Rugon Game Review

Do you know anything about Rugon? It’s a really cool collectible card game that I’ve been playing lately on Steam.

So the game is all about strategic diversity, which basically means you got a ton of options for how you wanna play. There are tons of cards in the game, each with its own special abilities and stats.

You can totally create your own deck with these cards and then challenge other players in online matches.

Rugon - Unfinished1

And there’s a campaign mode too! You can play against AI opponents and get some sweet rewards while practicing your skills. Also, if you’re feeling competitive, you can hop into some ranked matches and work your way up the leaderboards for extra rewards.

You know, one of the things that’s really cool about this game is how easy it is to get into. It’s pretty straightforward to get started with, but there’s also a ton of complexity to it. You can totally spend hours tweaking your deck to make it stronger.

I’d say it’s not too hard, but not too easy either. It’s not too frustrating, just a bit of a challenge sometimes. Oh yeah, this game totally gives props to those who plan ahead and make savvy choices.

Rugon - Unfinished2

I gotta say, the art style in Rugon is pretty sweet. I gotta say, the game’s got this immersive vibe that’s pretty dark and moody. The card art is pretty neat, with a lot of attention to detail.

All in all, if you’re into collectible card games and looking for something that’s easy to get into but also has some depth, I’d definitely suggest giving Rugon: Unfinished a try. This game is a blast! And there’s always some fresh new stuff to uncover.


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