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Silent Disco has become a common name for discos, where people listen to music not from speakers, but from wireless headphones. The dance floor is filled with people. Everyone moves to the rhythm, but the music is not heard. Quiet discos are popular at music festivals as they allow dancing even after curfew.

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Although the idea of dancing with headphones has only gained popularity in recent years, it appeared more than a dozen years ago. Probably one of the first times the idea of such a party was visualized was in 1969.

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In 2000, a “silent concert” took place at the Cardiff Arts Center, where spectators listened to the band Rocketgoldstar through headphones, as well as performances by various DJs.

In 2005, due to imposed noise restrictions, the largest-scale wireless headset event was the Glastonbury Festival. The initiative was then taken up by the Dutch company 433fm, which has developed a special offer for various music events in Europe and a set of wireless headphones, calling it “Silent Dicso”.

The name gained recognition and in February 2011, the Internet version of the Oxford Dictionary added silent disco to its pages.

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So, in our time, a unique application has also appeared in the world of technology! The Silent Disco App allows you to join the silent discos created at

Find a disco, join, download music and get involved anywhere! Anyone with the app can join from any end, so why not grab a group of friends, have fun in an amazing location, and have a quiet disco!

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Want to host your event? Then be sure to register for free at to create your own silent disco. You will then be able to find and share a specific disco with a disco code. Share it with all your friends and have an amazing time!



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