My World of Atoms App Review

My World of Atoms is an educational game where you need to collect the elements of the periodic table and make chemical formulas out of them.

We manage a scientist Albert, who, with the help of his drill, collects various elements of the periodic table and combines them in his laboratory on a tree to obtain simple and complex substances that allow you to improve the drill and get to previously inaccessible places on the map. For new elements and discovered substances, you get points and funny stickers.

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The drill periodically overheats and it is necessary to return to the laboratory to cool it. My World of Atoms resembles Minecraft in its gameplay and graphics and is made in a cubic style. The controls are as simple as possible, even a child can easily figure it out.

The description of the found elements is colorfully illustrated, and the text is presented in a playful and cheerful form. Thanks to this, chemistry is not perceived as something complicated and boring. My World of Atoms can instill a love of science in a child from an early age and to tighten up their knowledge for an adult.

The interface is minimal, the arrows for controlling Albert and the button for returning to the laboratory (saves time perfectly), and the scale for heating the drill. Anyone will understand the management, it is simple and allows you to focus on the game itself.

My World of Atoms will open up the world of chemistry to adults and children. All the elements are illustrated and when users find a box, not just boring information opens in front of them – they read interesting facts. For example, did you know that Tellurium is both metal and not metal? Thanks to such facts, memorization gets easier. My World of Atoms is an example of a good educational game that will teach some and remind others.

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