Siri planes overhead app review

What planes are over your head? Siri will come to the rescue!

Have you ever been curious about what is there in the sky above your location? Is there any plane? How high is it? Wherefrom and where is it flying?

Now you can get an exact information about what flights are above you with the help of your personal assistant Siri! In this article we will tell you about Siri planes overhead app and how it works.

How to get the information about the flights which are overhead?

Well, to know the details of flying planes you should ask Siri the question like that:

  • “What planes are overhead?”
  • “What is flying overhead?”
  • “What planes are flying overhead?”
  • “Which planes are flying overhead right now?”

And you will be given 5 minute delay information about the planes flying over you at once.

If there are more than one plane flying over you at the same time, then Siri will show the details of all of them. The whole information will be based on your current geolocation.

You can also ask the information about planes flying over other locations. For instance:

  • “What planes are flying over South Africa?”
  • “Which airplanes are overhead Texas right now?”
  • What planes are over (any location)?”


Details of flights overhead that you will be given

After you ask Siri any of above questions you will be given the details of overhead flights. They are:

*Aircraft registration number of flights

*Plane’s altitude

*Its angle above the horizon

*Plane’s slant distance

overhead planes

If you click on spesific flight you will see more information about it, such as:

*Departure and arrival airport

*Sheduled time of departing and landing

*Actual take off time and estimated landing time

*Estimated flight duration

*Time since take off

siri overhead planes app


Additionally, you will get all the information through sky map showing you up the exact location of the flight.

sky map

One more positive option has been found here:

You can even simply say “Tell me about [name of airline] Flight [flight number]”  and Siri will display a web page showing the departure airport and time of the flight along with the expected arrival airport, time and gate.

Siri and WolframAlpha

wolfram alpha

Now you might wonder, how can Siri give such specific information and where does she get the details of flights overhead from. So, when you ask Siri, she tries to find an answer based on what it knows rather than defaulting to a web search. And a significant portion of what Siri knows comes courtesy of WolframAlpha. What is it? Wolfram Alpha app is the world’s definitive source for instant expert knowledge and computation created by a British scientist Stephen Wolfram.

So, your personal assistant Siri is directly connected to Wolfram Alpha and when you ask about planes overhead using Siri, she automatically goes to Wolfram Alpha.

She gets data from ADS-B which is Automatic dependent surveillance – broadcast –a kind of technology that tracks Aircrafts through satellite navigation. Siri is able to access those data and hence and can give the exact detail of the flight flying over your head.


To draw the conclusion, one can say that Siri planes overhead app is the best way to locate if any of your relatives/friends is to land on and you are waiting to receive. You will be easily able to locate which flight your relative or friend is boarding in. Furthermore, you will surely bate your curiosity. Enjoy using such a perfect service!

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