5 Best slideshow apps for iOS

Presenting information in a clear and understandable way is the key feature of the success in spreading your ideas. Today slides are used everywhere – in education, in businesses, in science, etc. The reason for that is obvious.

We’re all bombarded with tons of data and a concise presentation is something that can outline the most important facts and make them sound louder. Needless to say, that clarity in combination with pictures or statistics makes us more susceptible to the influence of the presented ideas.

I hope that was convincing enough to persuade you that making a presentation is totally worth it. That brings us to the next stage, which is what tools we should use to create a presentation. Every second person would probably say PowerPoint, but this program has become redundant due to some new innovative slideshow software.

Moreover, the number of PC users drastically shrinkers. People prefer using tablets or smartphones, which is exactly why we have decided to gather 5 top slideshow apps for iOS devices. Check them out and astonish your friends, colleagues, or fellow learners with an outstanding presentation!


This app is a photo and video editor and a great tool for making the best slideshows! It allows you to overlay artistic layouts on your photos and videos when using the slideshow path. Another cool bonus that you will find here is that it allows you to add GIFs from giphy to your slides.

Apart from that, you can always add a text with the customizable font on your slides. You can create slideshows up to 30 minutes long here (looking just like a movie). Of course, you don’t have to try so hard each time you want a simple slideshow. You can make a simple traditional slide show without any additional features.

You can just pick the elements you want to show and press play. If you want, you can add a voice-over. The only aspect you need to be aware of is that this app requires a monthly subscription. First, you get a free trial 14 days period, however, after that, you need to pay something if you like PicPlayPost.




Not all the presentations are made for professional purposes. Sometimes we make them just for fun or, for example, in order to wish someone a happy birthday. I mean, isn’t it nice when someone makes a beautiful slideshow for you, full of memorable pictures and accompanied by your favorite music? Even professional presentations sometimes require creativity.

SlideLab is designed exactly for those purposes. With the help of this app, you can create videos using pictures from your gallery. There are three simple steps you need to go through in order to create a stunning presentation.

The first one is choosing photos and organizing them in the way you like. The second one is editing the photos you’ve chosen, applying to them different gorgeous filters. And, finally, the third one is adding transitions and music.

By the way, if you are a fan of filters, you can check out our article in order to find out more about HDR.

As simple as it can be, the app represents a handy tool for making creative presentations. When made, a presentation can be shared on Instagram, YouTube, or Facebook. Download SlideLab right now and make a pleasant surprise for your friend!



Photo Slideshow Director Pro

Another great app that was developed specifically for you to do the best slideshows right on your phone. Seriously, if the previous app were video editors or photo editors with excellent functions for creating slide shows, then this one is only the slideshow maker.

The sheer number of effects is almost astounding for an app and you can even save them as HD movies. Apart from that, you are able to share your work on social media platforms and you have one of the most popular of all photo slideshow apps.

The interface is intuitive here and half-automatic. It means you will be able to compile all the slideshows two times faster. When you’ve done another slideshow, you can choose the way how you want to save it – you can save it even in HD format. By the way, if you want, you can first edit your picture and only after adding it to a show.

The app has a picture editor section. Another cool feature is that you can add music to your slide shows. The only thing, before using this app, make sure that the memory space of your iPhone is not overloaded, otherwise, Director Pro might work slower than usual.



Google Slides

And, as for dessert, we decided to mention Google Slides. If you are already acquainted with this app, you probably know that there is nothing special about it. It is quite simple and efficient. The reason it is on our list though is the opportunity to view, create, and edit presentations anywhere, on any device.

Apart from being so being simple and familiar, the app has one more significant advantage – it enables several users to work on one presentation at the same time. If you often have to make presentations for your work or for studies, Google Slides is a must-have!

google slides screenshot



If you’re looking for some extra features like in other apps this one is probably not for you. However, it gives you much more customizations control on how your slideshow will actually go. PicFlow allows you to define the timing of every single photo added.

This is especially useful if you’re making a presentation for a big audience where it’s important to held the attention of the viewers. Among other interesting features here you can add the music from iPod, choose various transitions (there are 18 variants), and share all your presentations via social networks.

The only dubious aspect is that the app doesn’t really provide the HD quality of the slideshows that you make.



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So this is it for slideshow apps. We hope this article has been useful to you. Wow, people with astonishing slideshows and, as usual, be smart in choosing apps!


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