11 Free Random Word Generator Apps (Android & iOS)

Randomizer apps are used for different purposes. So you can choose the winner of a raffle, a name in a game, the name of your personal brand, and many more. If you often need to generate new ideas, then we recommend you use these free random word generator apps for Android & iOS.

Random Word Generator

Random Word Generator is a handy app that will help you add new unusual words to your speech. Thanks to this app you will be able to expand your vocabulary by generating new and unique words.

The app has a fairly simple and clear interface, which makes it easy to use, even if you have no experience with such apps. The main page offers several options from which you can choose the one that suits you best.

One of the main features of this app is the generation of random words. You can choose the desired setting and generate words based on their length, part of speech, or complexity. In addition to generating words, the app offers a variety of options for personalized customization.

The program also allows you to drill down into each lexical meaning of the words it generates. You will also be able to define the language, length, and other parameters for generating your words.

The app also has a word-saving feature so that you can fill your own vocabulary based on the constructs you like or are most interested in. You can also easily copy and export generated words from the app to use for your own purposes. Since the app is completely free, you can use it an unlimited number of times.


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Spin The Wheel – Random Picker

Spin the Wheel is a fun and interactive app that will help you make decisions in a wide variety of situations.

Regardless of whether you should choose a place for dinner, solve arguments with your friends or determine where to go on vacation, this app will help you resolve all doubts and make the process of choosing much more interesting.

One of the main features is the ability to create your own categories and questions. This means that you can customize the app to your needs and use it in all situations. You can create your own roulette with answer choices by choosing different colors and names.

The app also has ready-made categories and questions to help you quickly start using it without too much hassle. These can be categories related to food, travel, sports, form of recreation, and many others. The app has a wide range of options so you can choose the ones that best suit your interests and needs.

Along with the choices, the app offers interesting and colorful designs, animated graphics, and an easy-to-understand interface. You can easily spin the roulette at the touch of your finger and get random results.

Besides, you can adjust the rotation speed of the roulette depending on your desire to make the selection process even faster. Because of its simplicity and versatility, the app is suitable for all age groups and can be used anywhere and anytime.


Random: All Things Generator

Random is a unique and easy-to-use app that offers you everything you can generate. This app gives you access to a wide range of random content, amazing ideas, entertaining tasks, and more. Here you can generate random facts, quotes, items, assignments, recipes, and even random combinations for games.

This is the perfect app for those who are looking for new ideas and want to diversify their everyday life. The app will generate random items that you can use for inspiration in your creative projects or even just for everyday tasks.

With it, you can also learn new and surprising facts chosen at random from different areas of knowledge. It’s the perfect way to not only have fun but also learn something new every day. Get your daily dose of inspiration with randomly generated quotes from famous people.

These motivating and wise words are sure to lift your spirits and give you extra motivation. The app will create various assignments for you that will help you make your life more interesting and exciting. You can use these tasks for your personal development or make them part of a game with your friends.

The generator can also offer you plenty of new recipes. Just choose a random recipe and try something new. The app offers the generation of random combinations for games and other entertainment.


Pictionary Word Generator

Pictionary is a fun and exciting mobile app that offers players word generation for use in an actual game. In this app, you can test your drawing and word-guessing skills by interacting with participants from all over the world.

With it, you can enjoy the creative and fun process of drawing, as well as test your erudition and word-guessing skills. The game is divided into categories, each with a unique task. One player chooses a word and draws it on the screen, trying to convey its meaning with an illustration.

The other players have to guess what’s shown in the picture. But the app not only tests your creativity and cognitive abilities but also teaches develops logical thinking, and enhances communication between the participants.

Together with your friends or casual partners, you can have fun guessing words or showing your drawings. Enjoy a fun drawing experience on your device screen and try to guess words from different categories. Choose the categories that best suit your skills and experience.

The app is constantly updated to provide you with new and interesting words to draw and guess. Choose difficulty levels to make the word-guessing process even more interesting and fun. Have fun interacting with other players by sharing your drawings and guessing with others.


Random Name Picker – Raffles

The Random Name Picker app is an innovative tool for teachers, educators, and organizers who are looking for an effective way to randomly select students or pupils in the classroom.

With this app, you can simplify the process of selecting participants to answer, complete assignments, or take part in group activities. What makes the app stand out is its ease of use. It offers a clear interface with minimal settings, allowing you to focus on the learning process itself rather than on setting up the app.

The program offers several different ways to select random names. You can select them randomly one at a time, create groups of multiple people, or determine the order of participation based on pre-defined parameters such as alphabetical order, student ranking, or previous success.

You can mark selected participants to avoid reselections and save lists of selected names for later use or analysis. Besides, the app offers the ability to save student names for each class or group so that it is easy to select them later.

Easily edit, change, or even delete the lists created in the app, depending on your personal preferences and needs. You can also export your lists from the app so you can print them out or use them on other platforms.



Wordraw is a handy app for generating words on any subject. The app contains a huge number of words on various topics. Over 3000 words, grouped into categories, are available for you to randomly select.

Here, they will automatically appear on the screen after you start the app, allowing you to quickly start playing the game. You can click on the “Random” button and get a word from the database.

This is a great alternative to the popular word card game for drawing and guessing them. You can even use the built-in timer to test your erudition and creativity.

With this app, you won’t need to come up with your own words for other participants in the game, as the program will generate them yourself. Thanks to the app’s extensive vocabulary base, you don’t have to worry about repetitions, as they are excluded.

The app has a simple and clear interface that makes it easy to use for everyone. Even those who have never encountered the game before will be able to use this app.

The program also works offline. You can use it anytime and anywhere, even if you don’t have access to a network. This free app will help you expand your vocabulary, have fun, and even develop your creative skills.


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Random Generator

Random Generator is an innovative app for generating various words, number combinations, passwords, roulette, and so on. Thanks to its simple and clear interface, even beginners will be able to use this app for the first time.

To use this generator, you just need to log in to the app and select the appropriate category. After that, you need to click on the button and wait for the result. Yet, the generator is as fast as possible, which allows you to get immediate results for any of the categories.

Moreover, the app is completely free and you will be able to use it an unlimited number of times. Here you will be able to generate random combinations of numbers, for example, for your passwords on websites or social networks.

You can also generate your own random wheel, which you can later use to make decisions, for Challenges and other purposes. Use the generation for games or passwords. Customize the generator’s settings yourself so that it gives only the values you need according to your goals.

Here you will be able to save all your results so that you can use them later. Enter words, sentences, questions, and other values for the Wheel of Fortune so that the wheel can spin and give out only one of your values.

Create your own commands so that the program will give random values according to your requests.



InspireMe is a mobile app that will help you expand your vocabulary by randomly generating words. This app offers you a huge selection of various words and phrases that you can use in your written or spoken expression.

Just select your desired category and the app will generate you words that will help you express your thoughts more accurately and effectively.

The app also offers a word-filtering feature. You can customize the filter to get words of a certain length or a certain subject. Add words to bookmarks for easier access to them in the future. The app also has a history feature that helps you keep track of all the words that have been generated by the program.

Here you can customize your profile to make it easier for you to use the generator. With a simple and as concise interface as possible, you can quickly learn how to use the word generation app. The advantage of the app is the large variety of languages in which you can generate random words.

Each time you press the button, random words or word combinations will fall out, which allows you to get something new and interesting every time.

Also in the app, you can activate the paid version to discover unlimited access to the functionality and features of the program. After paid activation, it is possible to use the app without restrictions on the number of generations and queries.


Random – All in One Randomizer

Random All-in-One Randomizer is an app that opens up to you a world of endless possibilities of randomness. With this app, you will be able to generate everything from numerical values to a wheel of fortune that will help you choose any action or task.

The app includes a random number generator. You can use it to generate random numbers within a given range and customize the amount of random numbers you like. It offers a function to randomly select items from a given list.

Another feature is words for games or unusual word combinations, the app will help you do this in minutes. It has a generator of random colors, washes, cards, and other items.

Yet, you can get them after connecting to the paid version. But the rest of the available and free features you will be able to use without any restrictions. There are other fun features in the app such as random phrase generators or random assignments that can boost your mood and have fun with your friends properly.

With a click of a button, you can get interesting phrases or tasks that can help you have a good and fun time. The app offers a simple, concise, and clear interface. You can select the desired parameters, customize preferences and get the results that best suit your needs and desires.


Random Lists – Random Picker

This is a modern mobile app that offers a full range of tools for generating random choices. With it, you can easily handle any situation that requires a complex solution.

In the app, you will be able to easily generate random numbers within a certain range. This will allow you to select random words and phrases from the list you have created.

In this list, you can include different queries and a number will be automatically assigned to each of them. The generator will allow you to select it. This is the perfect tool for any luck games or lottery tricks.

The app offers the ability to generate random names based on the user’s preferences for gender, name type, and length. Also, the app generates unique and strong passwords that will protect users from hackers and unwanted access to their accounts.

It is also possible to create an unlimited number of lists, and edit and delete them in the app. From the app, lists can also be sent to other platforms to be used later or shared with your friends and acquaintances.

Also in the app, you can search the list by name and other parameters, which greatly reduces the time to sort the values you need. The program allows you to customize the necessary settings and options for random selection, so everyone can use the app at their own pleasure.


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RandomName is a handy app that will help you generate various random first and last names quickly and easily. With this app, you will have access to a huge number of different combinations of names.

The app uses an artificial intelligence algorithm, thanks to which it is possible to generate real first and last names for their further use. This versatile generator can be used in different languages, making it universal and user-friendly for everyone.

One of the main features of the app is the many settings and filters that will help you customize name generation to your needs. You can choose the gender, nationality, length, and more. This will allow you to create names that are completely customized to your requirements and preferences.

The app also offers you the option to save names that you like so that you can easily come back to them later. You can create a list of favorite names and use it for your project or just as a source of inspiration. Share your saved names with friends or coworkers via social media or messengers.

This app also allows you to use the generator an unlimited number of times as it is completely free. Thanks to its clear and simple functionality, you will quickly learn all the features of the app and start generating unique first and last names in just a few taps.

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