My CookBook app review

Do you like to cook delicious cookies? Do you want to diversify your menu? Then you definitely need to click on the “download” button. Installing the My CookBook application on your tablet or smartphone, you get a huge collection of different recipes that are accompanied by illustrations of the dishes that you should eventually get.

With the help of My CookBook app, you can ensure the safety of all your favorite recipes on your device. Such a cookbook will not be lost and will provide a quick search, and if necessary you are able to import recipes from other electronic recipe managers.

In addition to recording recipes, this program has many excellent functions. First, import data from the Internet or other sources. Secondly, the already supported recipe database is maintained. If you like something, then this recipe can be added to your book, and if necessary change some data or images.

If you invite friends, you can see their recipes or give their recommendations. Share recipes with friends, attach photos of your biscuits that you baked.

My CookBook can automatically make a shopping list based on ingredients from the desired recipe, recount the number of ingredients based on the number of people, use voice functions to read recipes. Fonts, themes can be changed, and the recipes database can be synchronized by Dropbox with different devices.

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