11 Best Virtual Pet Apps & Games (Android & iOS)

A real pet is not only a constant affection and love but also a real responsibility. You need to be at home at all times, live in the same apartment or house, and have no contraindications or allergies.

In fact, any pet requires care and attention – you will always need to buy food and medicines if necessary, as well as periodic visits to the vet. If you want a real pet and live in the USA you may check our 11 Best pet adoption apps in the USA for Android & iOS review.

If for some reason, you can’t afford a real pet right now, there’s a good alternative. Virtual pets can settle in with your smartphone, as well as bewitching you with their looks.

There’s no need to spend money on food and doctors – you can find it all in one app or game. There are various charming animals in this genre, which you will fall in love with from the first second you meet them.

Virtual pets are always friendly, affectionate and in good spirits – you will just need to take care of them and have fun. We have compiled a list of 11 Best Virtual Pet Apps & Games (Android & iOS).

My Boo – Your Virtual Pet Game

My Boo - Your Virtual Pet GameBoo is a cute virtual pet that cannot be categorized as any kind of animal. In fact, you just start up some creature that needs your care and attention. You can enjoy various mini-games right in the app, having fun and fun with your pet.

Also in My Boo you can decorate it, make it cuter, and dress it to your liking. To begin with, you need to give your pet a name, and then start to grow and develop.

The choice of clothes in My Boo is huge – you all choose to your liking and focus only on this. Pet food is non-standard – there are sweets, fruits, pizza, and even Japanese sushi.

If in real life such food would be hard to imagine, in My Boo everything will be eaten with pleasure. Once your pet has been fed, washed and you’ve had time to play with him, it’s time to go to bed. At night, it’s best to cover Boo with a blanket – you’ll fall asleep and wake up together.

My Boo - Your Virtual Pet Game1 My Boo - Your Virtual Pet Game2


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Cthulhu Virtual Pet

Cthulhu Virtual PetIf you are tired of standard pets or their simulators, then we present the game Cthulhu Virtual Pet. Here as your ward will be not a dog or cat, and not even a raccoon – and the real ancient god Cthulhu.

You will have to make him powerful and strong, develop, and care for him. The first thing you need to do is to wake up the god from a great dream so you can take good care of him.

If you are a fan of Lovecraft, you will enjoy this game even more. Cthulhu Virtual Pet, a kind of Tamagotchi, is designed in the form of pixels, which also gives a special atmosphere. If you think that little Cthulhu will be independent and strong, then you are wrong.

Pet also wants to play, eat, and have fun, and it’s all up to you to provide. Cthulhu is always with you, literally every minute, so for those people, who don’t come to the game so often, there is special Deep Sleep mode. In this mode, your pet will still be alive even if you haven’t fed him on time.

Cthulhu Virtual Pet1 Cthulhu Virtual Pet2


Dragon Pet

Dragon PetDragons are the creatures that will never be your real pets. You can have a gecko, reptile, or someone else, but you can’t find dragons in real life. But with Dragon Pet, you can find a friend who trusts you completely.

In the game, you will find a magic dragon egg, and that’s where your pet will come from. You’ll need to make an immediate effort to hatch him only at the right temperature and conditions.

In the future, all your care will be the same as for any other animal. You will need to feed the dragon, take care of him, and become his best friend – otherwise, he may run away and die, and you will be responsible for what happened.

Dragon Pet gives you the opportunity to have several dragons by collecting an entire collection. Also in the game, there are mini-games, which are designed for your entertainment and improving your skills in the game. Watch how dragon evolves with time and learns how to fly, and more amazing events will await you further.

Dragon Pet1


My Talking Hank

My Talking HankA few years ago, users were mass downloading the My Talking Tom app. It was one of the first virtual pets that people liked so much. After that, the developers released a few more applications of this kind, and one of them was My Talking Hank.

Here you can find a puppy that needs your love and is ready for any adventure together. Like a real pet, My Talking Hank has its own needs that you will need to meet.

Even though all users have the same puppy on the screen, everyone perceives him differently. That’s why we can say that My Talking Hank is unique for each user. Beyond simple care, you’ll need to entertain your puppy.

For example, he loves to take pictures, and you can help him put together a collection of photos of every possible animal. And of course, like the other apps in the series, My Talking Hank allows you to talk in a funny voice – just say the phrase and your puppy will hilariously repeat it.

My Talking Hank1 My Talking Hank2


My Horse

My HorseKeeping a real horse in your house isn’t easy. You need a specialized stable, care, veterinarian, and much more. Unfortunately, no matter how much you love horses, in real life, it is quite difficult and expensive.

But in the My Horse app, you can make your dream come true and take possession of your horse just by downloading the app.

All the care and attention lies on your shoulders: you will need to clean the animal regularly, feed it, and take care of it in every possible way. Also, don’t forget about regular competitions that add to the atmosphere.

My Horse is different from other applications with virtual pets. Here, all actions take place in 3D and you can watch your horse from different angles. As entertainment, you are invited to participate in regular competitions that are held between players all over the world.

You can also connect your friends to My Horse, visit their stables, and observe the development of their pets. Remember that each horse looks unique and you can make your pet perfect.

My Horse1


Moy 7 the Virtual Pet Game

Moy 7 the Virtual Pet GameMoy is another unusual virtual pet that you can have. In total there are 7 parts of this game, each of which has its own features, additions, and details. Some users say that Moy looks like a kind of octopus, but you just have to accept it as a pet.

It is worth noting that all the graphics and design of the game is at a high level, which will please the demanding users.

Of course, you will have to take care of Moy completely – feed him, bathe and even take him to picnics. It is in the latest version of the game the interaction with nature and environment is at the highest level.

You can walk with your pet while exploring new locations of the game. In Moy, there are also mini-games – a total of about 80 if you count along with fun activities.

Among them, you can find arcades, races, puzzles, and other genres. Each user will choose what he likes – and since Moy is your pet, he will also like interesting and unusual activities.

Moy 7 the Virtual Pet Game1 Moy 7 the Virtual Pet Game2


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PouIf you have been interested in virtual pets before, you have definitely heard of Pou. Some people think you’re starting to care for the most common poop, but that’s not how developers define a pet.

You get an abstract creature that needs you. You’ll need to take care of it, bathe and play it, and personalize it completely according to your tastes. So if you previously wanted to try yourself as a host, Pou is a great option.

It’s worth noting that this game is also suitable for children who need to learn to take care of someone. In the game, the child will watch as his unit grows, as well as be able to have fun in special mini-games.

In Pou, there is a separate game room, where you can find interesting entertainment. They will help you earn game currency to buy clothes, as well as interior items in the future.

The appearance of Pou is customizable, you can change its color or add accessories from the very beginning. In order not to get bored, you can also change the color of the wallpaper in every room where the pet is.

Pou1 Pou2


Hellopet – Cute cats, dogs and other unique pets

Hellopet - Cute cats, dogs and other unique petsSometimes it happens that one pet isn’t enough for you. You may be dreaming of owning an animal shelter or just collecting a huge number of dogs and cats, but this is not possible.

Hellopet can help you make your dreams come true and also give you space for a huge number of pets. If you love charming and cute pets, you just need to try this app.

In Hellopet all animals will live on your smartphone screen. They have a cozy home here, which you can arrange or create yourself from scratch. In order to start new pets, you will need to constantly collect cookies (cookies are the currency in the game).

By collecting enough cookies, you will be able to find another pet or open a new room for them to live more comfortably. Of course, every pet needs to be fed and played with more than you will be busy most of the time.

You can also take a picture of the situation in the game and send it to friends, bragging about the decor or cute pets.

Hellopet - Cute cats, dogs and other unique pets1


Cat Condo

Cat CondoIt is said that the purring of cats can calm people down and give them peace of mind. At Cat Condo, your kitten will always be with you to give you a good mood and charge for the day ahead.

In the game, you’ll be able to create your own homes for cats, where they will live. In time, you’ll find a homemade up of these cute animals, adding more and more friends on your smartphone. Of course, you’ll start with one little kitten, but over time you’ll definitely want to get someone else.

Cat Condo has several different types and breeds of cats. You’ll need to unlock each of them for achievements and rewards. As you take care of your kittens, you will receive an award that will give you the opportunity to expand your condo.

You won’t even notice how you’ll eventually get 10 cats, or maybe even more. In Cat Condo, you can watch your pets evolve and become bigger and more mature. Fill the condo with toys so cats won’t get bored while you’re away.

Cat Condo1 Cat Condo2


Hamster Life

Hamster LifeWould you ever like to have a rat, a hamster, or a guinea pig? You may think that with such tiny pets there will be too many worries and inconveniences, which is why you hesitate to buy them.

Hamster Life will show you that it’s easy and fun to raise a hamster while making a new friend. A lot of funny actions and movements are already waiting for you in the game, so don’t hesitate and think about it, but rather find your own hamster.

In Hamster Life you can not just pet, play with your pet or feed him – you can also have fun by putting the hamster in the car. You’ll need to go into the game every day to see if your pet is all right.

You can also change the design of the house where the hamster is located, as well as watch his constant growth. Hamster Life is a real rodent simulator, where he will drink or eat on his own – you only need to fill the bowls in time. You can also try to start a lot of hamsters at once.

Hamster Life1 Hamster Life2


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Pug – My Virtual Pet Dog

Pug - My Virtual Pet DogPugs are the sweetest creatures that people often turn on themselves. They have a smart face and a funny body structure and are not too big as other dogs. Pug is an application where you can find a virtual pet and make it part of your life.

Every day, you need to check on how your ward is doing and take care of him or her, just like in real life with a dog. A pug will be happy or sad, it all depends on how well you treat him.

Like other simulators, Pug encourages you to personalize your pet. This way, you’ll choose his clothes, accessories and the environment in which he lives. You can build your own home by choosing from wallpaper and a variety of furnishings.

In addition to a home, a pug can walk in the garden, where you will play with him or plant flowers. If you can’t get a real dog, then at least you’ll always have a loyal friend in the form of a dog on your smartphone.

Pug - My Virtual Pet Dog1 Pug - My Virtual Pet Dog2


You may have had a virtual pet back in the 90s. At that time, Tamagotchi was very popular as a special device with a pet. With the help of buttons and functions, you were taking care of the pet, feeding it, and so on.

Now you can find many different applications that will do just that. You will be able to care for your pet anywhere – on the subway, on the walk, before bed, and at breakfast.

We may have missed out on any other popular virtual pet app, but we tried to collect the best of them all. Your pets can always be with you – just use a smartphone.

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