11 Free Zombie Tower Defense Games for Android & iOS

Have you been always wondering what a zombie apocalypse would be like? Lucky for you, now you can fully experience that on your smartphone.

Tower defense games are one of the best genres of games for mobile and tablet use. Their simple controls mixed with their easy mechanics make them easy to play and can keep you engaged.

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And of course, there are lots of zombies tower defense games available. These games allow you to massively shoot zombies and protect your people by placing turrets around the camp.

We’ve chosen the most interesting and memorable games that have rich gameplay that enables you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a zombie apocalypse. Here’s the list of the best tower defense games for Android and iOS users that are available for free.

Last Shelter: Survival

Last Shelter: Survival is one of the most popular zombie tower defense games you could find on the market. This game enables you to feel yourself in the apocalypse world, where killing zombies is just a secondary objective and your main deal is to survive.

Playing this game you will not only need to fight zombies because sometimes people you might be much more dangerous. That way, your main goals in this game will be to expand and improve your fighting tools.

As you install the game you will find yourself in a group of survivors that are accidentally found a resource-rich place to stay with a base in the middle.

At the beginning of the game, you will play a tutorial phase that will quickly walk you through the whole process. This part will last for about an hour. As you finish with this, you will be completely on your own.

Along with that, you will need to gather your resources to upgrade your buildings and power up your army in case of a zombie attack.

Speaking of which, there are lots of attacks you will have to face because it’s a combat game. Besides, you will be able to complete some tasks like State-versus-State to earn some points that you can spend to improve your resources.

Speaking about the gameplay, this game provides you to try on various strategic acts to make you look at the story from opposite sides. The atmosphere feels very authentic so you could feel the whole apocalypse vibe. The game is basing on the various servers with people all around the world that you can chat with.

The game is free, but you can also pay for some in-app purchases. However, you can easily play without paying a single penny but you will have to be patient. To sum it up, this game is good if you know exactly what to expect from it and ready to be patient.

last shelter screenlast shelter screen1



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Zombie Defense HNG

Zombie Defense HNG is a nice zombie tower defense game in 3D. Playing this game you will be able to experience the night and day concept where the day is the time to look for some tools like bullets and the night is time to fight zombies.

The day is also a great opportunity to improve your buildings to be ready for the hordes of zombies when the darkness comes. Along with that, you will have the opportunity to play for four characters at the same that tas their own locations and weapons. All the characters also have unique powers and specialties.

Moreover, the Zombie Defense game is a great opportunity to try creative strategies to win zombies. You will also need to learn how to build your tactics and do management to organize your post-apocalyptic life. That way, you will be able to recruit soldiers to place them on buildings to shoot zombies acting as a full-on army.

Besides, you can upgrade your soldier’s weapons and add new ones like grenades, Molotov cocktails, and even huge bulldozers.

Nevertheless, you will need money for all of that. You will have the opportunity to earn it on missions to spend later. To sum it up, Zombie Defense is a great zombie game that enables you to experience a cool game-play style with a unique concept. Try it out!

Zombie Defense screen



Last Hope TD – Zombie Tower Defense Games Offline

Last Hope TD – Zombie Tower Defense is a good zombie tower defense game that enables you to take a part of the war against zombies in an open world mode.

Playing this game you will be able to fight near the powerful heroes from all over the world each of those has unique fighting skills and gear. Besides, you will have access to a huge variety of weapons to choose from to create a perfect strategy for you.

Along with that, you will have to complete more than 150 levels that will challenge your skills so you will spend a lot of time playing. Among these levels, you will need to investigate why the zombie invasion has happened, to kill the leader of the evil savages, and to fight for money and fame.

As you install the Last Hope TD game you will need to choose a character. There are 10 characters to choose from – the Princess, the Barbarian, the Scout, the Soldier, the Sheriff, and much more. As you can see, everyone can found someone for yourself. Besides, there are 12 types of towers to build and each has unique features.

Speaking about the enemies you will have to face, there are more than fifty types of them in the wasteland. Moreover, there are five boss monsters that spread across the map waiting to kill you so don’t expect to kill them with one shot.

The variety of weapons is also impressive. Almost every weapon you can imagine is presented here – from arrow turrets to bombs and electric Tesla coils.

Apart from that, you can set on of three difficulty settings: Normal, Hard, or Nightmare so you can manage how hardcore your game will be. Besides, the game works offline so you can fight zombies wherever you are. To sum it up, Last Hope TD – Zombie Tower Defense is a great game with an authentic apocalyptic vibe. So try it now!

last hope screen



Zombie World: Tower Defense

Zombie World: Tower Defense is a free zombie tower defense game that enables you to defend your towers from the hordes of attacking zombies.

Playing this game you be able to build towers around your base to protect it from the constant attacks of the zombies. Besides, you will have the opportunity to put up different types of towers with unique features to make your defense strategy more effective.

As you install the game you will face the storyline that will tell you about an unknown virus that spread all over the world in 2018 and killed most of the people on Earth. To0 be exact, 80 percent of the population. By far, there are only a few small groups of people left and all the others have become mindless zombie-mutants.

Along with that, your main goal in this game is to survive with your group and stop the virus from further spreading. Moreover, the game will enable you to recruit people to work with you. Each of these people has their own abilities and battle skills.

You will also need to upgrade your towers all the time to make it more powerful against the zombie attacks. That towers could line into an unbreakable line that will protect your people and your base when the undead will come. That way you will be able to fight zombies and stay protected at the same time.

Unlike many other zombie tower defense games, this one is kids-safe. That way, if you’re a parent you can allow your child to play Zombie World: Tower Defense. This game doesn’t prevent violence and doesn’t show much blood on the screen so it is a great way to pass the time for adults and children alike.

To sum it up, Zombie World: Tower Defense has colorful graphics that make the gaming process both fun and lifelike so you will definitely enjoy your time playing it.

zombie world screenzombie world screen1


Global Defense: Zombie War

Global Defense: Zombie War is a free zombie tower defense game that enables you to build defense towers around your base to be protected from zombies and be able to kill them.

As you install the game you will hear the storyline that tells you that all the hordes of zombies destroyed all the cities and now the small groups of survivors are trying their best not to die.

Your main goal in this game is to build towers to keep zombies far from your base and to win the great war between the living and the dead.

As the game starts, you will find yourself at one of the last bastions of human settlement defense against the zombie plague. You will need to try your best to defend yourself and the people around you from the zombie apocalypse.

Global Defense: Zombie War enables you to place defense turrets in strategic areas to kill the incoming zombies and you can also use many types of turrets including some special skills for the eradication of the various different kinds of zombies that will attack.

The game includes 2 defense modes in 3 difficulty settings, upgradeable defenses, so you can customize it by your will. You will also have 27 medals to gain and achieve the highest military rankings. Speaking of the visual aspect of this game, it has great graphics and visual effects.

All the sound effects keep the horrifying atmosphere on a high level. Along with that, you need to keep in mind that zombies in this game always appear in groups so keep your eyes open.

Besides, this game provides a large map so you will be able to kill zombies all over the world. Each city has unique details and an authentic view, so you won’t be disappointed.

There is also a wide variety of zombies so they don’t look like each other’s copy. The number of weapons is also huge and you are allowed to customize and upgrade all of them. To sum it up, this is a cool zombie game that can easily cover everything you expect from it.

Global Defense screenGlobal Defense screen1



Zombie Guard

Zombie Guard is a free zombie tower defense game that enables you to fight against the hordes of zombies from the towers.

As you install the game you need to be ready to face the city that is under the permanent threat of a zombie attack, and you’re the leader the people are counting on. As you see, all the survivors’ lives depend on your decision to be smart and think twice before making a choice. Just like in real life.

Playing this game you have to build your fighting and defense strategy against zombies to keep your base and your people safe. Zombies will come wave after wave so you need to try your best to survive. Along with that, you’ll need to upgrade and improve your weapons and the equipment to be able to meet all the challenges that are yet to come.

Moreover, this game will give you the opportunity to feel yourself in the middle of the apocalypse standing behind the barricade. All of the zombies that will try to slip into your base need to be immediately killed. You will get access to a huge variety of weapons that could be improved and that will help you to be deadly against zombies.

As long as your high up your level the difficulty of the levels will high up too. That way, there will be more zombies so the attacks will be more intense. The choice of weapons is also large so you have the guns, the blades, rifles, mini bazookas, and even some landmines.

The team you unite around you is also important. All the characters in the game have unique features and fighting skills so you won’t be fighting alone. Apart from that, you will get some gifts from time to time that will help you to boost your gear.

To sum it up, Zombie Guard is a great zombie game that enables you to feel yourself in the middle of the apocalypse. If that is what you’re looking for, give it a try!

Zombie Guard screenZombie Guard screen1



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Zombie Defense – Merge Turrets

If you’re looking for more lightweight games but still want to play a game where the main idea is the defense of the tower from zombies, then this app will suit you perfectly. The game really reminds of a lego game, but this is not the game of this series.

As you might have already guessed, the main focus here is the turrets and there are four of them: high attack turret, deceleration turret, poison attack turret, range attack turret. You have to constantly upgrade and change the construction to keep your tower protected form the zombies.

By the way, this is a strategy game, so if you’re a fan of this type as well, then go for it. Mix and match turrets in order to get the strongest and long-lasting fortress from monsters, but don’t forget to make improvements on a regular basis. You can constantly upgrade your buildings – the limit does not exist.

When you gain enough scores, you can use the secret weapon and kill more than a hundred zombies at one stroke. By the way, there are zombie bosses that you will have to conquer. In total, the game has more than 2000 levels.

And even though the game overall is simple, it includes a very decent animation and is suitable for all ages of gamers – both for children and adults.



SAS: Zombie Assault 3

SAS: Zombie Assault 3 is an online multiplayer zombie tower defense game that enables you to crash zombies and keep them away from your base.

Playing this game you’ll quickly realize that zombies come in waves, so you should be on the lookout. Your only goal in this game is to stay long enough to kill all the undead.

As you might expect, zombies can easily kill you if they’ll get close enough so you’d better not to stop and kill them as long as you can. Another thing that you should keep in mind is that there are lots of corners on the map where you will be absolutely vulnerable to zombies.

Speaking about the graphics,  SAS: Zombie Assault 3 put it on a high level, so you won’t be disappointed with that. All the textures are well-made and the animation feels very realistic. The audio is also great so everything that is going on has its own unique sound so you could feel the tension during the game.

There are bunches of levels to complete too and lots of zombies to kill. Moreover, all the undead has different moving speed, strength, and a level of health. That way you will get various points for killing different types of zombies.

Apart from that, you have a limited number of weapons and food so you will need to earn coins to keep fighting with anything other than the basic gun or blade.

But the good news is that you can get a random new weapon on every new level so you can try other guns for free. To sum it up, SAS: Zombie Assault 3 is a great zombie tower defense game to play with your friends, give it a try.

sas screen



Army vs Zombies: Tower Defense Game

Army vs Zombies: Tower Defense Game is the free zombie game that enables you to put together an army of soldiers to fight against the hordes of the undead monsters.

Playing this game you will need to kill all the zombies before they eat your soldiers and destroy your base. During the game, you will have five soldiers with fire guns in your little squad to help you crash zombie legion.

Along with that, there are almost fifty levels to complete, and every next more difficult than the other. As the game start, you will play one tutorial level that will guide you through the game process and after that, you will be on your own.

Right from the second level, you will be putting together an army to create a definition line around your base and kill all the zombies that are trying to pass it.

With the start of the game, you’ll find a little bit of gold that you can use to recruit soldiers to improve your weapons and tower. When you’ll run out of the money you’ll need to earn it during the battle. You will also have access to bags with sand that can slow down the zombies.

Another thing to keep in mind is zombies don’t appear one by one, they come in waves so you will need to quickly build in your strategy. That way, if even one zombie slips into your base, you’ve lost.

All your fights will be rated with medals so less dead people you have – the more medals you get. These medals might be used to improve the soldier’s powers and weapons and also to build more towers.

Speaking about the gameplay, it is really well-made and the game looks quite realistic. There are lots of animated details so that you can fully feel the atmosphere. All in all, Army vs Zombies: Tower Defense Game is a great zombie tower defense game to get lost in.

Army vs Zombies screen


SWAT and Zombies S2

SWAT and Zombies S2 is a zombie tower defense game that enables you to feel yourself a special agent that is fighting against legions of zombies.

Playing this game you will be able to protect the city of survivors by placing down armed agents in the strategical locations. That way, when the zombies will come closer than needed, these people will get them killed. With every killed zombie there will be some coins earned that you can use to improve your weapons and armor.

Along with that, every completed level gives you the experience, coins, and some items you can use to upgrade everything you need. Besides, every new level is more difficult than the previous one so that you can take part in a single-player mode or to fight against another player online.

Speaking about the graphics, it is very well-made in this game. That way, you will never lose the tension playing it because you will literally feel hordes of zombies are surrounding you. SWWAT and Zombies S2 also offers you a gives you a chance to be a professional snipper, killing zombies with one shot.

Moreover, there are more than fifty types of weapons to choose from and improve in the future playing. There are also different types of zombies that have different speed strength and even clothes. You can easily meet fat or pink-haired zombies and even zombie cats.

Another great feature of this game is a hell mode that will challenge your powers and strategies. There is also an infinite mode with endless legions of zombies that are almost impossible to kill.

Besides, you can try a real-time battle mode that gives you an opportunity to fight with other players online. To sum it up, SWAT and Zombies S2 is a fun game that can entertain and distract you from the real-life problems.

swat screen



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Dead Defence

Dead Defence is a tower defense game that allows you to fight zombies by strategically placing turrets along a labyrinth-like field.

The concept of this game is quite simple: you will need to fight with enemies that come in waves, like zombies, spiders, hounds, and all sorts of creepy critters.

Alike many zombie games, the world is ended up by a virus that turned many people into zombies. And to protect the last base, you will need to place a series of towers in order to fend off the hordes.

Along with that, there are plenty of different turrets to place and each one has it’s own features like ice, fire and machine guns, and even some rocket launchers. In case you need to earn more firepower and improve your towers you can take part in the researches in the laboratory.

That way you can easily unlock lots of useful stuff. As you level up in the game, you can also upgrade your towers and even get some extra ones to line it up around the base.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you will need to spend quite a lot of time playing this game to be successful in it. Besides, the game is pretty hard so you will need to be smart and creative.

There are twelve different levels that are available from the start and these should last you a reasonable length of time. It’s also possible to acquire or purchase gems that can be used to buy special one-off power-ups. To sum it up, Dead Defence is a great game to try if you’re ready to spend your time playing.

Dead Defence screen



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