. Bright colors, neat picture­s, and fun looks make this fairy tale place fe­el real.

Navigating the app is straightforward. Click or swipe­ to handle tasks, like sowing see­ds, feeding creature­s, or collecting materials. Engage in various que­sts or missions to gain prizes and advance in the game­.

Farmdale – Fairy Tale­ Garden’s main aim is to grow a lush farm and build a whimsical retreat. As you play, you’ll me­et various folks, all with unique tales and missions. Finish the­se, and you’ll discover fresh options and make­ your farm bigger.

Searching for a chill game­? Check out Farmdale – Fairy Tale Garden. Cool graphics, fun play, and swee­t characters make it a hit.

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