Caves Of Mars App Review

If you are a true fan of shooter games, then you should definitely try Caves Of Mars. The game takes place in the caves of Mars planet. The game comes with 100 levels. While playing, you will have to explore the caves, face challenging obstacles, destroy the enemies and collect as many gems as possible.

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All the collected gems will boost your health. Plus, you will receive extra bonus points while collecting gems and battling with enemies! As you play, you will have to defeat a great number of enemies – for example, bosses, aliens, and so many others!

Furthermore, you will have to find and collect Key Cards to unlock Laser Doors to have access to the caves. For this, you will need a special map that shows the location of each Key Card and the Laser Doors they unlock.

Caves Of Mars2

Moving on, Caves Of Mars offers a very convenient management system. So, you can control your spacecraft by tilting the device in the direction you are going to move. If you want to start the fire, tap on the screen.

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By the way, the game allows you to enable the on-screen controller in settings. Overall, Caves Of Mars is a very addictive game. We have played it for days and still can’t stop!

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