11 Dog whistle apps that actually work

Dogs are humans’ best friends. It is a known fact that people are interested in everything relating to their favorite pets and they do all they can do so their dogs could have the best life possible. However, dogs’ training can be complicated and requires a lot of effort.

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Moreover, many people simply don’t understand how to communicate with their dogs so they could have good relationships. Luckily, today we have many apps that are imitating whistling which will make the dogs obey or, at least, make their behavior a little bit better.

Dog Whistler

With this app, you can train your dog or annoy your friends using whistling tools. The system allows choosing a number of various sounds with different frequencies. You can regulate the tone of the whistle, set short or long beeps, choose slow 500Hz oscillation,

What is more, you can create even a ringtone using these sounds! You can share your achievements and remarkable cases via Instagram and Facebook.

Create your own whistle which your dog will respond to. Or try different frequencies and sounds and find out which of them actually work for your dog. Sounds can be applied in a variety of ways.

For example, if you want to teach your dog to stay away from a certain place at home you can just set an alarm with the sound from this app. Some users even say they can use it as an anti-mosquito device.


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Dog Whistler Free: A Step by Step Guide to Teaching Your Puppy and Dog clicker sound

This one app was created for training your dog using whistle sounds and it contains the full guide and practical advice on how to train a puppy or a grown dog better.

Teach your pet all the basics, watching special video tutorials which will explain to you all the aspects of this activity. Your dog will learn how to do interesting tricks.

And how we all know, tricks are a great way for you and your dog to communicate with each other. And guide you on how to teach your dog Sit, Down, Up and Stand, “Play Dead”, Roll Over, Catch a Frisbee in the Air, not to Bark…

Launch the app and click on the circle with the type of dog which is related to that one you have. Then you will be lead to the list of available pieces of training and sounds to start. The app will also tell you about special features that every kind of dog has.


Dog Whistle Free clicker training and stop barking

Yes, we know that dog’s barking is probably one of the most annoying things related to having a dog, but the solution is also here.

Once again, it is a known fact that dogs are sensitive to ultrasound, so here you can choose a frequency and apply it to a dog. Train your dog, teach it how to do tricks, recall your dog without trying to whistle yourself like crazy.

It is also can be used as an anti-dog repellent. These sounds can be also heard by different animals – cats, for example. The app has a fun animated, yet simple interface. Remember to not abuse your animals! Don’t play too loud or too long – it might cause headaches or damage hearing. It might be a crime, so don’t use this app on puppies or other small pets.



This is a small, but cute whistle god app for iOS. Initially, here you only have 3 variants of whistles, however, if you want you can unlock all the variations for a small fee. Another distinctive feature here is the authentic design. Moreover, a useful feature of the app is that the more dangerous frequencies are highlighted by the red color.

Whistling can be used to train your dog or to scare away an aggressive dog, however, there is never a 100 percent proof that the app is going to work on every dog. Some of them are more sensitive to artificial whistling, others less.



Dog Whistle, Trainer

Another fun app to train your dog using whistling sounds. This app includes 12 different types of sounds. And unlike the others, this one app has a really nice interface that is not boring and pleasant for an eye.

You can choose the type of sound with different frequencies by clicking on different whistles. Here you will also find instructions on how to apply all these whistles in the best way on your dog.

For example, you go for a walk with your dog and it sees a cat and runs away in unknown direction chasing it – just launch the app and harness the appropriate sound. Besides, you can teach your dog to do distinguishing tricks when it hears a sound.

Some people may be displeased when your dog is barking so you can use this app to calm it down too. In general, you can prevent any type of bad behavior of your dog by simply using this app.


Dog Whistle. Train your dog

If you are confused about how to communicate with dogs these apps will fix the situation. Besides it has various sounds with different frequencies, it also includes timer and tips on how to train dogs.

There is a possibility to use this app in the background mode. Just keep in mind that some phones have not really good dynamics so they are not able to play these sounds.

When you play the sound you can regulate the volume or press pause button. After you have chosen which type of whistle you want to play you will be suggested to chose the frequency to affect your pet.


Dog Whistle – Train Your Puppy & Stop Barking

In order to add something fresh to our list, let’s take a look at this new Dog Whistling app. It is really simple, and, at the same time, it’s no worse than other apps presented on this list.

The only difference is if in other apps you can choose sounds and maybe find some training tips, here you will find specifically the variation of dog whistle. You can adjust the frequencies to figure out which one works best for your dog. By the way, the description of this app says that it is best suitable for training puppies.



Dog Training, Whistle, Clicker, and Sounds

Normally, a dog whistle is within the range of 16000 Hz to 40000 Hz with only the frequencies below 20000 Hz audible to the human ear. These high-frequency tones have the effect of immediately getting a dog’s attention. This dog trainer provides whistles at several frequencies for better results.

There is one more interesting fact – you can use this app also for testing the sounds of which frequency you are able to hear like a human. Use a tone generator to set the signal, regulate the level of the sound. Here you will also find the clicker sounds which are also important in the dog training process.

This is not the best app for training your dog, but it is really cool to use as an addition to the main process. All the whistles and other sounds are categorized precisely so you won’t have to memorize where is which sound to use it fast.

There are some informative articles though that you can read in your free time. The interface design is also not a masterpiece, but it is quite enough for a dog whistle app. In other words, this is a convenient app and it works.



Anti-Dog Whistle

It is a known fact that domestic pets are able to hear the sounds which are non-accessible to the human ear. Using this method of ultrasound influence on training people nowadays can train their dogs with the help of smartphones. In this app, you will find different types of dog whistles.

Moreover, using the specific types of sound you can either scare the dog away or make it do things that you need. This app is claimed to be the anti-dog whistling one, but it is also suitable for training.

Using different frequencies of whistle in Anti-Dog Whistle you can make the dog stop barking and captivate its attention. If you want, you can also choose the annoying sound that it suppose to make the dog then away from you.



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Dog Training & Clicker App by Dogo

If you are looking for a complete dog trainer guide then look no further than this app. It is one of the most popular god apps on Google Play and the reason is that it provides the dog owners with all the tools to train their dogs correctly and effectively.

In Dogo, you will find more than 100 effective lessons on how to train and teach your dog. Obviously, such features as the dog clicker or whistler are included. Here it is not that big variety of sounds, but it is balanced by other useful information presented in the app. The set of whistles here is quite enough to lure your dog.



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iTrainer Dog Whistle & Clicker

You and your dog will love it for sure because it is a very convenient, fun, and multi-functional app for dogs’ training. Starting with the dog whistles, here you can choose the variety of the, not just in one tonality, and all of the whistles have a customizable frequency from 100hz to 35kHz.

In addition, the app has the dog clicker with 5 different variations of clickers. By the way, it is also fun not only to train your god but to entertain it as well? With this app, you are totally able to do that. There are more than 40 funny sounds that will keep your dog excited (those sounds include cats’ meowing, birds singing, and many more).

What is more, if you noticed that your dog likes some particular sound you can record it and add to the app yourself. Also, if you have some free time you can read the articles in the app on how to train your dog in the best way and about the special aspects of dogs’ behavior.



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