15 Best acne removing apps for Android & iOS

Probably, every second person on Earth today has acne. And there are almost no people who like it. That is why we are looking for all the possible ways to get rid of acne fast and forever. Especially, when it comes to photos. Now that a secret of all models with “perfect” skin has been revealed everyone can use their smartphones to upgrade their faces.

Here you will find the best apps which will help you to remove acne from your face and also the apps with the information about how to get rid of acne in real life.

AirBrush – Selfie Editor for Flawless Photos

This app will not fail your expectations – it will fix any flaws and wrinkles in your photos. You do not have to worry about the effects since all of them look very natural so it is really hard to notice that your photo was edited. After you took your photo of made a selfie – use this app to bring some corrections you want.

You can eliminate pimples and unwanted spots with a simple tap. Besides, a lot of people face the problem of their teeth not looking white enough on photos. Using AirBrush you can whiten your teeth up to the desired level and it will still look natural like you have just been to a dentist. In cases when you want to achieve a perfect complexion (to fix some lines and patches) you can use the “Smooth” option to do that.

When using concealer you will never face a problem of a tired and dim-looking face again. There is even a possibility to brighten up your eyes and add some additional focus on your photo with the “blur” function. If you do not like some specific areas of your photos you can slim or widen them using “reshape” option and also touch up the size of any section of your photo in seconds.

Moreover, the app has filters which will help you to achieve the desired effect for a photo. You can also place them in beautiful frames provided by AirBrush. Finally, you can share your perfect photos in social networks.


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Camera360 – Selfie Filter Camera, Photo Editor

This is one of the most popular apps for photo editing on Earth. It has proved to be a useful tool: more than 200 million photos created using Camera360 on a daily basis. Professional filters will help you to picture look more impressive. Moreover, these filters were created by leading professionals in the photography world.

The app uses unique tools for photo corrections which will make your photos stand out and share your feelings, attitude, and styles. The app is easy to use, all you have to do is to select a filter, then take a photo, edit it and afterward just save it to your phone. In general, this app will strike your imagination with its amazing possibilities.

You will be able to make your face flawless and remove any discolorations, add some stickers and effects to your photo. What is more, you can create a cool photo and add text to it. The range of the face tools is wide: you can find anything from acne removing options to the hair-changing tools.


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Wonder Camera

This app is created for tuning your face while editing photos. You can smooth your skin, whitening it, slim your face, make your eyes pop and remove all the dispatches on your face. The app also has a function called “Wink to Self Shot”. It allows you to take selfies without touching the screen and later compose them into mini-stories.

When you take a picture – set the option and the app will correct all the imperfections automatically and will make it more white. Moreover, there are 5 levels of the face whitening so you can choose any level and be satisfied with the result.

Wonder Camera also has advanced face detection system – it can recognize more than 87 key points of human race and correct them into a better shape. And just like a SnapChat, this app allows you to attach different masks to your face while shooting so you can experiment with different funny faces. One more option is advanced beautification. It contains even more face upgrade options and beauty tools. There is also a possibility to share your pictures via social networks.


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PicsArt Photo Studio: Collage Maker & Pic Editor

This is one of the best and famous photo editing apps ever. It has more than 400 million downloads. And a success like this is totally fair – with PicsArt you can turn your device into a Photoshop studio. It includes tools, effects, collage maker, camera, free clipart library, millions of user-created stickers and our drawing tools. It allows you to correct your photo in various ways, First of all, there is a separate option for any kind of correction and effects which includes other sets of tools.

You can choose the changing of the photo size and then remove all the imperfections by slimming and widening the details on the photo or just cut it. However, there is an option in “effects” set which allows you meticulously correct your face. You can smooth your skin, you can choose a special option “remove acne”, change the color of your skin and change the color of your eyes. You can also draw on your face and make prominent certain features of it.

In addition to that, you can choose effects which will automatically fix all the imperfections of your face. Regulate filters to achieve the desired effect. All tools have a brush mode for fine-tuning and applying selectively on just part of your photo. Transparency is also adjustable. PicsArt Draw includes customizable brushes, layers, and professional drawing tools.

Regulate the size of your brush in order to get the more precise effect. What is more, this PicsArt allows you not only to share your photos on social networks but also to take part in different competitions which are help inside the app.


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This is one more app that will help you to edit your photos. Actually, not only it will make your pictures look better but it will also help to bring them more personality. Use special options and filters to add funny effects to your photos and after share it with your friends to have fun together. Use anime filters to make your pictures look even more authentic.

This app gives you a possibility to erase blemishes, remove acne, smooth skin, brighten eyes, whiten teeth, edit eye color, add filters and special effects, blur photos and so much more. It was created in the cooperation with makeup artists and photographers who are real fans of their craft. So you can remove any kind of flaws from your pictures without sacrificing its natural looks.

It is a known problem that when you edit the pictures it starts looking unnatural. Developers tried to solve this problem and now the effect of editing is almost invisible.

BeautyPlus has an exclusive skin smoothing makeover tool and blemish remover lets you make pimples and other skin problems disappear with just a tap. You can also erase bags and dark circles under your eyes. Then add filters to give your pictures even more style and personality. Moreover, you can stretch, slim and cut your photo in the way you like. After all, you can share your results via social networks.


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Bestie is another useful application which is irreplaceable for those struggling with the acne. It gives you an opportunity to take high-quality selfies anywhere and whenever you want. The camera setting include special lighting, times and options which make it possible to shoot without touching the gadget.

There are also many filters in this app such as Mia, Olivia, Laura, Xena, Nikki, Fiona, Izzy, Yoko, Chole, Zoe, Joyce, Winnie, Sofie, Queenie, Eva, Uma which will make the process of taking pictures fun and creative. When you are taking a picture special detectors find the flaws on your face and wash it away automatically.

In case if you are still not satisfied with the result you can use makeup tools to improve your image. Of course, it is the great acne remover photo editor to deal with acne, pimple, blemish, wrinkle and other imperfections. As always it allows you to brighten your eyes and whitening your smile.

Sets of stickers are included combined with the special effects. You can use such stickers as blush, headband, bow, hairpin, lip, ribbon, gift and many other. In the end, you will get a perfect picture with a style you want it to be.


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Selfie Camera Beauty

This app is a kind of those which are operating with the makeup on photos. In other words, you can apply makeup using only Selfie Camera Beauty even if you do not have any in real life. It will help you to remove any kind of blemishes on your face. It also allows you to experiment with your make up without wasting the time and products on it in the real world.

Take a selfie and try different kinds of foundation, lipstick, and blushes, eliminating blemishes like acne or pimples, dark spots, wrinkles etc. using a blemishes remover, teeth and skin whitening, eye beauty enhancement and some stunning beauty accessories. Moreover, this app has fun stickers and accessories like oiling glasses, hair band, earrings, crown and so much more.

Selfie Camera Beauty includes a lot of options for acne removal. It has specified tools which will assist you while smoothing and blurring your face and will make the ultimate effect as natural as possible. For a better image, cover your photo with a suitable filter after you are done with the face tuning.


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Beauty Selfie Facing Camera

It may sound funny when they say that the apps like this are the savor for ugly people but when you cannot combat your facial problems in the real-life it is rather sad. That is why this app is made to help you to polish your photos.

It contains several modes in order to help you to achieve the desired look. Beauty Selfie Facing Camera includes literally everything to make you look prettier – face makeup, skin retouch, tone enhance, keeping the details and without losing texture. All those options are automatic. Sometimes people even apply all those tools on photos too much forgetting that the main aim of it is to create memory and not to make an artificial image.

What is more, there are special setting in this app which will free you from detailed and meticulous removing of acne and skin cleaning. It intelligently smoothens and removes imperfections while preserving skin texture and other important portrait details such as hair, eyebrows, eyelashes, etc.

When you are taking a picture the app recognizes your face automatically and helps to enhance your features so it is easier to work on it later. With the set of tools available for correcting makeup, skin. blemishes and other flaws this app is a great choice.


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Do you think you’re completely nonphotogenic? Or that pimples, acne and small other imperfections spoil your appearance? Fotogenic proves the opposite!

The application helps you to improve your photos online in many ways. HDR – effect, brightness and contrast, shadows and color correction: you have access to all the tools used by professional photographers and retouchers. You can apply textures, colors and effects, and draw on the image itself to use all the fashionable and popular tools.

When you run the app, you need to choose which retouch you want to use: change body proportions, tattoo, change facial features or makeup. In Smooth and Make-Up modes, you’ll be able to retouch your skin as thoroughly as ever!

Get the effect of Hollywood makeup and skin like after a beauty salon in Fotogenic. Spot correction will help you to remove small imperfections, and blurring will hide freckles. Use Fotogenic as you like.


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Acne Remover Photo Editor

This app will give you a chance to remove temporary or permanent acne on your face on your photos. Take a picture or upload it from your gallery. You just click on a tool and mark acne so it can remove it totally. It also has an advanced editor which can remove all the imperfections from your face in no time.

Because this app has a wide range of tools which allow you to operate better when editing your photo and correct acne spots only you can concentrate only on this problem to get the flawless skin. So if in real life you are struggling with acne and you find it hard even to remove it using popular photo editors – this app will become a real assist for you.

It also can brighten the eyes and cut pictures. But this app is good specifically for acne removing before editing your image in the more advanced and popular app.


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Whenever you want to look as if you’re a beauty ideal in every photo, you should pay attention to Facetune2. This app helps millions of people around the world to transform their photos to the right quality without changing their appearance. The app becomes your personal make-up artist or make-up artist, who will professionally hide even the slightest bumps in your skin.

You do not need to apply bright make-up or heavily apply retouching tools. After the treatment, your photo will look natural. Whiten your teeth, level the tone of your face, hide small pimples and black dots – now your skin looks like it’s after a visit to a good beautician! The effect of matte skin and absence of bruises will give you a fresh look.

You can feel like a real photographer by simply processing the picture. Many effects and tools give you plenty of room for creativity – so you can not only remove acne from your face but also dramatically change the style of your photo.


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Acne Care Tips And Pimple Care Tips

This is the analog of the previous app but for iOS. Once again, if you want to remove acne not only on your pictures but in real life you can install this app and follow its tips. It has gained a certain reputation so maybe you will find something that works for you.

What is remarkable about Acne Care Tips is that it has an interesting interface easy and fun to interact with. So you can not worry about the fact that reading tons of information about the cure of acne may be boring.

There is a special option where you can ask your questions. The significant disadvantage of this app is that it contains a lot of advertisement.


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Selfie Editor: face tune, beauty cam photo makeup

For people who are obsessed with selfies, this editor will become a real benefit. It does not matter if you are struggling with the acne or you have the lack of sleep – this app will help you to fix all the imperfections on your face and make it look flawless.

Change your skin tone and make it look healthier, remove blemishes, smooth wrinkles and slim your face with just a few touches to get the face you want to see. Dark circles under your eyes are also possible to be erased. If you want to whiten your teeth there is an option allowing you to do that.

In order to smooth your features or to erase the acne completely, you can use an option which gives you a chance to slim or widen the face lines. When you want to be more creative or just make your photo look better to use different filters which this app has in it. As usual, you can share all the shots with your friends and family using Facebook, Instagram, etc.


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Zit Zapper Lite

If you are looking for an app which is specifically made for erasing acne and blemishes – Zit Zapper Lite is your choice. It has a special lens which can be used for targeting acne and then focus only on that area and totally delete it.

The significant feature of this app is that it does not use the option “blur” which only washes acne but does not remove it totally from the picture (sometimes there can be problems with acne erasing), but it has a special tool which literally replaces red spots to the ones of your skin tone.

You can keep removing all your acne until forever or until you remove all of them. The interface looks a little obsolete and the whole range of functions is rather limited.


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Acne Treatment and Remedies

Since acne has been known how is the most common disease among people of all ages, everyone should know how to treat it properly. This app is one of the most popular ones providing you with the full package of information about the acne and how to cure it. When you launch this app you can see the list of remedies and recommendations which will help you to remove your blemishes.

Each unit contains different sections about food, treatment, medicine, etc. Each remedy is described in details. The app also includes a number of advice about the daily routine which helps to reduce the appearance of acne.

There are also many homes made recipes which will assist you in your battle with skin imperfections. What is more, this app has some advice on how to prevent acne spreading.