PewPew App Review

The old school aesthetic is back. If you appreciate simplicity and functionality, as well as uncomplicated rules, then PewPew was CREATED FOR YOU! It will give your brain a rest, and you do not want to leave the game.

PewPew looks like an 80-s space shooter: you have to kill piles of enemies appearing from everywhere in different play modes. Aim with a red joystick and move with a yellow one at once. Drag joysticks with your fingers in the direction you need. It will take some training and skill!


During the game, you have to collect colored boxes: they will help you and improve your score. There is a triangle at the top center of the screen to pause or quit the game.

PewPew does not require registration, and it is absolutely free. The game impresses with its smooth retro design. The home screen is minimalistic, functional, and intuitive. The huge Play, Settings, About, Tutorial, and Music on buttons are impossible not to see. It is immediately apparent what are they for.


Settings will let you adjust joysticks, renderer, lights, screen orientation, camera view, sounds, and even more for your liking. If you would like to know more about the game or its creator tap the About button on the home screen: there you will see links to the blog, Facebook, Google account, and the top scores.

Before playing, PewPew recommends you to watch a Tutorial and know some info about it. You can play now! If you wish, switch between the game modes or ships after tapping Play, then Select Game Mode or Select Ship. All of the five modes are incredibly different. While playing, you win medals unlock new cooler ships.


PewPew has a lovely and often defining bonus: no ads. Really. No ads at all.

All in all, PewPew app is perfect for those who miss old-school vibes, appreciate good music, and wish to spend some time resting with an addictive but light shooter. Do not hesitate to try PewPew. You will definitely love it!


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