7 Best Pitch Correction Apps in 2023 (Android & iOS)

We all love signing. Well, almost each of us loves singing. And today we live in the era where everyone can make their music, record their vocals, and pretend they’re rock stars. And you don’t even have to spend years on learning – with a little help from modern technologies you can turn even the worst vocals into the most accurate ones.

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Or, you can insert the slightest corrections into your vocals just by using the apps that you will find down below. Check out this list and select which one of the following pitch correction apps works best for you!


This is one of the most popular apps for correcting your vocals, for recording vocals, for karaoke, and, you guessed it – for correcting your vocal pitch. The app works in the following way: you just find the track that you need to record your vocals for and then you make a recording.

The app will automatically show you the track with your voice and in the editing section, you can choose which effects you can apply to it. By choosing the level of auto-tune, your pitch will be more or less accurate. Or, maybe your singing is so good you don’t need autotune?

You can record either just audio or a video as well. Post it on the app and share it on social media, or hide it and keep it private. The interface of an app might seem a little difficult to handle for the beginner, however, it’s due to the variety of features it brings. Once you explored the app enough, you will find it’s easy to orientate yourself around those functions of the app.


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The next app on our list is another one for recording vocals to music – and it’s called Rapchat. You might think it was created to record rap only, but it brings quite broad possibilities considering the music and vocals editing.

Just like in the previous app, the way or functioning is exactly the same. Find the instrumentals of sing that you would like to record, record your vocals and then edit them. Unfortunately, you can record your vocals only to the music the app already has. There are more than 7 million users in the app, so you will definitely find the people who share your passion.

But we’re not going to lie, of course, Rapchat, first of all, will be suitable for rappers. What is more, here you can’t record videos. You can record audios only and then the app gives you extended possibilities for editing. You can adjust the clearance of the pitch. What is more, you can add various effects to your vocals – try different mix and you will see how the song is completely different!


Tune Me

Another good option to record your vocals and correct your vocal pitch. The only thing which is worse here in comparison to all other apps is that the interface design is a little bit obsolete. In other aspects – it has the same possibilities for editing as all the previous apps we mentioned and it’s even more specific.

Your vocal recording here is displayed on a large scale and you have a chance to add effects more precisely considering the timing. What is more, you can even affect the search of specific moments on the track. And in this app, you can either record your bare vocals or just upload the music from your phone (sorry iOS users). In general, this is a cool pitch correction app for Android.



Another karaoke app that can serve you is a pitch correction app. It doesn’t have all that wide range of effects and editing features, as the previous ones do, however, you can still use it as your favorite karaoke app and correct your pitch after you sang a song. Plus, it has a more user-friendly interface, unlike previous apps.

You need to choose an instrumental from the library, then record your vocals (you have only 1 take, unfortunately), make a video or audio, and then you get to the editing section, where you can correct the pitch. You can’t do it in detail here, you only choose “autotune” and the whole track will be corrected. So this option is for those who don’t want to go all the way down with this editing.


Auto-Tune Mobile

And if you’re looking for a specific auto-tune app for you, then you need to pay attention to this app for iOS users. It allows you to correct all the voice recordings, with or without the music – you just need to upload the record to the app. The interface looks really interesting, but it will be easier to understand for people with a music background.

You can synchronize this app with your microphone and make recordings – therefore they get more qualitative. The only thing you first will need to check the configurations of it, so there is no echo or anything. After all those preparations, you got a chance to get really high-end sound as an outcome.


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Smule is basically the analog of the StarMaker. It is also a social karaoke app where you are encouraged to share your singing. And in order to improve your singing skills, you can always add autotune to your vocals to correct your pitch. Just record a song in one take and then the app will redirect you to the editing room.

There you will be able to add a special effect to your track, and all those effects have different levels of autotune. While the classic filters are going to sound more natural, such filters as pop or Hindi are going to sound super electronically – so it’s up to your which effect you want to achieve at the end. You can also sing in duets in this app.


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Wav Voice Tune

An analog of the pitch correcting app for iOS, Wav Voice Tune will help you to correct the vocal pitch on your Android device. It has the most simple and boring interface design but it does a pretty good job of editing your vocals in here. You need either to record the track right in the app or to record it.

Once again, the app is going to be a little difficult for beginners, since there is a lot of music editing features and specific terms. However, if you are new to this and want to use something more or less professional to correct your vocal pitch in tracks, this app is a good practice.


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