11 Best Personality Test Apps for Android & iOS

Do you often think about who you are? You probably do but it’s not easy to find it out.

In this case, people usually turn to personality tests that can tell them some interesting details about their inner selves.

By the way, if you are struggling with psycological problems, make sure you check these free anxiety relief apps.

In this article, we have collected the best apps for testing your personality. They will help you discover your psychological potential and unexpected traces of character.

The applications listed here are free of charge (at least most of them) and available on App Store and Google Play.

Personality Trait Test

It is great for every person to know his weakness and strength. This is a perfect tool for self-development. 

Still, to do it yourself is not that easy. You need either a good psychologist or a good application. 

There are many features available for free:

  • This is one of the most accurate apps in this category. You will be amazed by the result as if the app knows every aspect of your soul. 
  • You can identify which personality profile you belong to. There are 16 of them, each has its strongest and weakest points.
  • Full profile backup. You will be able to realize and analyze all of your psychological problems.
  • Personality Match Test. If you want to know if you are a good boyfriend or a good friend, make sure you go through this test. 
  • The application will give you special tips to improve your life. Try to follow them thoroughly to improve your personality.

The application will boost your productivity and personal relationships. 

This app is easy to use due to its simple and friendly interface. There are no instructions needed – just follow your intuition.

You can get the Personality Trait Test for free on Google Play. There are no in-app purchases. Still, there are some ads, which keep the content free of charge. 


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Disc Personality Profile & Traits Assessment Test

Every person wants to know his best traits of character. It will help you become successful, respected by others, and very happy. 

The principle of the test is quite easy. First of all, you need to do a quick test. 

This test will take a few minutes but the results are going to be impressive. These minutes will worth it. 

The application will analyze your response and measure 4 important traits of character:

  • Dominance. This characteristic is important to achieve your aims and be successful at work. 
  • Influence. You can change any situation by talking to people and making them change the mind and agree with your opinion. 
  • Steadiness. This trait of character can help you go through hard times and achieve your aims no matter what.
  • Conscientiousness. If you have this characteristic, you can be very attentive. It helps to do complicated tasks.

There is a premium version that you can use to extend the functions of the app. It will cost you 10$ to unlock all the premium options. This in-app purchase will also remove all the apps.

Another nice thing is the size of the application. It is 21 MB only. You can get the app on App Store. 


Personality Test

This app can change your life. If you are going to improve yourself by working with your psychology, this app will be a great option for you.

There are the following key features available right after the download:

  • A huge theory block that enables you to understand how the tests work in general. 
  • Once you have finished doing the test, the app will measure all the traits of character and give you a report.
  • There are many useful tips as well. They are connected to your personal life, your career, and goals for the future. Make sure you use them!

The application works perfectly on a smartphone, as well as on a tablet. 

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Have you heard of the theory of personality types? If you have, you will appreciate the Personality Test. 

There are 4 basic types of people’s psychological types:

  • Analysts. They tend to be very logical and smart but often lack empathy. 
  •  Diplomats. They can easily negotiate with people and get the necessary results.
  • Sentinels. They are quite intuitive and creative.
  • Explorers. These people are open-minded and brave. 

Who are you? Now it is easy to find out!

Unfortunately, only Android users can enjoy all the range of options. They are free with ads. 


Personality Test

Are you trying to find out your strong and weak points? Then the Personality Test is a great tool for you. 

The app will analyze your response and measure your tendencies and talents. You will understand which type you refer to: an explorer, an analyst, a diplomat, or a sentinel. 

There are the following key features available right after the download:

  • Simple and intuitive interface. You won’t need to read any instructions, everything is quite easy.
  • The tests are quite fast. An average test in the app will take about 10 minutes. 
  • The tests were not created randomly. They were made by professionals. These tests are based on scientific theories.

Try to be honest! There is also a neutral ‘I don’t know’ button. It is better not to push it to avoid inaccurate results.

The application is free of charge. There are some ads that keep the content free. You can get Personality Tests on Google Play.  


Charm: Personality Test

Do you dream about knowing all the traits of your character? Do you want to boost your career or personal life? If yes, this app was designed for you. 

Here are some of the key features you’re going to discover:

  • Advanced personality test. This is a highly accurate and scientifically-based psychological test. It will take a few minutes. Please be honest and don’t fall for the neutral options.
  • Once you have finished doing a test, the app will analyze your results. It takes about 10 seconds. Then it will give you a graph or a chart of the data. 
  • Close community. You can always turn to it when you struggle to understand something. If you lack motivation, the community will also support you. 

The app is free with no ads. You can get it now on Google Play. 


The Personality Types

The Personality Types app will effortlessly help you understand the complexities of psychology. Here you will find answers to current questions in the areas of personality, relationships, and career achievement.

The app contains professional information that is taken from verified sources. You will be immersed in the analysis of your personality.

What type of personality are you and your significant other? Find out your strengths and find out your weaknesses. Get information about the best professions that are perfect for you.

Well-known experts in the field of psychology distinguish 16 personality types. To understand which one suits you, you need to take a short test. You do not need to register and pay for the app.

By taking into account the information you get, you will be able to change your life for the better. Find out which celebrities belong to the same personality type with The Personality Types app.


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Personality Test

If the question of your professional career is still open to you, ask the professionals for advice.

The Personality Test mobile app allows you to quickly and accurately get information about the right profession.

Stop spending large sums of money on courses and job matching. Here you can choose the shortest path to your goals.

Can’t you decide what you want to do after high school? Or you already have a degree, but it doesn’t suit you? Now you’re on the right track: install the Personality Test and take just a few minutes to increase your chances of success.

In addition to important information about your profession, you will learn about your weaknesses and how to deal with them.

At the end of the test, you will be able to read the result, which is presented in a condensed form. For a detailed report, simply create a new account without paying.


Dimensional: Personality Test

Dimensional: Personality Test is a great opportunity to get to know yourself better. Take just a few minutes of your time to learn a lot about yourself.

This test is suitable for everyone. Take it if you are satisfied with your life or use the results to improve your quality of life.

Help your loved ones in a difficult situation or discuss the findings with your friends to get their opinion.

This app takes an objective approach to personality assessment. It is based on a comprehensive approach. You will get the most complete and honest picture of what is going on.

Share the results of the test with your loved ones or your therapist to be able to assess what is going on from the outside.

Dimensional will help you to find inner harmony, establish a relationship with a loved one and achieve career growth in the near future.


Psychological tests

A large selection of psychological tests awaits you in this app. You will be able to choose from 80 different tests, which are divided into different sections for the convenience of searching.

The tests are simple and understandable to every user, regardless of age. You can take the results seriously and work through the difficult points on your own or with the help of a specialist. All tests are free and based on real psychological research. 

Choose the category that interests you most and rediscover your inner world. Get answers to difficult questions that have remained unanswered for years.

Use tests to determine if you are stressed, have willpower, and have charisma. Test your romantic relationships. Find out how serious you are about your partner.

Is it true love that you’re experiencing right now? What are your strengths that can be used for personal gain? By visiting this app, you will spend your time in a beneficial and enjoyable way.


Know Yourself Personality Test

You will need an experienced professional to assess your abilities honestly and objectively.

The Know Yourself Personality Test app is designed to make it easy for you to understand yourself and find the truth as quickly as possible.

There are no mock tests and no funny answers here: when you take the test, you assess your personality, character, and temperament.

With around 40 test questions on a variety of subjects, you won’t miss even the smallest detail. Take your time: sometimes the questions seem complicated and long. Show patience and perseverance to find out the result.

A personal profile will help you keep all the results you get and use them to work on yourself further. Come take the tests with your friends, spouses and partners.

If you wish, you can allow access to your results and find out about someone else’s. There are basic tests that psychologists use for in-depth work.

Also, there are tests that will simply reveal another trait of your character. Don’t miss the opportunity to become happier with the Know Yourself Personality Test.


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Praditus Personality Test

A simple and straightforward app for your personal growth. Praditus Personality Test was created by an entire team of experienced psychology experts.

All the data obtained can be safely used for self-improvement. The app is suitable for those who have difficulties at work.

Users who are going through a difficult stage in a relationship will find a solution to their problems here.

The tests will also be interesting for those who want to avoid mistakes in the future and get the most out of their abilities.

Here you will find a wide variety of categories, including personality and character identification. Find out how ambitious you are, how forgiving you are, and how strong your willpower is.

Praditus Personality Test has over 100 thousand downloads.

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