9 Best Balancing Trainer Apps for Android & iOS

Sports activities can be quite different. Some people prefer running and cardio training, some prefer yoga and stretching, and some like strength training. If you are into running you can check our list of 11 Free Apps to Make Running Fun (Android & iOS).

In any case, each of the presented exercises is beneficial for your health, because with their help you improve your body performance and stay active. But some people are condescending to activities such as surfing or gymnastic ball exercises.

It would seem – what should you do? Just lie down or stand, a little sitting down – no load. But this is only at first glance, because in addition to concentration, in such exercises it is necessary to maintain a certain posture and balance.

The specialization of the human body muscles is unique, and you can develop it even more by simply connecting different types of exercises. If you are interested in training, we introduce you to the 9 Best Balancing Trainer Apps for Android & iOS.

Fitify: Workout Routines & Training Plans

Fitify Workout Routines & Training PlansFitify is one of the major developers of various applications for fitness, weight loss, and workout. For example, we can highlight the application Workout Routines & Training Plans, which is a collection of different types of exercises, training, and warm-ups.

With the help of the plans, which are presented by the developers, you will be able to train at home and without any additional equipment – that is, for a full exercise, you need only your body.

We did not just put the Fitify application in the first place for no reason. It is worth noting that there are different types of exercises for different muscle groups – there are balance and coordination exercises, as well as classical exercises with kettlebells and barbells.

It is only possible to burn extra fat, increase your muscle mass, and increase your endurance with complex exercises, which the application is aimed at.

Workout Routines & Training Plans perfectly combines your workouts and every day you will get a new and unique workout. If you need only fitness training, just choose this category.

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Bosu Ball Workouts By Gym Fitness

Bosu Ball Workouts By Gym FitnessThe name of the application speaks for itself. Here you will exercise in the stability and balance of your body using a special Bosu ball. It can be purchased in regular sporting goods stores or used as basic equipment during training in the gym.

The Bosu Ball Workouts application will help you to perform each exercise correctly, as well as to develop deep muscles in different parts of the body without wasting too much time.

In the Bosu Ball Workouts, you will find workouts of different duration, from 8 to 25 minutes. Depending on how much free time you have at the moment, you will be able to devote a short period of time to the development of your body.

Each workout in the app has been designed together with professional coaches so that you don’t damage your body during the workout.

During the training, you can watch a video showing the person exactly how to do the exercise. Choose the body part you would like to exercise today and Bosu Ball Workouts will form a workout for you.

Bosu Ball Workouts By Gym Fitness1 Bosu Ball Workouts By Gym Fitness2


Pilates Workout Routines

Pilates Workout RoutinesPilates is one of the sports that focuses on developing your strength. You do not need to do any heavy exercises or squat with a barbell – your body weight will be enough.

Pilates Workout Routines will be your guide in the training world. Here you will be able to perform exercises that develop flexibility and coordination, as well as muscles throughout the body – back, cortex, hips and so on.

The Pilates Workout Routines has several different training programs depending on your goals and level of training. The application also includes a sound accompaniment, and you choose a trainer, who will control you.

You will be able to get a charge of motivation from them, as well as enjoy the training – during them, there will be playing incendiary mixes from different DJs.

For each workout and exercise, they have a video that will teach you the correct technique. It is worth noting that the Premium subscription available in this application will give you access to the rest of the Fitivity developer products.

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Stability Ball Exercises & Workouts

Stability Ball Exercises & WorkoutsIf you think you don’t have the flexibility and couldn’t do stretching, you’re wrong. Stability Ball Exercises & Workouts is designed for people with different training, and their gymnastic exercises can be performed by anyone.

If you have a special gymnastics ball at home, or if you can find them in your gym, you will need to download this application and start classes immediately. Even the most advanced and developed athletes will be able to improve their stability and muscle balance.

Stability Ball Exercises & Workouts is designed for you to develop deep muscles and improve your muscle-building performance. This is due to the fact that during balance training, you improve your training performance as well as perform some kind of strength exercises.

To develop muscles, you do not need to use complex training machines – one ball is enough. Stability Ball Exercises & Workouts will immediately offer you training for different lengths and groups of muscles – and after doing so you will see how many calories have been burned per workout.

Stability Ball Exercises & Workouts1 Stability Ball Exercises & Workouts2


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Virtual Trainer Gym Ball

Virtual Trainer Gym BallAs we have already said, a gymnastic ball allows you to develop your muscles even without strength training. The Virtual Trainer Gym Ball app will help you achieve the highest performance in your training as well as step by step towards your goal.

The service is mainly designed for circular training, during which the same exercises will be repeated. The simple design of the Virtual Trainer Gym Ball may not appeal to too demanding users, but the service remains efficient.

The app includes only 28 exercises that your trainer will show you. Each of them is performed by a professional and we recommend that you always pay attention to the technique.

The Virtual Trainer Gym Ball also has a built-in timer that will notify you when the exercise is finished. You can also use it to organize other exercises such as Tabata or HIIT. Every day you will set new goals and the ball exercises will only help you to do this.

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Bosu Balance Trainer by Fitify

Bosu Balance Trainer by FitifyFitify has introduced another application where you can pay more attention to balance and statistics during training. Bosu Balance Trainer is a service where you will work out with Bosu ball under the guidance of a virtual coach.

During the execution, you will hear the voice guidance that will remind you of the time and technique. In just a couple of weeks, you will be able to notice the results you have achieved in a short period of time.

The Bosu Balance Trainer has more than 70 different exercises as well as several different training programs for people with different goals. Each exercise is accompanied not only by the voice of the trainer but also HD video, in which real people do what you do.

Choose an individual training plan, which will be adjusted based on your feedback. If a plan was too complicated for you, Bosu Balance Trainer will immediately adjust further training to your level of physical development. Set your own time of rest and training, because you have this option.

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Gym Ball Revolution – daily fitness swiss ball routines for home workouts program

Gym Ball Revolution - daily fitness swiss ball routines for home workouts programSome time ago absolutely all women of the world liked to practice with a gymnastic ball. The reason is that the training looks quite simple – you ride the ball without doing anything special.

Just try Gym Ball Revolution and you will understand how effective such training can be. You’ll be able to develop your basic strength and body muscles at home without having to pay for a personal coach.

Gym Ball Revolution offers you the opportunity to fully use your training balls in your workouts. You’ll work out your balance, and your workouts will be much harder than with equipment.

A full-body workout will improve your body quality and overall strength, and you will feel tired even after 20 minutes of exercise. You should agree that such a powerful effect can not always be achieved with a standard exercise in the fitness room. Gym Ball Revolution is designed for beginners as well as for real professionals.

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Becoming Balance

Becoming BalanceBalance is not only about the strength of your muscles. Your success depends on how balanced you are – both your body and your mind. Becoming Balance will allow you to practice different exercises wherever you are, and the training content will not only apply to sports.

A deeper mental development also depends on the balance of your life. The Becoming Balance gives you access to lessons, meditations, breathing exercises, and much more.

In the application, you will be able to work with a guide who will teach you the right techniques. For example, it can be breathing techniques and yoga, which will help you relax after a hard day.

Here you will be able to master the handstand, increase the functionality of their daily activities, as well as recover with the help of asanas from yoga.

Depending on your goals and interests, Becoming Balance will filter out news and updates that you will receive regularly. By the way, you will be able to save any content and training in your smartphone memory, so that even without network access you can exercise.

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Medicine Ball Exercises

Medicine Ball ExercisesIf you are tired of classical training, a gymnastic ball may come to your aid. It will help you develop coordination and body balance, and the progress of home fitness will be much more noticeable.

If you have never used the ball before during your workouts, just use the Medicine Ball Exercises service and you will succeed. In the application, you will get detailed instructions on how to use the gymnastic ball and relieve stress with its help.

Such exercises are suitable for loss of excess weight, strength training, and increase your overall strength. Medicine Ball Exercises offers training plans that are designed for different muscle groups and different durations.

The standard plans are designed for 1 month, during which the intensity and duration of training will increase. So if you are serious and would like to exercise your body, Medicine Ball Exercises is a great option for regular exercise and training with the ball.

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Muscles that are responsible for balance and coordination are called deep. It has to do with the fact that during a classic workout you use them too little, working exclusively with superficial muscles.

You can check this with a simple plank exercise. So if you want to avoid various injuries or sprains, you should work out the deep muscles that are responsible for the stable operation of your body.

Statistical poses and balance exercises develop your coordination as well as strengthen your skeletal muscles. The basic idea you should understand is that you should exercise in such a way that absolutely all the muscles of your body are worked out because this is the only way you can be in excellent physical shape.

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