9 Best Numerology Apps for Android & iOS

Numerological psycho-matrix has a rather ancient origin, combining the mathematical systems of Arabs, Druids, Phoenicians, Egyptians, wise men of China, Pythagoreans with the sciences of human nature. For example, our date of birth is the numbers that are given to us by fate, not by chance. Every person has an “own” number.

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The following numerology apps help you to determine the typical character traits laid down by date of birth, your name, and other fateful numbers. These characteristics can be transformed throughout life, as needed or necessary.

World Numerology

The best numerology application is available for both platforms – World Numerology Collection. It was created by a famous numerologist Hanz Decoz. The app includes the largest database of numerology readings. So, Personal Reading, Daily Forecast, 3 Chart Calculators will be available to you for free after downloading.

To see readings, just enter your name and the date of birth. You will get highly personal reports. They describe many areas of your life. Read about your personality, talents, relationship, lucky numbers,  monthly/yearly forecast, and so on.

The unique feature of the World Numerology app is that it lets you check your compatibility with as many people as you want. You can get monthly and yearly compatibility forecasts for each relationship. Also, it’s possible to add relatives and friends to see their unique readings and charts.

World Numerology appWorld Numerology


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My Name Meaning Numerology

As it is easy to guess, in this application you can read detailed information based on your name numerology. Download My Name Meaning Numerology and calculate your name meaning.

To know the meaning of your name, enter your name in the special field and press “Submit”. Using this data, the application will be able to make calculations, after which all necessary information is displayed.

It uses the Pythagorean method of calculation, analysis, and the definition assigned to each letter. Each digit has a numeric value that provides a related cosmic vibration. Do you want to know what your name says about you? Feel free to start using this application on your smartphone.

My Name Meaning NumerologyMy Name Meaning Numerology app

Complete Numerology Horoscope – Free Name Analysis

Complete Numerology Horoscope is a unique application in which you can find all the necessary calculations using your name and date of birth. This information is interesting to read and get a practical benefit from it.

You can find out your Birth Number, Life Path number, Soul number, and Destiny number. Each number opens interesting facts about you concerning your personality, health, inner feelings, and outlook in life, and much more.

There are six categories included: Your Hidden Talent, Your Love Life, Your Fashion Style, Your Suitable Career Path, Your Health Path, Your Wealth Path.

Complete Numerology Horoscope appComplete Numerology Horoscope


Numerology by AstrologersMasters

Numerology by AstrologersMasters is a kind of tool for understanding the complexities of the world of numbers and numerological analysis without studying the basics of this doctrine and principles of computation.

That is a utility to achieve results bypassing the process. In this program, basic techniques are presented and work, which makes it possible to obtain information about any person in the context of numerological analysis in just a few taps on the display of your mobile device.

Be sure to start working in this unique application. At the very beginning, you will need to enter a name and date of birth. You can read detailed information about what your date of birth means and more.

The main blocks included in this app are Luck, Numerology Predictions, Career, Wealth Predictions, Health, Compatibility, Numerology Horoscope, Tarot Numerology, Numerology Calculator.

numerology appnumerology

Numerology by Astroyogi.com

Using the information that the date of birth hides, you can develop a course of action based on actually existing innate qualities. That is the only effective way.

In the process of achieving intermediate goals, an understanding of your own life purpose comes. Of course, each ability can be used in different ways. But the assessment of each intermediate result separately and all of them in aggregate will not leave any doubts about what exactly your ultimate goal should be.

The only way to get acquainted with the interpretations of your number in numerology is to calculate it by date of birth. And Numerology by Astroyogi.com will help!

Here, you can access daily/weekly numerology predictions, compatibility guides, know your lucky number and color to guide your day. Discover your personal year number and ger annual predictions based on it.

Numerology by Astroyogi.com appNumerology by Astroyogi

Pocket Numerology

It is a numerology calculator that allows you to define the basis of human essence and express it in terms of the number of the name. The real potential of your intellect and physical condition, a list of spiritual and material values, without which you can never feel yourself a truly happy person lies in these numbers.

You’ll get a daily forecast and check your personal day, month, and year number daily. You can add as many names as you want. Just type the name and the Pocket Numerology calculator will calculate number values on the fly.

There are two systems you can choose from. They are Pythagorean and Chaldean (less popular, but more accurate). And you’ll get different values and descriptions.

Personal, business, baby, and other name lists are available. You can save your favorite names and enter birthdays for each one to get additional descriptions.

Pocket Numerology app reviewPocket Numerology

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Numerology 69

This numerology app will tell you everything about you after you enter the date of your birthday. It has listed more than 96 questions with over 1,500 possible answers so that you can use it as truth or dare apps. Using this app you can find almost all the answers to all the questions about your future.

Here you will find predictions about your career, love, education, money, and many more. The feature that distinct Numerology 69 from other apps is that it brings really honest forecasts, not just something a person wants to hear. So if you are ready to hear the harsh (sometimes) truth, get this app and explore your destiny.


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A FREE Numerology Reading

This app is not so popular as other numerology apps on the list but still good to calculate your destiny number. You will find your number entering the letters in your full name.

A free Numerology Reading allows you to “decipher” the name in order to define your personality, understand how to realize your talents and abilities, which you may not even guess.

The vibration of name numbers affects your life. Number vibrations are present in our life not only directly, but also indirectly, and their strongest source is a name. Its influence on a person is often underestimated. A free Numerology Reading will help you to get more information.

A FREE Numerology Reading appA FREE Numerology Reading

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Astro Veda

If you are a beginner here, then you should know that Astrology and numerology are closely connected. Your horoscope can tell a lot about your numeric nature and how those numbers impact on you. This app will help you to get your personalized horoscope and get the most accurate predictions.

There is a button that you can click on to order a prediction by one of the Gurus. The app is based on Vedic Astrology. In the case of such apps, it is essential to check out the reviews of others, to exclude fraudulence. Astro Veda has an excellent ranking on App Store and Google Play which means you can trust this app.


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