8 Best Personality Test Apps for Android & iOS

Do you often think about who you are? You probably do but it’s not easy to find it out.

In this case, people usually turn to personality tests that can tell them some interesting details about their inner selves.

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In this article, we have collected the best apps for testing your personality. They will help you discover your psychological potential and unexpected traces of character.

The applications listed here are free of charge (at least most of them) and available on App Store and Google Play.


The app is packed with a wide variety of tests that can help you understand yourself.

There is a sample test that will make you understand what type of problems you might have.

The app can track a wide variety of psychological problems:

  • Generalized Anxiety Disorder. 
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.
  • Panic attacks and other types of panic disorders.
  • Post-traumatic stress disorders and traumas.

These are more disorders available. You can study them right after the download. 

Please note that this application is about tests only. You can not deal with serious disorders using the advice of this app. Should you feel the need to cure it, the only way to do it is to go to a psychologist.

However, the app is not about disorders only. PsyTest can detect the best traces of your character. This will help you analyze your strongest points and use them later.

Even though the app is packed with functions, its size is 48.7 MB only. It’s great if you are trying to save your smartphone’s memory.

PsyTests can be downloaded from App Store, as well as Google Play for free. There are no ads and in-app purchases. 

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Personality Trait Test

It is great for every person to know his weakness and strength. This is a perfect tool for self-development. 

Still, to do it yourself is not that easy. You need either a good psychologist or a good application. 

There are many features available for free:

  • This is one of the most accurate apps in this category. You will be amazed by the result as if the app knows every aspect of your soul. 
  • You can identify which personality profile you belong to. There are 16 of them, each has its strongest and weakest points.
  • Full profile backup. You will be able to realize and analyze all of your psychological problems.
  • Personality Match Test. If you want to know if you are a good boyfriend or a good friend, make sure you go through this test. 
  • The application will give you special tips to improve your life. Try to follow them thoroughly to improve your personality.

The application will boost your productivity and personal relationships. 

This app is easy to use due to its simple and friendly interface. There are no instructions needed – just follow your intuition. 

You can get the Personality Trait Test for free on Google Play. There are no in-app purchases. 

Still, there are some ads, which keep the content free of charge. 


Disc Personality Profile & Traits Assessment Test

Every person wants to know his best traits of character. It will help you become successful, respected by others, and very happy. 

The principle of the test is quite easy. First of all, you need to do a quick test. 

This test will take a few minutes but the results are going to be impressive. These minutes will worth it. 

The application will analyze your response and measure 4 important traits of character:

  • Dominance. This characteristic is important to achieve your aims and be successful at work. 
  • Influence. You can change any situation by talking to people and making them change the mind and agree with your opinion. 
  • Steadiness. This trait of character can help you go through hard times and achieve your aims no matter what.
  • Conscientiousness. If you have this characteristic, you can be very attentive. It helps to do complicated tasks.

There is a premium version that you can use to extend the functions of the app. It will cost you 10$ to unlock all the premium options. This in-app purchase will also remove all the apps.

Another nice thing is the size of the application. It is 21 MB only. 

You can get the app on Google Play. 


Personality Test!

This is one of the best apps in the category. Its main feature is that it’s easy to use even if it is your first experience with this type of application.

As you might know, there are 4 types of people’s characters:

  • Melancholic. This is a very sensitive type of person. Still, these people are very attentive to the details and creative. They can draw well, write poems, or make music.
  • Choleric. These people are very fast and dynamic. They can easily achieve their aims and influence others.
  • Sanguine. Such type of person is more or less balanced. They tend to be smart and have a strong power of will.
  • Phlegmatic. These people tend to be slow but it is not a disadvantage. This type of person is very resistant to stress. 

Knowing what type you refer to is vitally important. This is why we recommend that you analyze the results of your tests. 

Once you have done this, you can start working on your development and boost your personal and working life. 

The application is free of charge. There are no in-app purchases or ads so that nothing could distract you from discovering your own personality.

Unfortunately, you can get the Personality Test app on App Store.


Personality Test

This app can change your life. If you are going to improve yourself by working with your psychology, this app will be a great option for you.

There are the following key features available right after the download:

  • A huge theory block that enables you to understand how the tests work in general. 
  • Once you have finished doing the test, the app will measure all the traits of character and give you a report.
  • There are many useful tips as well. They are connected to your personal life, your career, and goals for the future. Make sure you use them!

The application works perfectly on a smartphone, as well as on a tablet. 

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Have you heard of the theory of personality types? If you have, you will appreciate the Personality Test. 

There are 4 basic types of people’s psychological types:

  • Analysts. They tend to be very logical and smart but often lack empathy. 
  •  Diplomats. They can easily negotiate with people and get the necessary results.
  • Sentinels. They are quite intuitive and creative.
  • Explorers. These people are open-minded and brave. 

Who are you? Now it is easy to find out!

Unfortunately, only Android users can enjoy all the range of options. They are free with ads. 


Personality Tests

This app was designed to be fun. Still, it is not about entertainment only. 

If you do all the tests thoroughly, you will see and analyze your traits of character, realize your weakness and strength. 

There are various tests on different topics:

  • Personal life and love.
  • Views on life and attitude to people around you. 
  • Sexuality.
  • Your career and work life. 

To go through this test, you need to remember your childhood memories, some traumas, temptations, and your state of mind at the moment. 

Another cool thing is that the only thing you have to do is answering questions. The app will analyze your response and give you feedback.

This unique tests can reveal your inner traits of character. When you get to know yourself, you can keep developing your psychological strength. 

The app is quite big. Its size is 43 MB only. 

Some of the tests are available for free. Still, there are additional tests you have to pay for. To buy all the features of the app, pay 3$.

Only iOS users can enjoy this wide variety of tests. Get the app on App Store.


Personality Test

Are you trying to find out your strong and weak points? Then the Personality Test is a great tool for you. 

The app will analyze your response and measure your tendencies and talents. You will understand which type you refer to: an explorer, an analyst, a diplomat, or a sentinel. 

There are the following key features available right after the download:

  • Simple and intuitive interface. You won’t need to read any instructions, everything is quite easy.
  • The tests are quite fast. An average test in the app will take about 10 minutes. 
  • The tests were not created randomly. They were made by professionals. These tests are based on scientific theories.

Try to be honest! There is also a neutral ‘I don’t know’ button. It is better not to push it to avoid inaccurate results. 

The application is free of charge. There are some ads that keep the content free. 

You can get Personality Tests on Google Play.  


Charm: Personality Test

Do you dream about knowing all the traits of your character? Do you want to boost your career or personal life? If yes, this app was designed for you. 

Here are some of the key features you’re going to discover:

  • Advanced personality test. This is a highly accurate and scientifically-based psychological test. It will take a few minutes. Please be honest and don’t fall for the neutral options.
  • Once you have finished doing a test, the app will analyze your results. It takes about 10 seconds. Then it will give you a graph or a chart of the data. 
  • Close community. You can always turn to it when you struggle to understand something. If you lack motivation, the community will also support you. 

The app is free with no ads. You can get it now on Google Play. 


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