11 Best Sleep Tracking Apps for Android & iOS

Have you ever been wondering if it’s possible to control and analyze your dreams? As you’ve already guessed, there’s an app for that!

We’re living in a world where everyone forced to remain rushed lifestyle and these apps were developed to optimize your sleeping periods and analyze it. There’ re lots of sleep tracking apps for Android and iOS that regulate the way you dream and turn it into statistics. Those apps also offer you personalized awakening systems that make your mornings fresher.

Here’s the list of 11 best apps that category that worth your attention. Have a look!



Let’s start with an app called Fitbit. This app is developed to analyze your dreams and other characteristics.

In the first place, you need to understand that this utility covers more than just your resting time. Above all, it also counts the distance you walk during the day, your weight and more. In fact, you can even set the targets and keep records of your improvement. Besides, the app will help you to remain inspired and will give you various advice and reminders.

Another nice thing about this app is it works like a food assistant so you can monitor what you consume in the day and see how many calories you’ve already eaten. The app will also send you recommendations for what you need to eat to lose calories or to gain it. Speaking about nap managing (this is what you’re here for), the app counts the time you were dreaming and marks the time you fall into dreams and get up of the bed.

After a small period of using, the app will pick you the perfect time to go to rest and wake up. There are also some calming noises you can listen to fall into dreams faster. One should consider here that the sleeping process is an individual thing and the app’s recommendations might not suit you perfectly. The app also rates your nap and shoot-outs to you if it was peaceful or restless.

In the long run, if you want a utility to live a healthy life, Fitbit is an accurate choice for you. Check it out, you won’t regret it!

Price: free

Fitbit1 Fitbit12


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Sleepzy – Sleep Cycle Tracker


The second app on our list is called Sleepzy – Sleep Cycle Tracker and its main purpose is to keep records of your dreams.

Let’s start by considering the pros and cons of this app. Firstly, the app is very beautifully designed and it’s an absolute pleasure to use it. As you can probably guess, this app is made for you to regulate your nap and figuring out the most reliable way to rest. Aside from the previous app, this one focuses on sleeping and everything related to it.

A relevant point is that after a short time limit of using this app it will give you advice depending on the period you fall into dreams and the time you get up form the bed. Those recommendations will tell you the perfect time to go to bed, a nice time to wake up and the perfect time of sleeping in general. Furthermore, the app will assess your sleeping process and give you comments on what type of nap you’ve had – a peaceful or a disturbing one.

But other than that, if you have any issues with falling into dreams the app has a library of relaxing noises you can fall asleep on to make it quicker. Another way of looking at this question is if you have difficulties with quick awakenings and you feel sleepy in the morning, the app will select an individual wake-up call for you. Besides, the app will also give you weather reports so you will always know what to expect.

To crown it all, if you want to take your sleeping process under control, Sleepzy – Sleep Cycle Tracker is a nice app to do that. Give it a try, you won’t regret it!

Price: free

Sleepzy1 Sleepzy2




SleepScoreTM is a resting managing app to observe your dreams.

In the first place, this app practices the most modern nap-regulating instruments which permit you to increase your dream from the day you start using it. Besides, all the advises you will get in this app doesn’t come from anywhere as they are all science-based. Speaking about the advises, you won’t start getting it from the moment you install the utilize. It will actually take the app seven days to learn more about you and start giving you any guidance.

But other than that, the app also has an instrument that measures light and noise levels in your sleeping area and how it affects your rest. Furthermore, the app will tell you how to correct the situation. For an illustration, it can tell you to replace your curtains or to buy a mask and a pair of earplugs.

Moreover, there’s a smart awakening system that helps you to get up from the bed easier and not feel sleepy in the daylight. In case you have difficulties with falling into dreams the app will also recommend calming sounds that you can turn on before going to nap. You will also get some tips and tricks on how to fall into dreams better like what type of tea you need to swallow and more.

In the long run, SleepScore is a handy app that will help you to develop your rest and awakening. Check it out, it won’t disappoint you!

Price: free

SleepScore1 SleepScore12


Pillow Automatic Sleep Tracker

Pillow AutomaticPillow Automatic Sleep Tracker is a well-known dream managing utilize that will be the min napping app your iPhone will recommend to you if you’ll open the Health utilize.

As a matter of fact, this app analysis your dreams in all its aspects and gives you reports about it. Similar to the previous app, this one is analysis is also based on researches and can be fully trusted. The app also has a beautiful design and a nighttime mode that will keep your eyes safe when you use an app in the dark.

Furthermore, the app will give teach you some hacks to make your dream more productive. For example, it will use a clever awakening instrument to get you awake and calming music to help you fall into dreams. In case you don’t like any music in the app you can pick the song from your own playlist. You can also customize the type of your alarming cock if you’re not happy with the ones the app has chosen for you.

Other than that, every day you will get reports of when did you fell asleep and when did you wale up. Besides, you will know how many hours you’ve been asleep and what kind of a dream you’ve had – peaceful or a disturbing one. After some time of using you will get advises that will help you to easily fall asleep. Moreover, you can rate your mood when it’s bedtime or time to get up to see how it’s been changing over a year.

To crown it all, if you want to remain control over your dreams and have peaceful nights, the Pillow Automatic Sleep Tracker app definitely worth your attention. Check it out!

Price: free

Pillow Automatic1 Pillow Automatic12




Sleep++ is your personal dream assistant that will accomplish you to get the most productive rest.

To start with this app is a good thing to use in pairs with your smartwatch as it guarantees the most precise information about your naps. To be more precise, the app will tell you all the info about your current sleep – te time you’ve been resting and have awoken and also the way you rest. In fact, you’ll get the information on what type of dream you’ve has – restless or calm.

Other than that, this app will operate in the background of your phone so it will know if you’ll decide to have a small nap after lunch. Additionally, if you want to have the most accurate measures of your nap you can give the app all timing yourself. You can also tell the app about your mood for it to maintain your condition better. You can also pick the song the app will make you get up from the bed with and also a musical score for going to nap.

However, this app is not a must-have for all people and there’re some reasons for that. First of all, this app only works with smartwatch and if you don’t have one, it’s quite useless. Secondly, apart from its sister apps, this one does contain ads that can only be removed if you’ll pay for a subscription.

In the long run, if you’re a smartwatch user and want to control your dreams, the Sleep++ app is an accurate choice for you. Check it out!

Price: free

Sleep+1 Sleep+12


Sleep Cycle: smart alarm clock

Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle: smart alarm clock is another sleep managing app that
you can use it to regulate your resting time.

First and foremost, this utility, in particular, doesn’t ask you for any extra devices like a smartwatch to calculate your health. As a consequence of that, you only need your mobile to get your personal dreaming manager. Furthermore, this app can be your guidance in a healthy lifestyle as it will give you hacks of how to make your rest more effective.

As its name supposes, this app offers you a smart system of awakenings that will kindly ask you to get up of the bed. Along with that, you’ll get the full analysis of your nap in the form of docs and graphs. In case you’re not a fan of sleeping with your mobile under the pillow, this app has deloped the way it will be enough to keep it on your nightstand. Besides, you can select the song or noises that will wake your app to feel as good and fresh as possible.

In order to keep your health at the highest level, this app also calculates your heart rate and the way you breathe. Nevertheless, not all instruments in this app are available for free so you will have to pay for a $30 subscription to have some of it. In fact, the extra version of this utility includes the accompaniment of your analysis with the world’s one, monitoring of your snore other stuff like that.

In the long run, if you want an independent app that will manage your rest, Sleep Cycle definitely worth your time. Check it out!

Price: free

Sleep Cycle1 Sleep Cycle12


Sleep Genius

Sleep Genius

As its name supposes, the Sleep Genius app is a modern dream manager that will take care of our health while you’re resting.

The primary thing about this app is the fact it was developed to help you to feel fresh and have a healthy nap. This app is also science based and it comes up with individual algorithms that will force you to fall into dreams faster and deeper than ever. Speaking about unique instruments of this app, it might be the only utility that tells you not to use calming noises while dreaming because it’s not the best thing for your health.

To add to it, this app also manages the phases of your nap and gives you graphs and statistics every day. This feature helps you to understand your dreams and find the perfect timing to get up. The app also rates the way you’ve been resting and tels you if it was calm or disturbing basing your breathing and the way you toss and turn.

Other than that, the app offers you four nap programs with different cycles and awake systems. These systems include various ways to fall into dreams and some hacks to improve your cheerfulness. There will also be some advice on what type of tea to drink before resting, how much water you need to drink and how many steps should take. Besides, the app is absolutely free and doesn’t ask for any payments from you.

In the long run, if you a utility to take care of your sleep in all its aspects, Sleep Genius is an accurate choice for you. Check it out!

Price: free

Sleep Genius1 Sleep Genius12


Beddit (for Model 3.0)


Beddit (for Model 3.0) is another dream assistant app that will take control over your nap and help you to make the most out of it.

Let’s start with the main purpose of this app. First of all, you need to understand that this utility is not a regular dream tracker, it permits you to regulate lots of things connected to your health. In particular, this app watches over your heart beating, your breathing and even the atmosphere in your room.

Speaking about that, this app rate light and noise levels in your sleeping area and even its temperature. After all, measures are completed the app will give you advice on if you need to buy different curtains or earplugs and even tell you if you need to open your windows and let some air into a room. Using all these tricks you will be able to create a perfect atmosphere for napping and sleep peacefully.

But other than that, you can also take notes about your dreams and mood before and after sleeping. You can also write down what you’ve been dreaming of to be able to read it all over again after a time. You can also sync the app with pre-installed Health utilize and it will automatically send all your measures into that app.

To crown it all, if you want to keep your naps under control the Beddit app definitely worth your attention. Check it out, you won’t be disappointed!

Price: free

Beddit1 Beddit12


Sleep Time: Cycle Alarm Timer

Sleep Time

Sleep Time: Cycle Alarm Timer is the next app that permits you to analyze and manage your naps.

In the first place, this app unites alarm clock and nap managing utility at the same time. Let’s consider how sleep analysis actually works. Firstly, the app calculates the overall timing of your rest and the way you’ve been acting at that time. In particular, the app rates the way you breathe, snore and how much you toss and turn. Furthermore, you will get weekly graphs that reflect all your measures.

But other than that, this app also empowers you to play with an alarm clock and customize it by your will. The app has a huge library of various soundscapes that claims to help you fall into dreams faster and deeper. In fact, the alarm clock in this app will work even f you’ll turn in a silent mode. Moreover, the app will offer you personalized algorithms with the best ways to get up in the morning.

In addition to that, the app continues to work with you after your awakening. In particular, the app calculates your heart rating and pulse and turns it into graphs. You will also be able to look through al the graphs on the history section and share them if needed. There’s even an option to sync this app with your cloud service and store all your measures there.

In the long run, Sleep Time: Cycle Alarm Timer is a powerful dream managing app that definitely worth your attention. Check it out, you won’t regret it!

Price: free

Sleep Time1 Sleep Time12


Sleep Tracker+ Lifestyle

Sleep Tracker

As its name supposes, Sleep Tracker Lifestyle is a full-on managing app that covers all aspects of your life.

In the first place, this app covers everything health connected in your life so you can keep track of your well-being. As you can already guess, this app unites all managing utilities in one place so you can control what you eat, count calories and steps, analyze your dreams, make to-do lists and training plans. Moreover, if you’ve ever wanted to get over with all your bad habits the app contains different trackers where you can count days without cigarettes or alcohol and keep motivated.

But other than that, this app syncs with your Google drive and various cloud services so that you can look through all your measures and statistics from time to time. Frankly speaking, you can take your full life under control using just one app. Speaking about our topic, the dream managing system in this app is great enough to replace other sister apps from your phone. In particular, this app counts the time you were napping no matter what time of the day it is.

In fact, the app also analyzing the way you breathe and toss and turn during your nap. Besides, the app provides you with weekly statistics and reports about the length and quality of your dreams. The app is even able to understand if you were having a calm and peaceful ream or a disturbing one. Needs to be mentioned, the app is absolutely free and doesn’t ask for any payments from you.

To crown it all, if you want an app that will help you to remain a healthy lifestyle, the Sleep Tracker Lifestyle is an accurate choice for you. Check it out, you won’t be disappointed!

Price: free

Sleep Tracker1 Sleep Tracker12


Pzizz – Sleep, Nap, Focus


And the last but not the least, Pzizz – Sleep, Nap, Focus is a dream managing app that takes your resting process under control.

In the first place, is a scientifically based app that uses a modern system that controls your naps. In particular, this app offers you to pick from various songs and calming noises to help you fall into dreams faster and deeper. Furthermore, these songs change every night for you to not get bored with it. In fact, the app also picks personalized music and noises to help you to get up form the bed good and fresh.

But other than that, the app offers you to experience one of its dream programs that claim to change your dream with voices and sounds. There’s also a mode that listens to your snores and even records it. Moreover, the app measures the way you nap so it traces the way you breathe and how much you toss and turn. The app is also fully customizable, as you can change noise levels, themes and more.

In addition to that, the app doesn’t try to heal you or recommend any medications – its main goal is to make you feel better and remain a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, the app doesn’t even ask you to mark your mood or make notes in your dream diary – all you need to do is have a rest and look through the statistics. Nevertheless, the app is based on scientific researches and you can fully trust it.

In the long run, Pzizz – Sleep, Nap, Focus a fully-featured nap tracking app that takes care of your health. Check it out, you won’t regret it!

Price: free

Pzizz1 Pzizz12


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