7 Free Gas Mileage Calculator Apps for Android & iOS

Gas prices are constantly rising, so it is important to keep track of your fuel consumption. This will help you save money, use your car efficiently, and learn how to plan future trips.

If you are constantly traveling, then these best mileage tracker apps will also become your indispensable assistants.

In the list below, you will find the best free gas mileage calculator apps for Android & iOS. These apps are easy to use and offer a wide range of features. In addition to the main function, these apps will remind you to repair your car, tell you where the nearest cheap gas station is, and much more.

Fuelio: gas log & gas prices

The Fuelio app helps you save fuel with calculations and cost planning. Keep a record of the fuel you put in your vehicle. Record the volume, cost of gasoline, where you filled up, and mileage. This data will also help you keep track of your fuel consumption.

The app will provide you with accurate data on how many liters per hundred kilometers your car spent from one filling station to another. By the way, it supports different types of fuel, including gas and biofuel.

Among the extra functions of the app is the possibility of controlling other costs. For example, expenses for car maintenance, repairs, parking, car washes, and insurance. All data will be presented in the form of graphs.

Besides, Fuelio automatically records the place of refueling thanks to the GPS function. It also has Google Maps, which shows locations with gas stations. Add multiple cars to the app if you need to. You will be able to keep separate expense records for each of them.

All the data can be shared in CSV format and sent via email. You can also synchronize important information with cloud storage. Google Drive and Dropbox are available here.

A nice feature of this app is that the premium features have been made free. These include automatic synchronization with cloud storage, widgets, and detailed reports. It will also remind you to get your car serviced or refueled if you need to do so soon.


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FillUp – Gas Mileage Log

With the FillUp app, you’ll track your fuel mileage on all your trips. Using the app is easy. Enter the amount of gasoline filled and the current mileage. The app will automatically calculate the fuel consumption per 100 kilometers.

All data will be saved in the electronic logbook. Get fuel consumption statistics based on the calculations obtained for the month. The app will also calculate the distance traveled during this period.

Add several cars and easily switch between them. Different units of measurement are available: kilometers, miles, gallons, and liters. All data stored in this program can be exported and imported in CSV format. Report generation in HTML format is also available.

The app is available free of charge and does not contain any annoying advertisements.


Fuel Calculator by shpavda LLC

With the Fuel Calculator app, you will find out how much fuel was spent during your car trip. This will greatly improve your trip planning and help you save money on fuel.

Having collected the necessary data, you will know in advance how much money you will need for gasoline or any other fuel. It will also tell you how many liters of gasoline will be enough for the whole trip. If you have several cars, you can compare their performance and choose the most cheap option.

The app supports different languages and units of measurement, including kilometers, miles, liters, and gallons. So, you can use it in any country in the world. The interface of the app has flexible settings. For example, you will have a choice of light and dark themes.

Among the interesting things to note is useful information about other cars. Perhaps your main criterion is gas mileage – this program will tell you the best option for these indicators.


Drivvo – car management

The Drivvo app will allow you to gain full control over the costs of your trips. It is suitable for all kinds of vehicles: from cars to trucks. The amount and cost of fuel you fill up can now be monitored in real-time.

You will get detailed reports on fuel consumption, cost, and mileage of your vehicle. Convenient visualization tools will help you to perceive the information and costs more easily.

This program also takes into account the costs of maintenance and repair of the car. It will remind you of the need for repairs, which will help you prevent possible breakdowns. You can also add fines, taxes, parking fees, and insurance to your expenses.

If the car is used for work, the app will also help you calculate income. This data will also include spending on gasoline. Drivvo stores the history of your trips, which is convenient for fleet management.


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Fuel Calculator by Mobilia Apps

The next app in our review is Fuel Calculator by Mobilia Apps, which will make your car trips more profitable. It is suitable for any type of transportation – from cars to trucks.

Fuel consumption is available in liters and gallons. Vehicle mileage is also available in two units: kilometers and miles. A convenient calculator will allow you to quickly get the desired result. Thus, you will be able to plan your budget for the upcoming trip.

Compare fuel prices, taking into account the distance traveled. You will even find out how much 1 km costs.

All of these features of the app are available to all users absolutely free of charge. It is only available for Android users.


Mileage Calculator – Fuel Calc

This app will help you to control your fuel expenses. You will find out your car’s fuel consumption, mileage, cost per liter of gasoline, and other important data. Calculations are available in different units and currencies.

The results of all calculations can be saved and used later. Calculate fuel costs based on distance traveled and consumption. Determine vehicle mileage based on fuel spent. Find out how much gasoline was used per kilometer.

Calculate how much fuel you used for the entire trip. Keep a record of your refuelings. All of this is available in one app completely free of charge and without advertising.

A pleasant bonus is that you will get useful tips on saving fuel and reducing costs when traveling by car.


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Fuel Mileage – Diesel Calculator

This app will allow you to calculate fuel consumption. With its help, you will find the most favorable gas stations and find out the cost of the upcoming trip.

You need to specify the fuel consumption of your car and the distance traveled for the app to calculate the number of spent liters and average consumption per 100 kilometers. Gallons and miles are also available for calculations.

Enter the distance and average fuel cost to find out the cost of a trip in your car. Compare prices from different gas stations. Track the dynamics of gasoline consumption by recording information about the fuel filled, its cost, and the distance traveled.

The app is suitable for different types of personal transportation. It will also tell you how you can save on fuel or improve your driving technique to reduce consumption.

It is convenient to use the program – just enter the necessary data. The Fuel Mileage app is available for free to all Android users.

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