7 Best Naked Scanner Apps for Android

“Such perverts!” – you thought when you saw the title of this article, and then you immediately clicked on it. We are all a little naughty, not a lie, and we all want to know a little more than people tell us. Naked bodies are beautiful, and it is undeniable.

There are a lot of naked photos and videos, pictures, and images of people in swimsuits in the world now in free access. But even with the abundance of such content with age restrictions, we are still looking for something new on the Internet. And if any of our acquaintances put out a frank photo – this way, the interest grows by several times!

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Everybody is interested in the personal lives of people you know – this is how you reveal someone’s secret. Maybe you have a colleague whose body you would like to see? Or do you just make fun of each other with your friends in the evening and have fun with stupid jokes?

In any case, you have come to this site for a reason! We present to you the best apps for exposing other people on iOS and Android!

Scanning body and undressing people PRANK

First of all, remember that if you are under 18 you are not allowed to use this app. For all others welcome to the world of the naughty fun. You just need to open the scanner and move the focus on the body of people. Then the scanner will make them look naked.

For everyone who is too excited about the apps like these – the app doesn’t show the real body image of the person. These are all the pictures uploaded in advance which are chosen randomly by the app. The scanner will display everyone in the focus wearing the underwear.

A little advice – it is better to use this app only with your friends or boyfriend/girlfriend – for obvious reasons. Not all people get those jokes.

And, yes there is a lot of ads – but in the apps of this type, you will always face an overwhelming amount of it. So if you want to download the naked body scanner app, be ready to go through this. By the way, this is one of the most popular apps on Google Play in this category.


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Sexy scanner hot body prank

This app is basically an alternative to the previous one. All you need is to install it and launch – the scanner works automatically when you point it on people it shows as if they weren’t wearing the clothes.

It’s a lot of fun, especially if you walk the crowded street – you can open this app with your friends and secretly use it – you’re going to laugh to tears.

The only thing is in order for the app to make the body look naked the object must stand still in the shot. If you want to make the more precise picture (with friends) you can adjust their posture to the image that the app generates. This app is also super popular and it has good rankings, however, it feels like the reviews are set up by developers.


Body scanner – naked people! 18+ prank

Want to prank your friends again but this time you want to make their pictures look more cartoon-like. When you focus the camera in this app on someone’s body it automatically changes the body image into a one in a bikini. The pictures are very funny and you can have fun all together!

Overall, the app is very simple, it is even plainer than the previous ones. However, it’s been on the market for a while which means that it gained some approval by users.


Sexy body scan prank

One more naked scanner app won’t hurt. There is plenty of choice of naked scanner apps on Google Play, but there are absolutely none on the App Store. Probably, that has something to deal with parental control issues.

Anyway, compared to the previous ones, this app is more like a game, than a real scanner. It displays all the people in more of a cartoon way, so it looks like you are making an HDR picture. There are no reviews about this app yet, but we can see it has more than 10000 downloads.


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Best Audery Woman Full Body Scanner Camera Prank

Moving on, we have one more scanner in this category that works like a game. Here you don’t scan the people live- you need to take the picture of the person first and then swipe the finger on the screen and the app will make them look like they are naked.

Actually, from the name of the app, you can understand that it made for women to prank men. You can take a picture of your friend/boyfriend and then have fun together!



Girls Cloth Remover – Body show Prank App 2020

So, if the previous app was for women, then this app is made for men. It is the body scanner too, and men can prank their girlfriends by taking the picture of them and scan them “naked”.

You can also take the picture of your friend, scan them in the app and he will get the woman’s body on the picture! So this is a cool way to have fun when you are tired and you just want to get some lightweight content.

By the way, here you can both take photos using the camera in the app, or upload a picture from your phone’s gallery. In order to erase the clothes in the photo, you must also swipe the finger on the screen.


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Girl Cloth Remover – Body Show Simulator Prank

And last but not least make a body scanner app on our list is the classical example of this sector. it is fair enough to claim that this app is also for men since it allows them to remove the clothes on the girls’ photos. However, it is possible to upload men’s photos as well and scan them naked.

Once again, for removing the clothes, you need to swipe the finger on the screen and the body of the person on the photo gets naked. Here you can also adjust the half body photo (add the second part from the templates in the app for the better picture).


Not always those who want to expose other people are perverts. They can be pranksters, people with strange interests or just bored internet users. You can even trivialize your evening just by having fun with photos.

Are you in a large group of friends? It is time to turn on your magic scanner and start having fun! You can even play board games or other games, and scanning the body will be a punishment or entertainment during the game – double laughter among your friends!

The most important thing to consider when installing such applications is to be careful with your jokes. Your friend should not be offended. Understand that all applications are just simulators and have no real functionality. Just have fun!

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