11 Free Habit Tracking Apps for Android & iOS

To control your own life is not just a desire, it is a necessity. Unfortunately, your current habits may not be quite useful or correct – perhaps you are used to getting up too late or eating in fast food all the time.

According to scientists, it takes at least 3 weeks to develop a new habit, and about 3 months to bring it into your lifestyle forever. If you endure this time and do not lose sight of anything, your life may get a little better. You may use 11 Best Day Planner Apps for Android & iOS for planning your daily routine.

Your whole life is managed by habit, and you can do something just because it is your current routine. For this reason, you can forget about any business or put it off for later, which is not the best way to affect your productivity.

Fortunately, there are special motivational applications that can help you set new goals and achieve them every day. We have collected 11 Free Habit Tracking Apps for Android & iOS for you.

Loop Habit Tracker

Loop Habit TrackerAchieving long-term goals is only possible if you can constantly maintain your own habits. They are bound to be useful, but not everyone follows them immediately.

Loop Habit Tracker is a special application that helps people get new useful habits, and you will form them over time. It should be noted that there are no ads or paid content in the application, and there are regular updates.

Loop Habit Tracker has a simple user interface and intuitive management so that any user will quickly understand what exactly he needs to do.

For each of your habits there will be a record of your repetitions – that is, every time you forget to do something or are just lazy, this record will stop and you will need to start all over again.

To motivate you, detailed charts, graphs, and statistics are also presented, where Loop Habit Tracker shows your progress in detail. By the way, the application also supports synchronization with smartwatches and can send notifications to them.

Loop Habit Tracker1 Loop Habit Tracker2


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Productive – Habit Tracker

Productive - Habit TrackerProductive is a simple task scheduler that will help you plan your whole day literally in minutes. Here you can set personal goals that will be achieved gradually. Each of them will show you the extent of your progress and improvement, and the visibility of all this will only motivate you not to stop.

If you have long wanted to overcome a bad habit, make new habits, and constantly follow the plan, then Productive is designed just for you.

The whole business plan for a day or a week is easy to make at any time. You can work even at night if it is a more convenient option. Also Productive will remind you at some point that you should concentrate or do something useful.

By the way, it is worth noting a funny opportunity: you can give a habit or task a certain name that will cheer you up every time you are reminded. You can also customize each of them by choosing different colors or icons. Smart reminders are always included in Productive, so you don’t have to idle.

Productive - Habit Tracker1 Productive - Habit Tracker2


Habitica: Gamify your Tasks

Habitica Gamify your TasksHave fun while doing things in pursuit of your goals? Easy with the Habitica app. Here you’ll introduce new habits or unusual activities that will be useful in your daily life.

Habitica is a great game where your goal is to develop your own avatar as best you can. Over time, when you do what you want to do and can finally progress, the app will raise your level and provide new opportunities.

Habitica also keeps you in touch with your friends, so you can compete with each other. You’ll be offered quests, battles, and more to keep you motivated for your development. At Habitica, you can even breed virtual pets using them as helpers.

The system includes a system of rewards that you choose – like watching your favorite show or a pack of chips for dinner. The main thing is not to stop and keep moving towards the goal, watching your own progress, and the achievements of your friends in real-time.

Habitica Gamify your Tasks1 Habitica Gamify your Tasks2



StreaksStreaks became one of the best applications in its design and was even presented for several awards from the App Store. Here you form a to-do list or a constant routine that will help you get on the right track.

Whether it’s acquiring new good habits, a healthier lifestyle, or increased productivity, you’re setting your own goals. For fitness purposes, the service is synchronized with Apple Health, which helps you see your progress in one application.

You customize the interface by selecting the most appropriate colors and icons. There are hundreds of different options to choose from, so in fact, you define the appearance of the application yourself.

Streaks displays all your statistics on your progress towards the result, and can also show you old goals. For bad habits or breakdowns, you’ll need to perform negative tasks, which will help you get rid of your addiction. Streaks will be your personal motivator and coordinator, who will always be at hand.



Grow – Habit tracking

Grow - Habit trackingWould you like to see your own progress clearly? The Grow app will help you see how you are getting better and moving towards your own goal.

It should be noted at once that the developers’ idea was not realized in the most perfect way, but still performs its task perfectly. In Grow you will be one-on-one with your bad habits, so you will have to deal with them alone.

In the application, you will grow your own tree, which will become bigger and bigger if you follow the rules. For example, with the goal of “30 days without alcohol”, you’ll need to mark every day on your calendar when you follow the rule.

The more successful days you have on your list, the more powerful and larger your tree will become. You can set several goals in Grow at the same time, and they will happen in parallel with each other. In this way, you will grow several plants at the same time – you may even get a whole alley soon.

Grow - Habit tracking1 Grow - Habit tracking2


Fabulous: Motivate Me! Relax, Meditate, Sleep

Fabulous Motivate Me! Relax, Meditate, Sleep.If you base all your conclusions on scientific methods and research, the Fabulous application is what you need. It will help you lose weight, improve your own health, develop good habits, and much more.

Any goal you have in your health or productivity can easily be achieved if you put enough effort into it. Fabulous will also provide you with a step-by-step program or instruction, which will become a guide.

The app is designed to increase your self-discipline and achieve your goals on your own in the future. Once you are able to follow a clear schedule or repeat the same steps all the time, Fabulous will complete its work.

Fabulous is a comprehensive program for your own development and self-discipline, and you will simply have to follow the plan. Based on your daily schedule, the app will send out voice notifications that make it easier to follow the rules.

Fabulous Motivate Me! Relax, Meditate, Sleep1 Fabulous Motivate Me! Relax, Meditate, Sleep2


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Avocation – Habit Tracker

Avocation - Habit TrackerThe lovely avocado will always support you in all your endeavors and aspirations. Get rid of old habits, acquire new ones, create something unusual for yourself – Avocation will help you with everything.

In such a complex process, you can add a little fun by simply using one application. Small changes to your daily routine and a few extra things to do – and after a month you won’t recognize yourself from the old, because the improvements will show up in everything.

Avocation will make your daily routine and help you create new habits. It’s all done in one simple app that you can customize to your style and design. There’s no need to keep it all in your head anymore because an avocado will do the job.

In the statistics section, Avocation will show you an objective analysis of your achievements – both daily and weekly. You can check daily whether you’ve done everything to be a better version of yourself. By fertilizing the avocado with your achievements and actions, you can grow a real fruit in your smartphone.

Avocation - Habit Tracker1 Avocation - Habit Tracker2


HabitNow – Daily Routine, Habits and To-Do List

HabitNow - Daily Routine, Habits and To-Do ListDo you think nothing can be changed with your rhythm of life? HabitNow will prove the opposite and help you improve your life a little. Several small and unusual tasks for the day can bring their results for you after a while.

Even the standard morning routine can be more productive and interesting if you put it completely in the application. Your daily progress will be immediately visible on the chart.

Priorities, goals, and short-term tasks are just as easily organized in HabitNow. For each of them in the application, you can create separate deadlines and points of achievement, which will motivate you and simplify the process of change.

In time, when you reach your goals, HabitNow will reward you with medals – and you will try to collect the whole collection of achievements. It will also give you an additional incentive to stop putting things off tomorrow and do them right now. It’s the only way you can record another completed case at HabitNow.

HabitNow - Daily Routine, Habits and To-Do List1 HabitNow - Daily Routine, Habits and To-Do List2


HabitHub – Habit tracker & goal tracker motivation

HabitHub - Habit tracker & goal tracker motivationHabitHub clearly shows you the number of days that you have successfully completed. The application builds whole lines from dates, turning your life into a success tracker.

You will track your own tasks here, as well as instill new habits in yourself. The whole secret of HabitHub is Seinfeld charts, which build long stripes of days. These stripes will only get longer if you keep moving towards your goal. You have to admit, no one wants to lose their own progress.

For each habit, the application has a separate calendar, in which the productivity bars data is marked. HabitHub also synchronizes with your smartwatch, constantly sending them notifications about your business.

You can also mark completed tasks with a smartwatch by ticking the checkbox without even including it on your smartphone. HabitHub even supports flexible goals – for example, a certain number of days a week dedicated to sports or meditation time, which you have to complete in a day.

HabitHub - Habit tracker & goal tracker motivation1 HabitHub - Habit tracker & goal tracker motivation2


Habit Tracker Gamification

Habit Tracker GamificationIf you feel like a businessman or investor in your heart, you have probably played Tycoon games. Habit Tracker Gamification is one of them, representing a kind of implementation of your planner.

Here you will become a real tycoon with your productivity. Your success and development in the game directly depend on how much effort you put into improving yourself today. In the game form to develop new habits is much easier and more interesting.

The basic idea behind Habit Tracker Gamification is that your land and possessions only grow when you achieve your goals. This is an encouragement or reward for what you’ve done.

The tracking system, on the other hand, determines each day you complete your task – for example, getting up early in the morning or making your own breakfast.

Habit Tracker Gamification allows you to easily edit any task for the day, receiving a reward for it after completion. Will you be able to become a real tycoon thanks to your own progress?

Habit Tracker Gamification1 Habit Tracker Gamification2


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Goal Meter: Goal Tracker, Habit Changer, To-Do List

Goal Meter Goal Tracker, Habit Changer, To-Do ListDo you think it is realistic to achieve results in just a few days or a short period of time? If you have the right skills and aspirations, the answer is yes.

The Goal Meter application, which is designed to achieve goals and develop good habits, will help you develop these skills. If you plan your day in advance, you can easily do everything in time, and even a little more.

The Goal Meter app is completely free and popular with users. The reason for this is that the service shows a lot of different pictures, icons, and progress demonstrations – so you can clearly see how close you are to your goal at the moment.

Goal Meter will show you the statistics, with which you can easily see how many cases you are doing in a day or a week. The application also has some sections where you can already see a list of formed goals and habits in advance.

Goal Meter Goal Tracker, Habit Changer, To-Do List1 Goal Meter Goal Tracker, Habit Changer, To-Do List2


Do not lose sight of the fact that the formation of habits is also necessary for your desire. If you do not decide on your own actions, no application in the world can not motivate you so much.

The key to forming your own daily routine or certain habits is the sequence of actions you take regularly. The apps presented will only be your tools and reminders, where you can track your progress and mark tasks that have been completed.

Keep an eye on your lifestyle and fight your bad habits in any way – they may be the ones that keep you from moving on and evolving. We hope our article has helped you, and at least one of the apps will definitely be downloaded to your smartphone.

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