9 Best Online Payments Apps Without Credit / Debit Cards

It has been a long time since anyone has used cash. It is quite problematic – all wages are paid by standards to the workers’ debit cards, and in order to get cash, you will need to find a bank or ATM. You can also get money back from your purchases with 11 Best Cashback Apps 2020 (Android & iOS).

That is why many people are already used to using cards – just put a plastic rectangle to the cash desk and your purchase is paid. But modern technologies have gone further – now you don’t even need to use cards.

Many people have also heard about NFC payment technologies. You just tie your card to your smartphone and can pay with it anywhere. But if your money is not in the bank account or on the card, problems may occur again.

Not all standard payment applications support payment other than debit and credit cards. We tried to find 9 Best Online Payments Apps Without Credit or Debit Cards for you – enjoy.

Paytm -UPI, Money Transfer, Recharge, Bill Payment

Paytm -UPI, Money Transfer, Recharge, Bill PaymentYou can instantly pay for your purchases or bills using the Paytm application. It uses the BHIM UPI system to make all payments and is perfect for regular expenses such as water, electricity, gas, and so on.

You can also use the application to perform other operations, such as booking trains, airline tickets, or bus tickets between cities.

In order to use Paytm, you will need to send money from your phone number or bank account to this account. You can track its balance directly in the application, as well as connect to the system your accounts from different banks.

Paytm supports the State Bank of India, as well as all other banks, whose branches are located in the country (of course, if they support BHIM UPI).

The interface of the application itself is very simple, and each function is clearly explained to the user – so you do not have to worry that something will happen to your money without your knowledge or accident.

Paytm -UPI, Money Transfer, Recharge, Bill Payment1 Paytm -UPI, Money Transfer, Recharge, Bill Payment2

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Amazon Shopping, UPI, Money Transfer, Bill Payment

Amazon Shopping, UPI, Money Transfer, Bill PaymentAmazon is the largest company whose development and work does not stop at online shopping. They also have a special application, which is designed specifically to pay for everything you want – shopping on the Internet, bills, ordering products, and much more.

The Amazon application includes all the functionality that is available to users at the moment because here you can make an operation for any occasion in life.

Of course, online shopping is the main reference point of Amazon. Here you will review, study, and order those products that you need – from clothing for official events to a set of products for dinner.

You can pay your bills and purchases using the Amazon Pay UPI service, where you can top up your account, book tickets for flights and trips, and pay your house receipts.

The application also offers money transfers to other subscribers’ accounts, even if they do not use Amazon as a payment application.

Amazon Shopping, UPI, Money Transfer, Bill Payment1 Amazon Shopping, UPI, Money Transfer, Bill Payment2

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PhonePe – UPI, Recharges, Investments & Insurance

PhonePe - UPI, Recharges, Investments & InsuranceDo you use several payment methods at once? You may have not only credit and debit cards but also an e-wallet or BHIM UPI. In this case, a great solution would be to install it on your smartphone application PhonePe.

It is a payment service that allows you to pay for your expenses from any of your accounts – it does not have to be a bank account. All transfers and payments are instant, so you don’t have to wait endlessly for your transaction to be approved.

PhonePe allows you to transfer money from BHIM UPI – both to your account and send it to other people. This way you can pay phone bills or transfer money to bank accounts using the IFSC code.

You can manage your money in several banks, as well as pay your loans and utilities through the application. PhonePe even supports other applications on your smartphone, such as those you use to order products or buy online.

PhonePe - UPI, Recharges, Investments & Insurance1 PhonePe - UPI, Recharges, Investments & Insurance2

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JioMart Partner – Official App: Grow Your Business

JioMart Partner - Official App Grow Your BusinessJioMart Partner is an affiliate application for merchants who would like to create or improve their business at no extra cost. It helps increase business turnover and profits, but you also need to be a partner of the system.

That’s why you’ll need the JioMart Partner app – the only way to get an invitation. Here you can open products from a personalized catalog and order them for your business without trying to find suppliers yourself.

JioMart Partner also offers huge discounts on items from its extensive catalog, which you can pay with the payment system that suits you best. Business growth will be driven by the fact that you’ll be able to satisfy every customer’s request – JioMart Partner will provide you with all the products you need.

It’s also worth noting that in addition to the transparent and convenient payment system, the service also provides other services. Entrepreneurs who use JioMart Partner for business receive support at every stage of their development.

JioMart Partner - Official App Grow Your Business1 JioMart Partner - Official App Grow Your Business2


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MobiKwik BHIM UPI, Money Transfer, Recharge & Bill Payment

MobiKwik BHIM UPI, Money Transfer, Recharge & Bill PaymentMobiKwik is the service that will help you pay for anything. This application is ideal for mobile recharge, bill and utility payments, DTH recharge, and other operations. You can even pay insurance premiums in it, if necessary.

It is also worth noting that MobiKwik is also focused on investment – here you can invest in modern technology and quickly get your profit on the deposit.

MobiKwik is also an excellent application for those users who would like to get cashback for all the operations they perform. You can just pay for the communication services, and part of the money will immediately return to your account.

MobiKwik allows you to transfer money to different banks and accounts of different people if you need it. In India, developers have established cooperation with many banks, including BHIM UPI. The user can set up automatic payments or regularly order something over the Internet, using only one application for all their purposes.

MobiKwik BHIM UPI, Money Transfer, Recharge & Bill Payment1 MobiKwik BHIM UPI, Money Transfer, Recharge & Bill Payment2

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YONO SBI: The Mobile Banking and Lifestyle App!

YONO SBI The Mobile Banking and Lifestyle AppDo you want to conduct all transactions with finances through one application? YONO SBI can become such an application for you, which provides opportunities for absolutely all payments and purchases.

Receipts in stores, travel, booking tickets, and hotels, as well as many other things – all this is contained in the functionality of one application. YONO SBI is a mobile banking service in India that provides users with a wide range of services and offers from products to fashionable clothes.

The application also offers users personal discounts and exclusive products that you will not find anywhere else. Also, YONO SBI has a simplified banking system, where you do not have to go every time to the bank branch to transfer money.

You can quickly pay your bills or transfer your funds, as well as control costs in all your accounts – YONO SBI is connected to many banks and life insurance systems. Also in the application, you can quickly get a loan on favorable terms – in case if you currently do not have enough money for a large purchase.

YONO SBI The Mobile Banking and Lifestyle App1 YONO SBI The Mobile Banking and Lifestyle App2

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Oxigen Wallet Bill Payment & Recharge,Wallet

Oxigen Wallet Bill Payment & Recharge,WalletYour classic cash wallet can be easily transferred to an electronic format. For example, with the help of the Oxigen Wallet application – it is represented by one of the best suppliers of payment solutions.

You can easily and conveniently pay for everything you want on the Internet and in real life. At the same time, the system also provides you with many exclusive offers, which you can use as soon as you install the application on your smartphone.

Like any payment application, Oxigen Wallet gives you full information about all the payments you have made during the whole period of use. Your money will always be safe in the Oxigen Wallet account, and each payment is made using encryption.

You can send the money to any mobile number, which is defined in the application. You can also make gifts directly through the application, for example, to pay for a gift card in the favorite store of your friend – he will be able to use it both in real life and on the Internet.

Oxigen Wallet Bill Payment & Recharge,Wallet1 Oxigen Wallet Bill Payment & Recharge,Wallet2

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BHIM Axis Pay:UPI,Online Recharge & Money Transfer

BHIM Axis Pay UPI,Online Recharge & Money TransferIf you used the UPI system before, you should know what it is. It is a specialized payment system, on which many banking applications are based, including BHIM Axis Pay.

Here you do not need to remember your bank data in order to make any purchase – all data is available with a special identifier. You will be able to install it yourself to make the application even more convenient to use.

BHIM Axis Pay can be used to transfer money and pay for purchases, depending on how you normally use your money. Also in the application, you can tie all your bank accounts for better control – you will always see how much money you have left at the moment.

Many customers of BHIM Axis Pay can also get instant loans and real credit cards by applying through the application – however, it is not necessary if you already pay everything with UPI. Manage your money the way you want, because the application has all the conditions for this.

BHIM Axis Pay UPI,Online Recharge & Money Transfer1 BHIM Axis Pay UPI,Online Recharge & Money Transfer2

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TezzPay – Recharge, Bill Payment, UPI, Merchant

TezzPay - Recharge, Bill Payment, UPI, MerchantMany sellers already use TezzPay for all transactions and quality work of their business. Here you can manage all the cards and accounts that you have at the moment, as well as instantly replenish your wallet to quickly pay for anything on the Internet.

TezzPay allows you to pay for mobile communications, contact hotels and carriers for reservations, use pre-payment and post-payment – in general, fully and completely control what you spend your money on.

If a user joins TezzPay as a distributor or retailer, they will receive interest on all deposits and payments they make. This system will allow you to save and even earn more if you are a salesperson.

If you make transfers, TezzPay guarantees you a fast money transfer with a better price – their rates are lower than in classic banks. The service even provides insurance services, which you can arrange in a mobile application in a few minutes.

TezzPay - Recharge, Bill Payment, UPI, Merchant1 TezzPay - Recharge, Bill Payment, UPI, Merchant2


Previously, in order to pay the bill, pay off the debt, or give money for pocket expenses to your children, you would need to find a wallet and get the right bill out of there.

Now you don’t have to deal with cash – just pay everything online or with a special payment system. There are many online wallets, virtual cards, and similar things. You will simply use the electronic version of money, transferring the desired amount to the account, or paying for your purchases online.

Cash nowadays can only be used as large bills, smaller ones are rarely used by ordinary people. Payments with apps are more convenient so we hope that our article has become truly useful for you.

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