9 Best ROM Manager Apps for Android 2022

Everyone who has put custom firmware knows how uncomfortable it is. First, you need to add all the necessary files for installation to the memory card. Firmware, GApps package, SuperSU, possibly some modifications.

Then reboot the smartphone in the mute menu or press the volume up key when switching on. Then use TWRP Recovery to select all these files, put them in the queue, and only then start sewing.

The best ROM manager apps we have collected in this review make this task a lot easier.

ROM Installer

ROM Installer logoROM Installer eliminates many actions when performing various custom operations, automating most processes.

To do this, the application requires root access. ROM Installer is designed for advanced users who are able to deal with possible problems or can prevent them.

The design of the ROM Installer is not great, but the interface is very clear and user-friendly. After the first launch, the application will need superuser rights.

Then its main page will open and you will start loading firmware, recoveries, and mods available for your device. In the Featured section, you will find a complete list of what you can install.

To go to other tabs, click the ROM Installer button on the top left. You can also make a swipe from the left edge of the screen. This will cause the application navigation bar to appear.

Each available element can be studied in more detail. By clicking on it, you will get different up-to-date information: screenshots, descriptions, comments, available versions.

Stable builds are always replaced at the top of the list. By clicking on one of them, you can either download a file to your device or get extra information about it.

If you are going to download ROM, the Google Apps installation file will be automatically selected. You can download it together with the firmware update or separately.

ROM Installer screen 1 ROM Installer screen 2

At the moment ROM Installer is the easiest, most convenient, and multifunctional application to automate work in recovers. The application will allow you in a few moments to install any updates to the current firmware or put on an Android device a new ROM.

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Flashify logoThe Android operating system is able to change, thanks to the many programs and applications. If you like to install different firmware, change the appearance of the interface, etc., the Flashify application is sure to please you.

The main function of Flashify is to ease and speed up the process of flashing, installing new cores, boot images, etc. on your phone.

Just make sure that you have the root rights. Then you won’t have to re-install your phone without rebooting it into recovery mode.

Other features of the Flashify application are the ability to back up the current kernel and recovery.

They are saved to internal memory or to a memory card. If you don’t have enough memory, you can store your data in Dropbox cloud storage.

This application can work with both archives and IMG images from any file browser.

Flashify screen 1 Flashify screen 2

Flashify also remembers all the actions that were performed on your smartphone/tablet.

ROM Toolbox Lite

ROM Toolbox LiteIn addition to the classic ROM Manager, ROM Toolbox Lite also has a handy application manager and many tools. They allow you to customize your phone and change the look of the shell.

There is also blocking of advertising, which, by the way, is very relevant for mobile devices, where more than half of the page size is occupied by advertising.

If there is no Wi-Fi, you have to pay for the traffic. It is a convenient autoload manager, script manager, and also a terminal emulator.

With the help of this universal and useful program, the user will be able to install third-party firmware, make system backups. With the backup, the device will restore even games or applications that were delivered from a variety of sources.

ROM Toolbox Lite screen 2 ROM Toolbox Lite screen 1

Besides, ROM Toolbox Lite can remove various types of caches that only clog up the device, slowing down its performance.

ROM Manager

ROM Manager logoROM Manager is a tool that allows its users to have many operating systems as well as custom firmware onboard the device.

Leave root access to the application the first time you run it. In the “Install/Update” tab click on a single “Install” button.

Three components will be installed: ROM Manager itself, the custom kernel, and TWRP Recovery.

You can uncheck “Kernel” if you don’t have a hard boot patch in the “Status” section. Since you don’t have the required kernel installed (which is why this message is displayed), leave all 3 ticks.

ROM Manager screen 1 ROM Manager screen 2

After installing ROM Manager your machine will reboot and you will not see any changes. You can now install the firmware or another operating system.

CyanogenMod ROMs

CyanogenMod ROMs logoCyanogenMod is the most popular custom Android ROM. One of the main rules of CyanogenMod – is the focus on functionality, not design.

Thus, the custom CM’s ROMs externally is not much different from the stock version of Android.

This is very good, especially if you remember all the many shortcomings of different user interests and add to this design.

And if everything looks very similar, then with a more detailed study you can find many serious differences. Consider, for example, the Lunaire.

On the face of it is a stock application, which you can see in the Android OS. But in fact, it is its own version of the CM, called Trebuchet.

CyanogenMod ROMs screen 1 CyanogenMod ROMs c=screen 2

By dragging the icons somewhere, you will see extra options that can be applied to the object. And this is only the tip of the iceberg.

CWM Backup Manager

CWM Backup Manager logoClockworkMod Recovery is a much more powerful system recovery utility (menu) than the factory one.

It allows you to make full system backups of the entire system of the device, install software, firmware, kernels, and much more.

This usually does not allow you to make a factory-made recovery.

ClockworkMod is installed in a special system partition of the tablet or phone internal memory, in place of the factory recovery menu.

CWM Backup Manager screen 1 CWM Backup Manager screen 2

ClockworkMod Recovery can help you in some seemingly hopeless situations. Even if your tablet or phone cannot boot, in many cases you can use CWM to restore the system with all its settings and applications.


MIUIREX logoMIUIREX – this is a successful experiment to combine all the best of Android and iOS platforms.

The development of this firmware used the codes of both the Android system and CyanogenMod.

But the interface of the MIUIREX is different from the original design and various features, which in the original Android either still not available, or appeared after time after they were embodied in this firmware.

Among such features, for example, the possibility of quick settings, which were originally in the custom MIUIREX. In the stock platform, Android was embodied only with the release of version 4.2.

Besides, the interface of the firmware is devoid of everything superfluous and unnecessary. Also important is the fact that the firmware MIUIREX manufacturers of some smartphones installed as the main version of the operating system.

MIUIREX screen 2 MIUIREX screen 1

Thus, this custom ROM is ideal for users who would like to combine in their device all the best from the eternal competitors of Android and iOS. Also, it will help to optimize the work and improve the performance parameters of the device.

Custom ROM Manager

Custom ROM Manager logoThe main difference between this custom ROM from others is the stylish design solution – absolute transparency of the user interface.

Still, Custom ROM Manager is distinguished by high-performance parameters and sufficiently low power consumption.

This is achieved by the fact that the firmware thoroughly optimizes the gadget’s performance. Custom ROM Manager also provides an opportunity to make various settings.

This ROM will be of interest to the user who is interested in the optimal performance of the device and getting a unique original interface.

This firmware was created on ROM’s Slim Beam source codes. That’s why it can be compared to this custom firmware, but in most cases, it is a new self-sufficient product.

The system has an excellent Halo function, which is now used in many unofficial ROMs. It allows you to see all messages and notifications from applications on the main desktop and allows you to view them simultaneously.

Another plus of this feature is that you can switch between applications without leaving the interface you are using.

There are many chips in the firmware that allow you to fine-tune the gadget. For example, in Custom ROM Manager, you can adjust the screen rotation angle to 80 degrees.

Custom ROM Manager screen 1 Custom ROM Manager screen 2

Also pleasing is the variety of profiles that optimize the work of the device on the road or at a business meeting by muting or lowering the volume of sounds, setting a vibration call, or making call forwarding.

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Paranoid Android

 Paranoid for Android logoThis firmware has truly limitless possibilities in the area of customization. And allows the user to give his device a unique style and originality.

This firmware will be an ideal choice for users who appreciate the stability and reliability of CyanogenMod but want to have more different custom settings and interface elements.

This firmware is more adaptable for tablets. But this doesn’t prevent you from successfully using it on android smartphones without any loss in gadget functionality.

This custom ROM has such an important setting as the function of changing the screen resolution in each specific application. In this case, the resolution settings on the device as a whole do not change.

The user can control the load of the system himself, achieving the largest optimization of the gadget. It is possible to stop some applications that are not required at this point in time.

Paranoid for Android screen 1 Paranoid for Android screen 2

You can also clear the device memory of unnecessary information, change font smoothing, and much more. This allows the device to run much faster and achieve great performance on the device.


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