8 Best Pen Pal Apps for Android & iOS

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Penpal friendship can be very interesting and useful because you can find someone who will be your friend for life. Fortunately, with the advent of the Internet, it became much easier to search for pen-pals, because a lot of communication sites and apps appeared.

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Especially for you, we have selected the best pen pal apps that will help you find an interlocutor from abroad for pleasant communication and practice of speaking in almost any language.


Probably, the most popular pen app on the market. It is a great one, indeed. First of all, not all the people want to reveal their personality while looking for a pen friend from other counties – for safety reasons. In Slowly all you have to do is to create your account and add an avatar – you can choose any name that you want.

Another advantage that must be highlighted here is its extremely user-friendly interface. This is, seriously, the best design for a pen pal app that you can imagine. First, you are choosing the countries where you want to search for pen friends, and then the app sends you to the random chat.

All the design made in minimalistic colors ad looks nice and rich at the same time. By the way, don’t forget to mark your hobbies and interests so it would be easier for an app to find a better match for you! Just get Slowly and enjoy deep and meaningful conversations with people.




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Hello Pal

Hello Pal is a free and very progressive social service, thanks to which users from all over the world can communicate with each other, thereby improving their language skills. The application is suitable for users who are already fluent in foreign languages, as well as beginners, who possess only minimal knowledge.

According to the developers of the program, their goal is to unite people with the same interests from different parts of the world despite the language barrier. Hello Pal boasts a nice interface and extensive functionality.

Communication with other users takes place in a special chat room equipped with an integrated online translator and a phrasebook, with which you can add ready-made phrases to the chat from various subject headings.

In addition, the application not only displays phrases on the screen but also knows how to voice them at a normal and slow pace, thereby allowing the user to hone pronunciation. Moreover, the program after recording allows you to listen to the phrase, and if necessary, record it again.

There are downloadable language packs (currently available only for eleven languages), a game test to test knowledge, search for the most appropriate interlocutors by filtering by various parameters, including the languages being studied, gender, and age.

The main features of Hello Pal:

  1. More than 100,000 interlocutors from around the world.
  2. Filtering potential interlocutors by native and studied language, nationality, territorial location, and so on.
  3. Integrated Phrasebooks in any language.
  4. The ability to listen to a professional audio recording and repeat it for the speaker.
  5. Built-in phrase builder (more than 2000 phrases combined into 14 categories and more than 100 subsections).
  6. Phrases and dictionaries in the phrasebook are also complemented by a literal translation and commentary.
  7. Own translators to learn new words without interrupting communication.


Finding pen friends around the world is exciting for everyone. It is like you get a chance to travel without any actual transport. It is extremely educating as well. And here we have another app for you to travel the world on your couch – Ablo will help you to find friends all around the globe.

The app is easy in usage – you just need to create an account and go looking for friends in the countries you want. When you meet someone, the app creates a mutual chat for you, where later on, you can make a video call if you wish.

Here it is important to mark your interests as well, so it would be easier for you to find someone for a conversation. And it is almost a must to mark the languages that you want to practice – thus the other person, from the country that language of which you want to study, and who wants to learn the language of your country will find you as well.

Just keep in mind that the video chats can be suspicious sometimes. Talk to a person first and make sure they are trustworthy. There are lots of weirdos and crazy people in global video chats nowadays.


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Tandem mobile application will introduce people from different countries who will help you to understand foreign speech well and speak fluently yourself. This app helps you find a real foreign interlocutor, a pen pal, with whom you can practice in the language you are learning.

Currently, more than 3 million users are registered in the application, so finding a character that is suitable in terms of age and interests is not at all difficult.

In the application, you can join the discussion of one of the topics or create your own. There is also an opportunity to choose your interlocutor and start to live in communication with him. For this, you can use audio and video calls, as well as text chat.

When selecting a companion, it is better to choose those who study your language so that you can establish a mutually beneficial exchange of knowledge. In this case, interest in classes will be on both sides.


Now, this is something unusual on our list. It is still an app to find pen friends all around the world, but in a very interesting way. The main idea of the app is that you write a letter about yourself in the language you want to practice (or in your own language) and send it to the “sea”.

When other users come to the app they can see the sea and lots of bottles swimming in it. Each bottle is marked with a language that it contains inside. You can choose any bottle, open it, and start a chat with the person who wrote that letter. Sounds like an interesting idea, right?

You can send both photos and text messages. If you received a battle message that you like a lot you can add it to favorites thus saving it. When you send a bottle with a letter you can track its journey in the real-time mode. In other words, this is an extremely cool app.

Another feature of this app worth highlighting is animation and graphics. The developers did their best for people would feel like in the real atmosphere of the marine journey and, what is more, all those graphics are just pleasant to watch.





Chatting with native speakers has become even easier. A convenient application for Speaky – Language Exchange allows you to hone foreign language skills at any convenient time, find a pen pal friend, meet new people, get knowledge online and help others learn the subtleties of their native language.

Studying the features of conversational dialects will make you more confident in yourself and when applying for a job, and while traveling.

Speaky – Language exchange gives you the opportunity to choose a suitable interlocutor and do without a teacher or other intermediary.

The interface of the free application is similar in appearance to the Skype program environment, but in “Speaky” there is no need to search for a carrier for a long time, willing to help you with foreign language practice for free. For peculiar lessons to be fun, organize a conference, gathering the most interesting people for you.

The application for linguistic exchange groups like-minded users provides access to personal chat and has the function of video conferencing. The built-in error analyzer will help to correct the grammar and will tell you how to build sentences correctly. Advertising fully compensates the costs of developers, making Speaky – Language exchange free for all comers.

Those who want to help foreigners to learn a language can try themselves as teachers. Help those who wish to practice your language or simply find a pen-friend, learn new and useful things every day.


Paltalk is a more simple pen pal app that allows you to talk to strangers from different countries in the video chat. Well, nothing stops you from going into pen friends any time, right? When you create your account, write about your passions and interests, and finding new friends from foreign countries will be a breeze.

There is text, voice, and video chat. Paltalk has an excellent interface design with lots of interesting features. For example, when you just enter the app, you can see the group chats that are happening at the moment on the main page. However, remember that Paltalk is a video chat app – so be ready for some not so pleasant surprises.


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Hit Me Up!

Hit me up is a very interesting chat that connects you with people from all over the world. And if you are looking for an opportunity to meet new people with your smartphone, without revealing your phone number, then this application is ideal for you.

Hit me up, you can create a profile that reflects your character and encourages other people with similar interests to communicate with you. You can add your photo with a brief description, indicating your age, country of residence, and gender.

Hit me up works very simple. The application is designed to communicate with a variety of people. The first tab is a list of all people online at the moment or recently existed online and you can start to communicate with them. In the second tab will be all your chats. If you do not want to communicate with someone, you can block such a user.

Contacting other users is easy, just start chatting with them. And also, if you find it difficult to decide who to talk to, you can automatically send a short greeting to ten people. Find new friends!

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