8 Best Telescope Apps for Android & iOS

Cosmos is immense space. It amazes us with its greatness. From time immemorial, people are trying to explore space. Stars, meteors, planets surprise us with their beauty. People invented telescopes. They began to explore space. New discoveries have allowed science to develop. Telescopes became smaller and smaller.

In our time, telescopes have become portable and convenient. You don’t have to work in a huge observatory to investigate the space. You can download the telescope app on your smartphone.

Your smartphone will have an entire observatory. You can explore the stars and planets without leaving home. It’s great. This list of the best telescope apps will help you to find the most convenient telescope app for you.

SkySafari 6 Pro

This app will make you feel like a real astronomist scientist. There are so many mysteries in the night sky and the curiously of the human race to explore all the endless spaces of it is quite natural. With SkySafari 6 Pro you will see that you don’t really need to have deep knowledge in the astronomy field, you can just watch the sky and enjoy.

What is more, SkySafari will allow you not only to watch the night sky but it will tell you which stellar you see in front of you. Apart from that, this app does work like a telescope allowing you to zoom in the ski and get a clearer view on the objects you want.

There are various controls on the side of the screen which allow you to adjust the image in order to get a clearer picture of the stars.

Of course, you should keep in mind that the possibilities of your smartphones’ camera are limited, however, SkySafary can even connect to the most powerful telescopes in the world, using which you can have the best vision possible.

Apart from the telescope, there is a beautiful planetarium map that guides you through our galaxy. Another interesting feature of SkySafari is that you can connect to the Apollo 11 mission and watch it in real-time.


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SkyView® Lite

The usage of the app is easy. Open it and point your smartphone at the sky. Once you find the stars, you can zoom in on the screen. It works fast. Look at the stars, planets, and meteors. This application will be necessary to have a warm summer evening. The app can help you to know more about the space.

You don’t need to carry a heavy telescope to see the stars. All functions of the telescope are collected in one app. Your camera will work much better with it. You can see any object at a distance. You can read any instructions.

You can read about constellations. After reading try to find them. Don’t forget that some constellations can’t be found in your location. Read information about all the planets and their satellites. It is interesting. You will become smarter. The app also contains information about artificial satellites. The app will bring you joy!

The interface of the app looks professional. The modern design will make your observation comfy. The app helps you to find any planet. Zoom in and zoom out. Explore the space. Show the cosmic world to your friends. They will be passionate about it and also want to download the application. Dive into space with the app.

If you love space, download this app. It will help you to know better. You will be like a professional. The design of the app is convenient. Your curiosity about space will never end. The more you learn, the more you will not know. The app has been used by more than 9 million people. You can use the app anywhere and anytime!

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Ultra Zoom Telescope HD Camera

With the Ultra Zoom Telescope HD Camera mobile app, you’ll feel like a true professional. The app allows you to zoom selected objects and greatly improves the capabilities of your phone camera.

The program does not allow you to get the same effect as a real telescope or camera. Yet, you will definitely be satisfied with the quality of the photos and videos.

The app is quite compact, which compares favorably to a real telescope. It is easy and understandable, which allows it to be used by everyone without age restrictions.

The final result depends directly on the model of your phone, as well as the largest capabilities of the camera of the electronic device. On phones with higher resolution images will be of better quality.

Use Ultra Zoom Telescope for photo shoots, home video recording, or as binoculars. The app allows you to zoom in on objects that are at a far distance. You need a cell phone with Android 4.3 or later to use the app.

Get bright pictures and quality videos without using expensive equipment. Tell your friends about the app and share your masterpieces with them.


ISS Detector

Even though the technologies in our world have come a long way, the humanity will probably never discover all the truth about stellar, satellites, planets, galaxies, and the space in general. The one thing we know for sure is that space was formed after the great explosion and the eco of this explosion continues nowadays. We call it “time”.

But if you are more or less aware of the topic of the space, you were making some observations before and you are familiar with terms and devices which are used in this field, then this app will seem suitable for you.

It will be a little bit difficult to comprehend for the beginners, but with some background knowledge, this is a great tool to continue the exploration of the night sky.

Let’s start with the telescope function of this app – eventually, this is the main theme of this article. Being completely honest, the telescope that you get here is not the most powerful and elaborate, but in combination with other functions in the app, it allows you to do quite relevant scientific observations.

The telescope function here also has the ability to detect objects in the sky, for example, cosmic station. Apart from this, you can connect to space giant telescopes which allow you to see deep into the universe.

Another curious feature of the ISS Detector is its space compass – it helps you to better track the line of the movement of various space objects, for example, cosmic stations.

What is more, you can connect to a satellite and watch the Earth from it. Those satellites can be placed in different parts around the Earth and represented by different countries – you can connect both to the American and the Chinese ones.

In order to actually understand all the data that you will see from the satellites, you need to understand the cosmic and geographic coordinates reading.


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Satellite Tracker by Star Walk

If you are into all the stuff about astronauts and cosmic ships then this app might be a real subject of interest for you. Have you ever wondered what is going on above the stratosphere? Where do you think all that Internet connection is coming from? The answer is obvious, satellites.

Nowadays, thanks to the advanced technologies, you can watch the journey of satellites around the planet in the real-time mode. Moreover, you can even catch them by your camera. And though it can be really difficult to see a satellite with a bare eye in daily life, sometimes they are flying so close to the Earth so you can actually see them.

Use the help of this app to determine when you are able to see the next satellite in the sky. Apart from this, you can switch to a 3D model of our planet where you can see all the locations of satellites in real-time mode. There is even a special timer for satellites so you wouldn’t pass the one you want to observe for sure.

And even though it is not quite a telescopic app, it still allows to watch the objects from the space, and, besides, it is really popular – more than 10 million downloads say that people are genuinely curious about satellites. When you just open the app, you can see the names of all the satellites which are known to this Satellite Tracker.



Seriously, how can you nowadays talk about space without mentioning of the most legendary companies in the world?

NASA is going ahead of all the space technologies and keeps the eye of the whole world on itself by its regular launch of the new generation rockets. But did you know they also have an app where you can find out everything about the space?

First of all, in the NASA app, you can switch to any telescope available and watch the night sky as you were working at NASA. You don’t even need to go outside for that and use your phone’s camera – it’s like you are watching a movies form your device. Also, the company provides the latest news about cosmic discoveries and studies.

The app is also extremely generous for the images. In total, here in the library, you can find more than 17 thousand of photos – sounds enough for you?

Besides, you can watch all the NASA videos in the highest resolution possible. You can follow their current space missions as well. In other words, this app is simply a “must” for those who are interested in astronomy.


Stellarium Mobile – Star Map

Stellarium Mobile – Star Map is an astronomical simulator that allows you to explore the starry sky on your mobile device. With its help, you get access to a database of celestial objects and stars.

The app creates a realistic visualization of the night sky, thanks to which you can observe stars, planets, satellites, and the rest of the objects of space in their natural surroundings. Each object is accompanied by a detailed description, photos, and extra details.

Observe solar eclipses, periods of visibility of planets, and other astronomical phenomena. The app provides graphs, charts, and schedules so you can know exactly when these phenomena occur. Navigate the sky and explore various space objects.

Using the built-in compass and accelerometer, the app automatically detects the orientation of your device and displays real-time information about celestial objects. Customize the time of day, location, or specific celestial objects to view.

There are extra features as well: display constellations, show satellite locations, and more. The app has a simple interface that allows you to quickly understand its operation.


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SkyPortal is an astronomy app that offers a unique opportunity to explore and learn about the cosmic world. Thanks to its features and clear interface, it will become a real mobile planetarium.

View star maps in different time periods to explore different kinds of stars, galaxies, planets, and other celestial objects. Navigate through the atlas, zoom in and out of the map to get the information you need about each object.

The app has a handy search feature that allows you to quickly find and identify various celestial objects. Enter the name of the object and the app will show its location on the map. You will also be able to find out information about the celestial object, its distance from Earth, its size, and other interesting facts.

For comfortable use of the app at night, enable the dark mode. Thanks to the night theme, you will be able to examine in detail each space object.

In the app, you can follow the trajectory of celestial objects. It will provide you with accurate data about the location of these objects at any given time. Follow the schedule of eclipses, meteor streams, supermoons, and other unique astronomical phenomena.

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